BIYAHE NI DREW Get Ideas For Your Weekend Getaways

The pilot episode of Biyahe ni Drew , the newest reality travel show in GMA News TV just aired! Mannnn it makes me wanna go back to Bislig in Surigao del Sur the location of its first episode.

In case you don’t know who is Drew, he is one of the famous and fun travel show hosts in the Kapuso network, full name Andrew Arellano. Cool and hindi maarte halata mo when he interacts with the local people or even with his shows’ previous guests. I have followed his shows that showcase amazing places in the Philippines from “Balikbayan” to “Weekend Getaways” and I am pretty sure I will not miss an episode of his newest travel show “Biyahe ni Drew”. Well, unless I am travelling on a Friday hehe.

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I am a big fan of his shows because it features two of my loves, Travel and the Philippines!!!  :mrgreen:

I really think that this Biyahe ni Drew has a better format than Weekend Getaways, though I also like that show. I used to watch Weekend Getaway every Friday when it was on but this new show that airs every Friday at 10 pm (actually it replaced ‘Weekend Getaway’) is more engaging and informative. Drew dives into the nitty-gritty of what makes a destination a best escape and offers ideas of what you can do, attractions you can explore, local food to discover, and much, much more.  On top of that, the adventures he shares is best for weekend travelers with time constraint and on Philippine budget travel. Awesome!  :mrgreen:

Go for budget travel adventure in the Philippines!

Byahe ni Drew - Philippine Travel Show

The basic difference between the now defunct ‘Weekend Getaway’ and this new show is that Drew no longer have weekend warriors that must surpass three challenges to get the ultimate prize at the end of the show, instead, he have himself and his crew explore the location pick for the episode, sample the local food choices, offering ideas for accommodation, check out the local jaunts, interviewing locals and more. The major focus now is on the place itself, the attractions available and adventures waiting for those who are willing to make the trip.

Interviewing locals is also something to look forward to in every episodes. I was laughing when he interviewed manong tricycle driver during the Bislig episode and manong driver was dumbfounded why he was being interviewed hehehe.  “Eh ikaw pumara sa harap eh” Hehehe  :mrgreen: By the way, in case you saw the pilot episode, will you agree with me when I say that the skylab transport can be scary for those who are not familiar with skylab and habal habal rides? hehe.

If you are undecided on where to travel in the Philippines during the summer or next long holidays, why not watch Byahe ni Drew aside from reading Penfires hehehe! I am pretty sure you will get ideas for your next weekend getaway by watching episodes after episodes. As this show’s info indicates Byahe ni Drew is “A reality-travel show about real weekend warriors—people with regular jobs who pack their bags for some real weekend adventure.”

Yep that is us. You and Me. 🙂 Two days of exploring a Philippine destination on a budget. Exciting!

What makes the show’s first episode amazing personally for me is that it featured Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River!!! I have been to Tinuy-an Falls in 2001 back when this falls was almost unknown in the Philippine Travel scene. It makes me yearn to go back and retrace our steps and see Tinuy-an again!

The amazing bluish waters of the Enchanted River, a famous attraction in Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur was also featured on the first episode, it really makes me want to visit it soonest. To swim in its beautiful water must be one wonderful experience. After a dip in the falls, a sidetrip to the Enchanted River is best!

Hoping this Bislig travel and vacation will materialize soon, funds please rain on me. *grins*

Bislig’s Pride – Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls Bislig City

Picture of the falls is by dcshoeboy of Lakbay Pinoy.

And the best of it all is that the next episode that will air on February 8 is about SAGADA  in the Mountain Province!!! My second favorite place in the Philippines!!! First is Batanes, though I have never been there I just know I will love Batanes hehe. Cebu by the way is not included in the destination ranking coz as you know I am a biased Cebuana. Lol.

The episode for February 15 will be Ilo-ilo.

So yes, get ideas for your next weekend escape from Byahe ni Drew. Pack your bags and go for new adventures and discover the best of the Philippine Islands. Ang ganda, ganda sa Pilipinas! Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan ika nga.

Salute ! Like Biyahe ni Drew Facebook Page if you want to be updated of upcoming episode. I was one of the first likers hahaha fan much ng Philippine based travel shows! ^_^

Now jotting travel show sched on my calendar hehe.  :mrgreen:

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