Recommended Travel Gear – Get a Head Buff


If you travel a lot to explore and discover places; and bus rides, jeepney rides, airplane rides are your norms, I recommend you get one of these head buffs or head wear. Mine has been pretty, pretty useful during my travels. =)

A head wear or head buff or head gear, (what’s the name of this item really?  :mrgreen: ) is a special piece of fabric sewn together on the sides while both ends are kept open forming a hollow cylinder. Approximate size based on what I have is around 20 by 10 inches. This gear has multiple uses and easy to carry around too as its almost weightless. :)


Head Gear, Accessory, Head Buff – same banana  :mrgreen:

Head gear sample


You can use it as a head band while reading, so your hair won’t fall on your eyes as in the pic below. If you are a guy you can work it out so you’ll look astigin by folding it multiple times until it’s about 2 inches width and snug it around your forehead, Robin Padilla in his old action movies comes to mind. :)


Sample use of a head buff

Wear Head Buff

You can also use it to cover your face halfway just for kicks or wear it to cover your face entirely. The latter style of wearing is pretty useful if you want to nap during long bus rides or being stranded in an airplane as in my case below.

Our Cebu flight bound for Manila last June was diverted to Clark due to congested air traffic and heavy rain in the capital. We got stuck in Clark airport from 9 pm to about 1:30 am. But it was cool since we did not have plans for the night. Good thing that we did not push through booking the 11 pm bus bound for Baler as originally planned. If we did and we got stuck, our vacation sched will become a bit of a mess.  So it was really good tidings that we did not. I’m so happy too that I have my head buff which kept me comfortable while I snatched some sleep.

I don’t want anyone to see my mouth hanging open while I nap, in case that’s what I do haha.

Travel Gear - Head Buff

Thanks to the best bf and favorite travel companion for the pic! :)

Anyhow back to this recommended travel gear, two of my favorite uses for this head accessory is for tying my long hair when it’s too hot to have it hang loose (2). My second fave style of wearing is to use the head gear to keep my hair from becoming a mess during an open-air bus ride (3). To wear the head buff this way, first pull the buff on your neck, take the top end and stretch it fully until your face is free of the fabric but only until your hairline. Let the fabric cover the rest of your hair so when you get to your destination you will not wrestle with tangles and hair knots.

You can also use it as an accessory to compliment your travel outfit. Wear it by pulling the cloth down your neck and work it like a scarf (4) or twist it, use it as an arm band (1). There are still numerous styles of how to wear a head buff and you can find online demo and video tutorials for these. You can definitely experiment on your own too and wear your head buff however you please.  :mrgreen:


How to Wear a Head Gear / Buff

Styles of wearing a head buff

Feeling fashion blogger pasencia na haha


Where can you find this type of travel gear?

Travel specialty shop has them as well as some department stores; you can also order them online. Get one that is of good quality so it will last long. Oh one thing, make sure that the print or design of your chosen head buff will reflect your personality.

Right now I am still looking for new designs so I have options depending on the mood. I am thinking that an avid traveler can never have enough head gear, lol.  Haha.

As for you my friend, get one for your next travel, you deserve it!^_^



    • Cille Anne says

      L Diva can never have enough head buffs to show off The L Diva’s fabulous fashion and style. *grins*

  1. Dinky says

    I don’t think it is advisable to cover your face entirely while you sleep. I’ve read that breathing what you exhaled(CO2) can damage brain cells or neurons. It is the same when you cover your head with a blanket.

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