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Weekend Getaway at Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park

Countless summers and trips from Cebu to Dumaguete to Valencia always have a ‘getaway to Tejero’ in the itinerary; it’s one of the non-negotiable aspects when our side of the clan visits our Lola’s birthplace. The other non-negos are buying torta and pure tablea sa tiangge. =)

In early 2000s and up to a few years back, the place looks very basic with its river-fed pool and a few tables here and there for day use. Pool maintenance was sporadic but understandable as the water flows constantly from the river diverted into the pool and goes out, back again to the river path. We don’t even call the place a resort then, to our young minds it was just ‘Tejero Pool’ – a fun place where we can laugh and play, an amazing place that holds special memories of our summer escapades.

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‘Adto ta sa Tejero na!’ a common cry that reverberates from the smallest kids to the young adults and yes, even the wanggits.  =)

Happy All The Way to Tejero !

Tricyle to Tejero

p.s. normal tricycles do not overload  hehe

I remembered the first time my brother went to the pool; he stopped in his tracks when he saw the water. The pool looks ominous, dark and greenish; the bottom not visible at all, and the pool bed’s was slippery with all the moss and occasional slime that has accumulated over the years. Goading and cheering ensued until he relented, dipped in the pool and emerged smiling. That was the start and for that whole summer, Nicko and our other young cousins walked every day from our ancestral home in Liptong-Valencia boundary all the way to Tejero. It’s a long hike, maybe 3 kilometers or so but these kids were unmindful of the distance, nor of the sun’s blazing heat beating their backs. They have their eyes set on enjoying the refreshing icy waters of the river-fed Tejero pool.

After Typhoon Sendong hit in December 2011, we were all sad as kin from Valencia told us of the bad news. Huge boulders from the mountains rained down on the lowlands, blocking sections of the Banica River, destroying homes, displacing lots of residents, and laying to waste the pool that we love. Tejero was closed.

I thought it will take years and years for Tejero to recover from the devastation, if at all. But I was wrong, am soooo glad I was wrong. =)

Welcome to Tejero Highland Resort!

Tejero Highlands Resort Valencia


Last Saturday I again visited Tejero upon the invitation of Tejero Highlands Resort and Adventure Park, this time Titus, Kenneth and Nicko were with me. Nicko who was among those kids who walked to Tejero everyday was exclaiming when we arrived at the resort. ‘Bai! Grabe ka nindot na diri! Lahi na kayo sauna!’

I understand the amazement, the same sentiments burst forth from me when I first saw the pictures on Tejero’s FB wall, ‘Mao na ni Tejero karon?! WOW!’

It was great joy to see a beloved place has undergone a truly amazing transformation. We couldn’t believe our eyes! Amazing! Amazing!

“This is a testament, after the rain, there’s always a rainbow” quipped my brother. He need not elaborate on what he means, we understood perfectly. Kenneth, Nicko and I have been to this place many times in the past and we were all smiles, Tejero is again very much alive!

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This is Tejero Highland Resort!


Tejero Highlands Resort Entrance

Pool Number Two 🙂

Tejero Highlands Pool


Tejero Highlands Resort and Adventure Park

Tejero is now one huge complex with three pools. Pool 1 is river-fed, the site of our many summers. Unlike before, the pool is being clean and maintain now so the water no longer looks dark and greenish, hurrah! =) What pleased me so much is that the huge stone remains in the middle of the pool! I remembered we used this as ‘diving base’! Huts and cottages are also available now.

Pool 2 is the main pool, and the biggest. There is also these mini bridges that I bet will appeal most especially to those who wants to take pictorial and strikes poses. =)

Pool 3 is where you can enjoy the Aquazorb, one of the adventure facilities offered by Tejero Highlands.

There are sections of the pools that is shallow and perfect for the little ones.

What is amazing about this eco-tourism center in Negros Oriental is that Tejero is in the midst of natural beauty from the Banica River which flows freely along the side of the resort complex to the backdrop of mountain wall to the lush green surroundings.

The place pulsed with such vibrancy, the cool winds carry with it sounds of bird’s tweeting, crickets chirping, waters splashes and squeals of delights from those enjoying the pools. At the same time, you hear the gushing river as it continues to flow down on its journey.

Tejero is becoming real popular attracting big groups of families and barkadahans. The guests mix is also diverse. If you are observant you can hear a good mix of local dialect being spoken, Bisaya, Ilonggo, Tagalog, and foreign languages by the resort’s guests.

If you are looking for a place for your family and barkada outing in Negros Oriental or Dumaguete, look no further than Tejero Highlands Resort, it’s really a good place for family outings, picnics and escapades! The staff are very kind and helpful too, majority of them are from Valencia itself. 🙂


 Fun! Fun! Fun at Tejero! 

Tejero Highlands Resort and Adventure Park


An Eco-Tourism Hub For Complete Adventure

This highland resort is still on their soft-launch yet as the day progressed, streams of visitors arrived. Words have indeed traveled fast that Valencia now offers a hub for eco-tourism adventure in Tejero Highlands Resort and Adventure Park. The grand launch is projected this June or July pending completion of all other facilities under construction now.

The second floor of the ‘Balcony’ area

Tejero Tables and Cottages for Rent

When you visit, don’t miss checking out the resort’s Adventure Park which is fully operating now. The offerings include ATV guided tour to select destinations, Zegwee rides and AquaZorb. To be completed soon are its team-building area, a pool with slides for kids, zipline and bungee trampoline. In the future, a hotel will rise too for those who wish to stay overnight at the resort.


“Walk on water” with this Aqua Zorb ball!



