Pasko Na! What’s your Christmas Wishlist this 2013?

I love Christmas, I adore the season. I’ve written so many topics about this holiday season in the last three years that Penfires exists and am always ecstatic and inspired every time I write about Pasko topics. =)

Christmas to me is more on giving back and sharing all the blessings I’ve been blessed with and I have been truly blessed in many ways that I can count, and for that I really thank God for the shower of gifts and blessings.

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Just this evening I was out with my Lolo and Lola, took them for a little shopping, ang saya saya ng feeling that you can share and able to share, di ba?

Ever since I was little, I have an aunt who gives gifts, pampasko to every pamangkin during our family Christmas reunion, and mind you we are a big family and the kids are just too many but she always does. Even now that I am past my 20s (ahem  :mrgreen: ) I can still count on a gift from her. I am one of those kids whose ninongs and ninangs are nowhere near, so I don’t receive gifts except from my parents. So imagine my delight when I receive an extra one not from mom and dad.  :mrgreen:

Salamat po sa aguinaldo! 🙂

Christmas wishlist gifts

My Aunt Rose is an inspiration, a good example of what sharing is all about especially during the Christmas season. It has become a tradition for me too from the first December I have work to give my cousins, all the little ones, aguinaldos or gifts during the holidays regardless of my financial state for a particular year. I hope to continue this tradition ad infinitum. My cousins who are now working themselves or have their own kids are taken off the list and the gifts meant for them are transferred to their own little ones. No worries, they understand. =)

This year Penfires and all the websites I co-manage with the beau had been terrific, fantastic! Opportunities opened, new travel and blogging gadgets landed on my lap, unexpected travels happened (!!!) and more and more amazing things materialized thanks to our sites. Who knows more surprises waits before the year ends hehe.

 Malipayong Pasko sa Tanan!

Pasko Pampasko

2013 Christmas Wishlist

If you have a Christmas wishlist for 2013, what would it be? Think more tangible, physical things, not world peace nor good health nor a more loving family / support group nor a more financially rewarding year ahead because in most likelihood we all hope, wish, and pray for them. I am thinking more in the lines of something that you can find in a store or a service you want to avail.

Wanting and wishing for something is not bad, it is healthy for having desire only means you are a normal individual, we are not Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi after all, but they are good examples to aspire to. =)

Anyhow, I posted that question because I want to answer it, lol. Hope you will still read on heheheh  :mrgreen:

 Most of these items are handy to have because I am a travel blogger, so here goes – my own 2013 Christmas Wishlist:

1. LTE Pocket Wifi  – Mannnn I realize how handy this would have been when I was away for a few days from my own laptop and DSL internet connection. It’s a useful gadget especially for travelers and bloggers to update social media accounts, post blogs and staying in touch with family while on the road.

2. A mega awesome Powerbank – The last trip I took which was in Malaysia, I had ‘battery empty’ camera episodes and it’s a no – no because who knows when I’ll be back there. Batt empty situations mean missed opportunities for what maybe once-in-a-lifetime chance to take location based photos.

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3. A 50mm Prime lens or a wide lens – I want to experiment more with Clark and what he can do with good lenses. A wide lens would be perfect too for our upcoming trip to Batanes early next year. =)

 *Clark is my handy dandy dslr, when I went to Manila to buy it mid this year; the plane I was on was rerouted to Clark Airport due to heavy rain, stayed there for 2 hours before our plane got clearance to get back to Manila. I have a penchant for naming gadgets based on the immediate circumstances before or after having the gadget in my hand or the goal why it was bought in the first place. My other cam is called Spunky because I bought him for spelunking in Sagada. Lol, im quirky that way haha.

 4. A netbook – Lugging your regular sized laptop on your trips can be a bit of an inconvenience, a net book is small and not too heavy, perfect during backpacking trips and short travels.

5. Transparent or Pink colored kick-ass Hot Wheels – just love these variants for my own miniature collection. =)

 6. More vacations and new places to see! – I’m forever bitten by the travel bug, wanderlust has taken hold on me and can’t be shaken off, not that I want to shake it off really hehe.

That’s mine, how about yours?

C’mon share your own on the comment section below; no one will bite you if you do hehe and it is Christmas after all, who knows Santa is listening 🙂

..errr, reading this blog post hehe.

Have a Great, Awesome, Wonderful, Merry Christmas to one and all!

Malipayong Pasko!

UPDATE: Wohoooo! My entry was picked up by Random.org as one of the lucky 12 winners of the Out of Town Blog’s Christmas Wishlist Contest!!!

I won a Police Mug – yeeeeeba!!!  ^_^

Check out the list of winners on OOTB. =)

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  1. merry christmas cille! i want some stuff for my cam too hehehe…
    i agree on the netbook! a must have for a travel blogger! 🙂

  2. Must have jud ang netbook along with pocket wifi. 🙂

  3. ok, cille anne here comes santa from the north pole, i mean the real santa, hehe. santa here can’t afford a nikon lens (mahal kaayo) but a nikon battery (no more ‘battery empty’ camera episodes) you can cross out from ur 2013 xmas list. i was gonna get u 1 or 2 extra batteries anyways, lol. i need the make/model/number/size/etc. hohoho! me? i just got an Asus Eee PC 1000HE 10.1-Inch Netbook with usb pocket wifi gift delivered from santa, wohoo. happy holidays to all!

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