It’s more fun in the Philippines: Spin-offs, Spoofs and Witty Taglines

Disclaimer: I don’t know who came up with these funny tag-lines and spoofs  inspired by the latest DOT tourism campaign “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.  Though controversial the campaign has made many mini-ambassadors among us after just a few hours of launched, we’ve seen countless of Pinoys creating their own picture meme of what makes more fun in the Philippines. I will be posting some of the photos later but for now, let me share these witty lines that’s been making the rounds in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

If you are a Filipino, you can probably relate to these lines. And if you know the Philippines top tourist spots, the peculiarities of the provinces and some of the catchy songs used for inspirations,  then you’d also be smiling after reading 🙂  or laughing hehehe

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‘Proposed’ domestic tourism slogans  :mrgreen:

More than a family, we’re Aklan!

It’s not new, it’s Antique!

Not just a Pastor, but also Aparri!

 Boracay, You Sexy Beach!

Haller, Baler!

You Kick Ass, Batangas!

Bohol: Go To Hill!

 Be Cool, Bicol!

Thank you, Camiguin!

Aylabyu, Cebu!

Maliit Navotas, Lumalaki!

 We Fly High In Capiz!

Go Gaga In Naga!

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Kaibigan, Punta Na Sa Vigan!

 Virac, You Rock!

Kamuning Get Me!

 Better Leyte Than Never!

 Whee! Tawi-Tawi!

Walang Aayaw Sa Apayao!

 Maraming Gig Sa Taguig!

 Bongga Ka Day, Sa Norzagaray!

 I wanna dance with Zambales, I wanna feel the heat with Zambales!


These witty one-liners rhyme heheh. It may take a few seconds before the ‘ meaning’ sinks in. Lol. Sharing this, this is what is more fun in the Philippines!


“#1 For Fun” is the DOT  Tourism Slogan  for Domestic Promotion

*’It’s more fun in the Philippines’ will be use for global campaign to promote the country.

p.s. If you are the brains behind these funny tourism lines, please email me to properly credit you. Thanks for the laughs!

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  1. Great job, cille! Keep up the good work. By the way, lots of comments also from other government officials saying that roads and other infrastructures need improvement to encourage more tourism. AMEN to their comments!

    • Thanks Ron! And yah that is very true, the country needs to have more infrastructure and roads built if it wants to attract and increase tourist arrivals, especially our airports and the road networks to the top Philippine tourists destinations. I’ve been to the underground river in Palawan and there are portions along the way that will really challenge the motorists. And take note the subterranean river is one of the most famous and heavily visited tourist spots in the country,how much more the road conditions of those which are not as popular, right?

      Anyhow I got to stop before this becomes so long hahahha. Thanks for always dropping by here and leaving your insights!


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