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Ilocos Roadtrip: Leaving Ilocandia Land

Our last and final day of our Ilocos adventure, we bid farewell to Ilocos Norte. We left Aquaseda in Maira-ira Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud and made a stop-over in the ABOT CAVE, the cave is a few meters before reaching the main highway. This is a rock formation with a hole and local folklore says the cave was created by giants.

We further drove north to reach the PATAPAT VIADUCT, around 13 km from Maira-ira. This is the longest viaduct in the country, and is attached to a mountain wall. You will have left Ilocandia when you reach its other end for it welcomes you to Appari, the northernmost tip of the Luzon island

Ilocos Roadtrip (Ilocos Norte) : Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud Beaches

Day 3 of our Ilocos adventure trip! We were early birds as we leave Laoag and took to the road again.We drove for about an hour and finally reach our first stop – CAPE BOJEADOR LIGHTHOUSE in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. From the main highway turn right when you reach the lighthouse sign on the road. […]

Ilocos Roadtrip – Baluarte Zoo and Paoay Church

It’s the second day of our Ilocos adventure,  we started early and bid temporary farewell to Vigan. Our first stop is the BALUARTE ZOO, the open-to-the-public zoo of Mr Chavit Singson, a favorite tourist attraction in Ilocos Sur especially among families & barkadas. There you’ll see his various collections of animals like the tigers, lion, orangutans, armadillos,  peacocks, mountain goats and lots more! The kids will definitely love the looming dinosaur figure welcoming you to  Baluarte zoo. And the best thing is Baluarte has no entrance fee!

Welcome to Baluarte Zoo folks!

The Road to Ilocos: First Stop Vigan Ilocos Sur!

If you are on an adventure mission aiming to set foot in every must-see-tourist-destinations in our country, then most likely The Ilocos Region is on your bucket list. The two provinces of Ilocandia- Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, are known for their frugal but industrious people, tobacco industry, delectable delicacies, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, sanddunes, windmills farm, and the world class beaches of Pagudpud.

Welcome to Ilocos!

Me, my sister Kenneth and brother Nicko took the Ilocos trail and was meet and toured by my boyfriend Titus. It was fun! And I dearly hope that more travel adventures awaits the four