Waterfront Cebu’s Sweet Avalanche of Desserts and Pastries

Last Tuesday night Cebu’s Waterfront Food Concept Group had a special event dubbed as ‘Sweet Avalanche’ featuring the latest desserts and pastries additions on the menu of Madeleine and Treff.

It was a night for the senses as I along with Cebuano foodies get to taste and enjoy a fine spread of dessert selections masterfully prepared by Waterfront Philippines Executive Pastry Chef Schihab Ahmed or Chef Adam as he is fondly called, assisted by waterfront Cebu’s Head Pastry Chef, Chef Marlou Basnilla and the pastry team.

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No chocoholic will be able to resist what their team brought to the table – a dessert buffet of dark and decadent chocolate creations, contrasted beautifully by the rainbow bright array of French macarons, and to top it all there were special éclairs, mousses and desserts on sticks that look too tempting to resist!


dessert buffet waterfront cebu


This adorable bear is made out of 1.5 kilos of chocolate!

chocolate bear

Artistick:  Sinfully sweet indulgence on a stick!

desserts on sticks

Also, chatting with the chefs was wonderful. You get a crash course on how a chef’s passion can translate to delightful creations; it definitely makes you look at dessert in a whole new light.

Chef Adam is new to Waterfront Philippines but a veteran in the competitively prolific world of food creation having served in various luxury resorts in Maldives like Waldorf Astoria Maldives and the Four Seasons Hotel Maldives and then on to The Ritz Carlton Doha and Dusit Thani in Cairo. Barely 3 months in with Waterfront, Chef Adam has been instrumental in reinventing this hotel chain’s pastry offering. Vibrant and energetic, this chef from Maldives will definitely make waves on our tropical island.

Getting to know the head pastry chef of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino Chef Marlou was also fun!  He was so engaging that our table monopolized his time, lol. Sorry Chef, and sorry to the other guests! A proud Cebuano, this is also Chef Marlou’s first time to work in the Philippines. No wonder he is all smiles for now he is home and sharing his expertise in our beloved Cebu.

 Thank You Chefs!!!

Waterfront Cebu Pastry Chef


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French Macarons

Dessert choices at Madeleine are well known in Cebu for being one of the best tasting, they are equally known for their varied offerings; it’s no wonder then that they have introduced their very own French Macarons, a confection which Cebuanos are going crazy for.


french macarons cebu


For me, two things set their macarons apart from the rest, first is the inclusion of flavors that are distinctly local like coconut and ube. Yes they have them, go try it especially the coconut :). They also have the usual favorites like pistachio, lemon and strawberry. Second, the thick fillings and the impossibly light, delicately crisp shells of their french macarons. The flavor just burst as you bite into one. Do I heart them? Big Yes!

Madeleine”s French Macarons!

french macarons

Apart from the macarons, these are the desserts that I recommend you try out when you come visit Waterfront’s Cebu’s Madeleine, these are my top choices. Notice that most of them are chocolates, what can I say but I love chocolate to the core. =)


Caramel & banana praline with sugar coated hazelnut 

This is the only dessert that I took more than 1 piece of because it was just so good, a perfect fusion of caramel, banana and chocolates with hazelnut adding that extra texture and character to make this treat a sure hit! There is also this delicate aroma that stands out as as you ate this confection making the whole experience a pure bliss. Really, really recommended!


Caramel & banana praline


Chocolat boule de neige  which translates to chocolate snow ball 🙂

This is a type of Belgium chocolate truffle made from 70% bitter chocolate and rolled with snow powder. I like dark, bitter chocolates and this one was truly enjoyable.


Chocolate Snow Balls


Orange éclair stick and Vanilla éclair stick 

Chef Marlou counts the éclair as one of his top 3 recommendations. I urged him to recommend the best 3 out of all available choices on the buffet; his other two choices were the caramel & banana praline above and the French macarons. You can never go wrong with the favored choices of the chef himself!


Eclairs from Madeleine Waterfront


White chocolate praline 

Bite size decadent pralines to satisfy anyone’s choco craving.  😀

white chocolate pralines

Thanks to Doi of The Travelling Feet for this pic! 

Chocolate mousse 

Rich chocolatey flavor with velvety smooth texture, a definite treat!


Mousse and Fruit Trifle! 

Chocolate Mousse and British Fruit Trifle

British fruit trifle

I got to admit I picked this fruit trifle because it’s one of the most eye catching choices in the buffet spread – pretty, dainty and exotic! We eat first with our eyes right? 🙂 Good thing this was an excellent choice as it taste as good as it looks! =)

The British fruit trifle is a refreshing medley of flavors, sweet from the raspberry base and tangy from the bits of mangoes and other fruits. It complement nicely the other chocolate creations and a good alternative too if you want stay clear of pure chocolates desserts.


Love! Love! Love in my plate!  :mrgreen:

madeleine desserts pastries


Notice the absence of the caramel banana praline on the plate, t’was gobbled up before I remembered to take a shot haha.


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If you want to satisfy your craving for delightful desserts and pastries, visit Madeleine and Treff at the Gourmet Walk of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. For queries and reservations, call them up at (032) 232-6888 Local 8629.


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