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The Humble Silhig Lanot from Cebu Made it on TV – Make this your next pasalubong!

It’s a common sight at the Cebu – Mactan airport to see passengers carrying boxes of Shamrock Otap, CNT, Ayer’s, Zubuchon Lechon, dried mangoes and danggit. And why not? These are the popular pasalubong from Cebu.  I do too, but aside from these usual items, I also bring with me silhig lanot. I really do, as in haha.  Cebuanos we should make this our mission to make our silhig lanot famous! Unsa man, agree? Hehehe The first time I brought this broom on my trip back to Manila last 2006, there were 3 big ones sticking out of my duffel bag. Continue Reading

Short and Sweet Cebu Visit Plus Cebuano Favorite Eats

Spending 12 days in Cebu may be a tad too long for regular tourists to this island province. But am not a tourist, am a Cebuana, and may I add a proud, beautiful one. Hahaha hirit pa dyud. =) This was our first visit this year, my husband and I. 12 days is short but we’ll take it. Our next Cebu visit will be this December 31. Lol, hahabol lang sa New Year’s Eve hehe. Visiting Cebu is always a happy occasion. I get to be with my family again, see my Lolo and Lola, explore new places, and of course, eat. Cebu food trip was one of our main Continue Reading

Sto Nino Novena Mass ~ Viva! Viva! Viva Pit Senyor!

It is the Sinulog weekend in Cebu, the fiesta sa Balaan na Bata, the feast of the Holy Child. Some of you may associate Sinulog with just the Grand Parade, street dancing and pocket parties that sprung up in the city streets but to many Cebuanos and devotees of the Senyor Santo Nino, this feast is to thank the Sto Nino, to praise Him for all the blessings, to pray to Him. The Basilica Minore del Sto Nino ~ Sinulog Novena Mass The 9 days novena masses in the Basilica del Sto Nino is always jam-packed despite having masses scheduled every Continue Reading

First Time Visitors in Cebu: 2D/2N Astig Itinerary!

Who says career women can’t travel and have fun? Definitely not these ladies from Calamba City! Last month during a long weekend, friends from Laguna came here in Cebu to take that well deserved break from the office and home. It’s their special time to unwind and experience something new, but you won’t believe their 2D/2N itinerary ang bangis hahahha. Using only the commuting directions I’ve given them and the posts on this blog as reference, these adventure seekers and gutsy ladies travelled straight from the airport to Kawasan Falls! Continue Reading

How to Commute – Mactan Airport to Pier 1 or Oceanjet Ticketing Office

This is a direction tip and instructions on how to use public transportation to get from Mactan Cebu Airport all the way to Pier 1. Pier Uno is where you can find the Oceanjet ticketing office as well as port of its fast crafts. Buy your ticket early if you plan to have a Cebu to Bohol vacation. This post is my response to the query of shynerb on my Mactan post. I’ve decided to create a new post since her question has been asked numerous times and it’s better to have a dedicated blog post for this so future readers will have an easy access to Continue Reading

Must Try Budget Restaurants in SM Cebu

Say you are a tourist on a 3D/2N Cebu vacation or even on a one day trip and it’s your first time in the Queen City of the South.  You happen to find yourself in SM Cebu and suddenly got hungry so you wonder what’s the best local restaurant to try out? The answer would of course depend entirely on you and your companions and what kind of food you are currently craving. But if you ask me for Penfires recommendations on local restaurants inside this giant mall, the top picks are  Neo Neo, Dimsum Break, Ayer’s Lechon and Flame It Burger. Except Continue Reading

Cebu Pasalubong Recommendations For You

Lechon, chorizo, utap, dried mango, danggit, pusit in your baggage – we definitely know where you’ve been! Gikan ka sa Cebu and these items are your pasalubong from the Queen City of the South. =) In the Philippines vacations are synonymous to pasalubong. It’s almost unthinkable to go home after an out of town trip and not to be bringing anything special from the place you've just visited. There are different pasalubong choices when you are in Baguio and other Philippine provinces. If you need ideas to fill your Cebu pasalubong shopping bag, Continue Reading

Lantaw Sunset, Food and Experience: A Review [2nd of 2 Parts Series]

This review and sharing of our Lantaw Restaurant experience became a very long post that I have decided to break down the story into two blog posts lest you be sleeping after a few paragraphs hehe. :) If you haven't yet, please read the First Part of the Lantaw Series on this link:  Getting to Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova [ First of 2 Parts Series ]   Lantaw, Good Location, Wonderful Sunset This native restaurant floats in the water, on its left side, there is this mangrove plantation and on the right Continue Reading

Getting to Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova [1st of 2 Parts Series ]

I’ve come to notice that more often than not spontaneity works best especially when it comes to get togethers and reunions among barkadas. Long planning doesn't seem to work especially in light of countless food trips, beach day trips and road trip adventures which did not pan out and were sooner postponed and cancelled. Come to think of it, unplanned ones have higher chance of fulfillment. I have decided to make this into a two posts series because this article has become so long. Guess I was carried away by the place hehehe.   Please Continue Reading