The Hen that Lays Golden Eggs

Penfires has a new anchor text! “A Filipina Blog on the Hot Trails of Affordable Philippine Travels”….it took me a long while to finally came up with something that speaks to me and speaks of me. So that single line sums up pretty much about my travel aspirations. This is a blog, I am a proud Filipina, I’m always on the look-out for affordable travels within the Philippines since well I am a true representative of my sign, I am a sign of fire, of Sagittarius, and one trait that is supposed to embody signs of fire like me is the need for flight, to explore, to seek newness… yah,I know, I am just making excuses so I can justify spending money on discovering new places…not that I have money to spend now lol.

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So what are my 2011 travel plans?

Bohol and Camotes Islands are in the bag. I’m planning to go to Valencia near Dumaguete as it is also my maternal ancestral hometown and there are lots of places to see and things to do there. Bantayan Island is also part of my plan though I have been there before, Kawasan Falls in Badian because Titus wants to go there to escape the smothering heat of Opon hahahah. I’d probably do a quick trip to the historical places in Manila as I’ve neglected to visit said places with blogging at the back of my mind: Luneta Park, Divisoria, National Library and Museum, eat again at Buddy’s Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon. And I’d like to go to Bicol! I have an open invitation from a former colleague and friend. I am not sure if it is an open invitation but if it’s not, I can force the issue hahahha. And yah I just remembered that Cebu road trip I’m planning with Doispeaks.com wherein we will try to visit the whole province of Cebu, one town at a time, we haven’t started that and it’s  almost June now, lol.

That’s about half of my travel plans this year, my immediate concern now is finding  that hen that lays golden eggs…I’m sure one or two or three eggs will start things rolling. Now if only I have a carabao to exchange for that magic bean. 🙂

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  1. Great blog! Hoping that you will be successful in your travel.. Despite of travel cost… Good luck and don’t forget to share your travel in your blog…

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