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Raw Beauty of Batanes: Photoblog of Journey

Breathtaking, captivating beauty of Batanes Islands.

A Photoblog of our journey to this dream destination.

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Visit the northernmost province of the Philippines!

Of Stone Houses and Old Chapels in Sabtang Island 

Chavayan Chapel

Watch mountains kiss the sea in Chavayan

chavidug beach and stone hosues

Lagoons that make you want to just take a dip any time of day

Blue lagoon batanes

The hit film of the 90s  “Hihintayin Kita sa Langit”

made this hill and Alapad Pass famous especially by the “Dawn Zulueta” jump-lift-hug-twirl with Richard Gomez (showbiz hehe)

Yes! It’s a tourist spot too! 🙂

Alapad Pass Dawn Zulueta Hills

Catching sunrise in Valugan Boulder Beach in Batan Island

Valugan Voulder Beach

Howling winds and gentle slopes of Vayang,

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we are not in Scotland, we are in the land of the Ivatans!

Batanes rolling hills

Typhoons, raging storms visit these lands regularly

mahato storm shelter for boats

But still they stand proudly!

radar tukon chapel

Sabtang’s Vakul weavers by their hands traditions are kept alive. 

Vakul Weavers sabtang Batanes

These tunnels built by the Japanese stood as testament to the war struggles of the Ivatans.

Japanese Tunnel Batanes

Nothing says ‘Batanes’ more than stone houses and bicycles…

Bicycles and stone houses

and yes of course, their Lighthouses like this in Naidi Hills, Basco. =)

basco lighthouse

Come! Experience Batanes!

Sabtang Tricycle

 Get on the road! Sail the seas! Fly High!

Faluwa Tataya Boat

Make your way to Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat!

Why not the uninhabited islands like Y’ami too?!



These islands are not only a photographers piece of heaven, not just an artists’ muse, everyone, absolutely everyone will fall for the charm of these islands and its local people

In many cases it is the locals that makes a place more endearing and special, so when you travel, don’t hesitate, don’t be shy, mingle with the locals, strike a conversation. Immerse and connect. 

These pics of Batanes tourists spots is not complete.  No matter how much I try to capture the beautiful rawness of this island province, I can’t. It’s one of those experiences that just doesn’t translate. Words fail,  images conveys little. You have to go to know, to experience.


Try your best to visit Batanes while young so you can climb more mountains, bike the endless scenic routes to your heart’s content and be able to brave the blast of winds and chilly nights.




Vakul lady in batanes

Batanes will be one adventure, one trip you’ll remember for life.

Marlboro country batanes

A flashback of a poem written by a young girl eons ago

Batanes, Hear me, Hear me!

Your soil will be walk by yours truly,

This dream is not a folly,

But a dream I intend to make a reality.

morong beach ahao arc

This is only a sneak preview of Batanes.

Go travel and make your own dreams come true.

Kapian kapan Dios.


We traveled to Batanes via a PAL Express promo fare for Manila – Basco – Manila round-trip at only P1,890 per person. =) Read more on how we did it –> HERE.

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  1. Wow! Great shots te Cille! 🙂 Makasuya kaau. Naglumba ra jd mo ni ate Doi pasuya ai. 😀

    • hehe thanks synz! =)

      Adto na! If there is going to be a promo fare to Batanes for 2015, alert nya tikaw para ka-plan ka, balik pud mi if naay funds hehe.

    • Hi Cille Anne:
      Great photos! As if I’m in Batanes viewing your “pang-coffee table book” photos. It’s good I didn’t comment on your initial post/s on Batanes (He he).
      Thanks. Good job!

      • Cille Anne says:

        Hi Mody, Salamat for the kind words on the pics ^_^
        This is one of those moment I love being a blogger hearing/seeing that my work is appreciated. =) Thanks!

  2. Imelda Rodriguez says:

    Ganda ng Batanes! Grabe! Salamat sa photos.

  3. Wow Cille, amazing how you have captured the great beauty and the mystique of Batanes Islands. Kudos for your awesome photos! 🙂

  4. makahilak man sad ta magtan-aw uy :'(

  5. Ah, Batanes always beckons hehehe. Very tempting talaga. But not yet, not yet hehe. I’m saving for a lens before I go to Batanes.

    • Took awhile too for me to get too Batanes, nag save din talaga ako for the trip and also for a good camera. Naku when you get there I am sure na you’ll have stunning photos!


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