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P1 Promo Fare Cebu Pacific: Piso Fare Total Cost of Tickets for 2013 and 2014 Travels

I’ve just booked a roundtrip piso fare ticket from Cebu Pacific for my dad who will fly from Cebu to Pagadian. Mannn it took awhile before I got to the fare selection page, Cebu Pac’s website is so slooooow. But again, this is very understandable, probably tens of thousands of netizen are online now trying to book through their Piso Fare promo for 2013.

 Booking is only today March 7 and until tomorrow March 8, so that limited time is also the reason why a lot of people including me are scampering right now to grab their popular piso fare. Travel period for this promo is from November 1 to December 12,2013 then again will resume travel on January 13 to March 31,2014.

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Cebu Pacific did not include the highly coveted tickets for the Christmas Season.

So finally after about 20 minutes of loading and reloading Cebupac’s official website and seeing the dreaded “Sorry but our website is experiencing heavy traffic right now, please come back later”, I was finally able to start booking my dad’s ticket to Pagadian.

BUT I had a false alarm, I was already on the page where I can delete the pre-selected seat but it errors out for me and the dreaded “red” notification shows up “Error. Please Start Over”. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I’m trying to tell myself patience, patience, patience. Patience has its rewards. Hehehhe

After you selected your travel dates and flights this screen will show up showing you the limitations of your tickets from the Piso Fare promo, you will see that tickets bought under Piso fare are non-reroutable and can’t be refunded.

 Piso Fare Non Refundable

A ticket I bought last year 2012 for travel this June 2013, I attempted to request for ‘date change’ unfortunately, after talking with the customer rep of Cebu Pacific and trying their “manage booking” page, if I will push through changing dates on my promo tickets, I will end up paying 12K. Hehehhehe so if you have bought promo tickets previously and need to change the date, the best course of action is just to forget about the ticket altogether and just charged it to experience rather than changing it and paying for the rebooking fee, penalty fee and more charges.

One thing I noticed with this booking, it used to be that availing of a 15 kilos check-in baggage cost P150 now it has been increased to P180! If you want to buy prepaid baggage of 20 kilos, you will add P300 to your ticket bill. Web admin fee remains at P100 per way.

Also, if you get to the page where you have chosen seat via the Cebu Pacific Online Seat Selector, just delete the pre-selected seat because if you avail it, it will cost you another P130 per seat per way.  Just be at the airport check-in counter real early if you want to make sure you will have your preferred seat whether aisle or window seat.

So how much is the total cost of round trip ticket for this Piso Fare promo from Cebu Pacific this March 7? Roundtrip Cebu to Pagadian to Cebu is P1,531.44 with 15 kilos of prepaid baggage on going to Pagadian and return flight to Cebu. I paid using Metrobank ATM Card, you can also pay via Credit Card, any Bancnet Atm card or via Payment Centers. Please see the piso fare ticket charges breakdown below:

Piso Fare Ticket Sample Cost

 Now, if you have a special promo code, who knows you may even get better deals than their regular piso fare cost of tickets!

What are you waiting for? Book na isa sa mga piso fare tickets! Remember if you are flexible with your travel dates, greater chance of you scoring those cheap tickets. This P1 fare is to ALL DOMESTIC DESTINATIONS of Cebu Pacific kaya book na agad sa booking website nila! Goodluck!

Here is a VIDEO TUTORIAL to guide you in booking one of these P1 Fare tickets:

To be updated with the latest Piso Fare promos and other ticket deals, please LIKE PisoFare.Info or visit their website at www.pisofare.info, they are always on their toes updating all their members whenever there are seat sale, express sale and of course Piso fare like this one today with Cebu Pacific Air.

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