Life’s a Beach! At Mangodlong in Camotes Island!

We came for the white sands and pristine beaches of Camotes Island, and we got them and more! Our first day was rocked with  huge waves and an unexpected intense adventure on the high seas . On our second day in Mangodlong Rock Resort , Mr Sun made up for the previous days of no swimming because of rough waves! Hurray! We woke up early, ate our silog breakfast at P80 per plate with free coffee. And then it was play time on the sand and beach!

The sea giant rises aka Titus

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( the words of my cousin hehehe)

Tantan loving the sunny day

A trip to Camotes Island is perfect for your summer getaway or if your bored of the city, have a quick weekend trip to these group of islands North of Cebu. It’s easy to get here – we use public transportation all the way. Read our accounts in getting to the island : Camotes Island Here We Come!

We stayed at Mangodlong Rock Resort only for technically 2 days / 1 night. We fully enjoyed the waters, the sun and the view despite being pressed for time. Our Camotes Adventure itinerary was fairly simple – relax, experience and enjoy.

Nicko camera-shy

Don’t you just love the white sand, clear waters and calm waves? We certainly did!  :mrgreen:

Of course, I enjoyed the waters too!

…err and also the coconut tree hehe

Mangodlong Rock Resort only has a few guests when we were there which was  a boon, it felt like we have the whole resort to ourselves and i was not so shy about posing for pictures just about everywhere hahaha. Finally we  explored the nooks and crannies of Mangodlong and the cottages that previously we can’t get to because of the huge waves.

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Cottage without steps

A cottage on the rocky terrain

No jumping please

Bridge over troubled water

We found this mermaid of Mangodlong 🙂

Kudos to the staff of the resort, everyone was there on the white sand picking up dead seaweeds, washed up debris and combing the beach very early in the morn. It was great to see everyone pitching in making Mangodlong resort look picture perfect again!

white sands and calm waves perfect!

Look not at titus but at the cottages lol

There were these many tiny crabs, ghost grabs and hermit crabs all over the resort.

tiny crab  and ghost crab

Nicko was very busy trying to separate this tiny hermit crab from its shell so he can provide it with a better looking one. He also wants to demo ‘hermit crab shell transferring’, he was unsuccessful though as he can’t crack the shell to open. No worries the crab was unharmed.

Nicko busy with his shell transfer experiment

Relaxation uninterrupted

Construction of a new resort was in full swing just beside Mangodlong, I guess Camotes Island is becoming more popular and more travelers from Cebu and other places in the Philippines have discovered this hidden gem in North Cebu.

That new resort has already this breakwater in place with all the colorful flags. We resort-hop so we can get these pics 🙂

Nicko, my photoallergic brother, gave in and ‘posed’ for pictures here hahaha

and again a jumpshot ^_^

opps I have a feeling this article is more like a Mangodlong photo blog

and  not a blog post entry hehehe oh well 🙂

Now is anyone asking if we enjoyed Mangodlong and Camotes Island?


We hope to be back in Camotes Island since we did not experience Camotes day tour, our sched was tight. Tantan has a plane to catch at 8pm so he has to hurry along to the airport same day. More reasons to come back, next time we will be checking out the famous Lake Danao Park in San Francisco, Camotes Island and also the Bukilat Cave and all other things that this little group of islands in Cebu offers to every travelers and adventure seekers. See you again Camotes!

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  1. pero nice xa jumpingan! hahaha… it’s a photo blog entry! 🙂

    • penfires says:

      nice dyud jumpingan kay daghang jump points ngadto kana kung kahibaw ka molangoy heheh

      …. ay ngee mao diay na correct term ‘photo blog entry’? hehhehe thanks fetus for the visit!

  2. Hi i’d like to ask which is a better resort to stay/ mangodlong or santiago? thanx

    • penfires says:

      hi bianca! personally i like mangodlong than santiago because mangodlong is cheaper heheh but if budget is not an issue go for santiago as they have a wider beach area .. it’s really wide with the same powdery white sand. i think you will have a problem with mangodlong especially if na timing kayo na maraming guests coz the beach front is small, it can get easily crowded. BUT if you like diving, mangodlong is better as there are lots of spots na puede ka mag dive. Anyhow, even if you stay in santiago or mangodlong, you can go to the other beach, swim there etc with no entrance fee kasi sister resorts sila. hope this helps!


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