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Simala Monastery in Cebu

SIMALA Monastery in Sibonga Cebu

FAITH and MIRACLES brings the faithful to the south of Cebu. This is where you can find the Monastery of The Holy Eucharist, more popularly known as Simala Church na dinadayo not only by Cebuanos but devout Catholics and Marian devotees from the other regions and provinces in the Philippines. Those who make the pilgrimage are firm believers that through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Jesus, their prayers will be heard and their petitions granted. Many of the Catholics sa Sugbo have at … [Read the full article...]

1 piso fare promo 2014, 2015, 2016

P1 Piso Fare Promo 2014 for April to December 15 via Cebu Pacific

I am so surprised that Cebu Pacific released a piso fare promo for dates that are so near! Usually P1 base fare by this budget airlines are for travel dates months in the future like 2014 bookings to fly in 2015 or 2016. But the new P1 promo tickets right now are with fly dates April to December 15, 2014. April is just a few days from now so this is really surprising! Is it to celebrate the acquisition or was it merger of Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways? Is it to divert the public's attention … [Read the full article...]

Batanes tour first timer

Byahe ni Drew, Matanglawin and Our Actual DIY Batanes Tour Expenses and Itinerary

You might be curious with the title of this post, what’s up with Byahe ni Drew, Kuya Kim’s Matanglawin and our own do it yourself tour of Batanes, particularly Batan and Sabtang islands? There is a connection. =) A couple of days before we flew to Batanes, the newlyweds Iya and Drew Arellano were in Batanes, who got me this news? Titus? Hahaha I swear he is more into showbiz and pop culture than I am. Drew was with his Byahe ni Drew crew for an anniversary special and they took their … [Read the full article...]

Vakul lady in batanes

Raw Beauty of Batanes: Photoblog of Journey

Breathtaking, captivating beauty of Batanes Islands. A Photoblog of our journey to this dream destination. Visit the northernmost province of the Philippines! Of Stone Houses and Old Chapels in Sabtang Island  Watch mountains kiss the sea in Chavayan Lagoons that make you want to just take a dip any time of day The hit film of the 90s  "Hihintayin Kita sa Langit" made this hill and Alapad Pass famous especially by the "Dawn Zulueta" jump-lift-hug-twirl with … [Read the full article...]

boat grounded in basco

Lessons in Batanes: Ship’s Grounded and White Sand Beach

What happened last Friday, February 21 in Basco to a cargo ship reminds me of a famous quote from Pilosopong Tasyo of Noli Me Tangere wherein the old wise man said "... hindi kaduwagan ang pagyuko sa dumarating na punlo. Ang masama ay sumalubong sa punlong iyon, upang hindi na muling makabangon." It was Day 5 of our 7D/6N Batanes vacation. The day before our guide / tricycle driver Eugene showed us a promising strip of a white sand beach tucked below Naidi Hills. We did not descend to the … [Read the full article...]

batanes pal express promo

Batanes Where Dreams Come True

It's almost 2 pm now here in Basco, Batanes. Our trio - me, kenneth and titus - thankfully have rested a bit from our long trip to get here. We left Cebu at around 6 PM and arrived in Basco slightly passed 8 AM the following day which is today. This is far from home, no doubt.  :mrgreen: The sun shines brightly as is normal around this time anywhere in the country, what surprised me though is that the wind howls and it's really cold. On-Board PAL Express to Batanes We only paid P3000+ … [Read the full article...]

Randoms and HodgePodge

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Of Old Friends & New Notes

Was it this year 2011 when the Philippine Central Bank released new versions of the Philippine banknotes? I'm not sure -wait, i'll Google it. --- hmm, it said late last year but I could swear no new notes is available to the public because I haven't … [Read the full article...]

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I was chatting with Lino, a friend and a former districtmate , and suddenly i miss D24, my former district in Wyeth. I've had had lots of great times with these guys. I know District 24 will always hold a special place in my heart. And as said in … [Read the full article...]


2010 is a year of many beginnings. Finally I am home, I’m now Cebu – based after being away for close to five years, work has assigned me in Luzon, though during those years I visited Cebu thrice a year so there really was no time to miss my hometown … [Read the full article...]

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