The Beautiful Anthurium Golden Jenmanii aka “Cardboard” Plant


Plantitas and plantitos, do you already have Anthurium jenmanii in your collection? Are you interested in buying one? Some say this plant is a collector’s item for its rarity and its eye-catching giant, lush leaves.. A ‘must have’, some will push hehe.  Is this plant really rare? The Anthurium jenmanii is ultra rare but only in some parts of the Philippines like Cebu. This specie, ...

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BPI Credit Card Annual Fee – Request for Reversal of Charges

Do you own a BPI credit card? Did you see an annual fee charge on your statement of account? If you do, know that the cc annual fee may be reversed if you will request for it and if your account meets the ‘waived fee’ criteria. Some of the many types of BPI credit cards. Usually the first year fee is free on most cards like those issued by BPI, BDO, Citibank, Metrobank, HSBC, Security Bank, ...

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