Filing for SSS Sickness Benefit – Forms, Requirement, Processing Time

sss sickness claim

The Social Security System (SSS) grants sickness benefit to qualified members. For this year, most branches requires applications and claim filing via dropbox, instead of walking-in on a branch.  This is a sharing of my experience in filing a sickness benefit claim under voluntary status, the list of documents I submitted plus how many days it took for the medical evaluation approval, and ...

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Blog Income Report for a Personal Website

blog income report google adsense

One can earn from blogs, yes that’s true! So much time have passed since this personal blog first seen the light of day. This domain was the very first one I registered way back in March 2010. Then right after domain registration, a friend helped me build my very first Wordpress blog, this here, Penfires. Penfires started as a travel and food blog. These days it’s a repository of whatever ...

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