Your Adventure Starts Here!

Tejero Adventure Starts Here


Go for an ATV or All Terrain Vehicle ride which starts at P300. Your memories from the ATV guided tour to Tierra Alta or Casaroro Falls Valley or Japanese Shrine or Camp Look-out will stand-out as one of the most fun and kick-ass adventure you’ll have in visiting Valencia. The countryside’s combination of uphill / download slopes and  curves makes for a great ride.  In fact, long after our epic ride to Tierra Alta, our small group continues to kid each other, remembering our bloopers and the scenes on the road. I had so much fun I even made a separate blog post about our first time ATV ride experience, which you can read here.

ATV ride in Tejero


The ATV is newbie friendly, we were all first timers and we learn fast, thanks to the able guide and facilitator of the Adventure Park. =)

Thrilling river crossing ! ^_^

River Crossing ATV ride

They also have a Zegwee track and you can ride one of the Zegwee units for P200. It took me awhile to get the hang of balancing myself and moving forward, backward. At one point, I was shouting ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ and my siblings were laughing their fannies off as I look so comical. ‘Don’t panic, stop moving!’ they shouted in unison. But hey in the end, I mastered the Zegwee or I think I do hehe. I didn’t want to get off the Zegwee but I needed too as I couldn’t say no to the inviting pool. =)

Zegwee Track and its tall trees!

Zegwee Track Tejero

Conquering the Zegwee!

Zegwee Cruising



Tejero will be introducing more adventure rides and facilities, watch out for it!


Budget Friendly Getaway in Negros Or.

There is no corkage fee in bringing your own food and snack. You can even bring a lechon if you are celebrating something.  If you like grilled foods, they have a special grilling area that you can use for free, just bring your own grilling stuff. What amazed me too is that a bottle of 1.5L soda only sells at P45, the same price in major supermarkets! Talk about pocket-friendly getaway!

If you don’t want the hassle of bringing your own food, no worries as they have a restaurant and their food choices are very affordable.  Example this grilled Chicken BBQ with rice is only P95 and the chicken is huge! Dip it into the sauce with pinched chilis, sarap! busog!


Best Chicken BBQ in town!

Chicken BBQ Meal


Then this thin crust, freshly baked All-Meat Pizza is just P200 while the Cheesy Pizza is P160 plus their fruit shakes starts at just P35! Super sulit and very delicious!


All Meat Pizza for you!

All Meat Pizza Thin Crust


I love this thin crust Cheezy Pizza, it’s really loaded with lots of cheese! 🙂

Cheezy Pizza Tejero


The cottages and tables for rent are budget friendly too; you can choose from several options from P200, P300, P400 etc. The P200 cottages are already good for 8 pax. If you divide it among you and your 7 friends, that will only be P25 per person. 🙂

Entrance fee to the resort is P60 for adult, P40 for kids and no charge for infants. Residents of Valencia enjoys a discounted entrance fee, just bring a valid ID.

Hours of operation: Opens at 9 AM and closes at 6 PM. Overnight stay not possible yet.


How to Commute to Tejero

If you are coming from somewhere Luzon like Manila, Visayas like Cebu, or Mindanao like Davao and you will visit Dumaguete, a good side trip Penfires highly recommend is Tejero.

When in Dumaguete, just ride a tricycle for P9 to take you to the Valencia Jeepney Terminal. Fare from Dgte to Valencia is only P12. Get off in the jeepney’s last stop which is in the market area of the town, there are already lots of tricycles and habal-habal rides offering their services to you to get you to this mountain resort.

It’s real easy to go there, you can even hike from Valencia town proper to Tejero if you feel like it, it’s just about 1.6 kilometers distance after all. =)


Your Visits Help Valencia

The development of Tejero is a Public – Private partnership between PhilSouth Properties and the Municipality of Valencia. The transformation not only entices more tourists and visitors to come visit Tejero for its eco-tourism adventure facilities but it is also helping the local economy by giving jobs to many Valencianon, at the same time providing opportunities too for the other locals to set-up small businesses. Even the tricycle drivers and habal-habal drivers are benefiting with the influx of tourists coming to this laid back town. So every time you take your family and friends for a fun day in Tejero, you will not only have a wonderful time, you are also boosting the local economy. Kudos to you!


Part of the sign reads “This partnership intends to provide Negrenses in particular and Filipino in general, including international visitors, with a decent and affordable recreational and leisure facilities.”

Tejero Public Private Partnership


Come to Tejero! It’s an all year long amazing getaway!

Come to Tejero! Enjoy!


Tejero will see you again and again and again!

Tejero Highlands Resort


This trip is made possible by Tejero Highlands Resort and Adventure Park. Visit their Facebook page to know the latest events and offerings. Check out their official website for more information about the adventure rides, amenities, contact information, latest buzz! For reservations and bookings, please contact these numbers: 0917-707-0791 or (035)400-3977

Visit Tejero on your next Negros Oriental vacation!

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  1. Wow, great weekend getaway adventure! Tejero Resort in Valencia will be in my bucket list for sure! Hope u had fun! 🙂

    • You should swing by Tejero when you come visit Dumaguete, it’s near! ^_^

      • Hi Jo, nice write-up… I did not realized how beautiful Tejero is, at present. We were on vacation last year, 2013, but Tejero was not in my list of places to be visited. Hope to spend some time in Tejero in our next vacation in Liptong.. Thanks for the blog…

        • Kol! 🙂 Lipay kay ko na nasaag ka sa blog hehe and yah as in complete family outing center na dyud ang Tejero, last month thrice ata gabalik-balik silang te Ellen ngadto hehe


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