What To Do To Get PLDT Bill Adjustment After A Typhoon (Odette For Us)

pldt bill adjust typhoon

PLDT lines down due to typhoon? No internet signal for days and weeks as a consequence? File for billing adjustment as soon as able. Our billing adjustment requests for the downtime of our PLDT Fibr service are approved. In this post I am sharing our experience as well as few insights as we tried to get the account credit adjustment that is due us from PLDT. Here are the names of typhoons ...

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New To Cryptocurrency Investing via Binance

I've recently entered crypto, officially. Got a Binance account now hehe. Unofficially I started with a P3k sent to Doy to invest for me, last May 2021. That P3k is now worth P20k+. Salamat to my friend Doy hehe 😄. Hopefully, will be able to cash-out this investment soon once it hit the target return. We've earmarked the proceeds to buy important baby stuff. *In investing, start with a ...

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