Baler Balete and Not Like Ours Elementals

Not Like Ours | Climbing Aurora’s Balete Tree

Three weeks after I climbed (all thureee"sides") of the infamous tree, I'm still sick. I was already sick prior to the trip but of course (rolls eyes, slightly) it has to be my disturbance of "their" home that would cause the coughing fit, and it's always worse just before I try to sleep. Do I believe that there are Others/Elementals? Of course I do! I remember this tiny crazy laugh I … [Read the full article...]

Canili and Diayo Dam Reservoir

Baler Road Stories: Canili and Diayo Dams and Reservoir

Baler, Aurora. We arrived there a little past 7 AM after leaving Cubao at 2:30 AM. It wasn’t such a tiring bus ride as our little group - me, Titus, Kenneth and Julie were on-board the executive coach of the Joy Bus line. As soon as we left Manila and reached NLEX, my companions have settled in to a comfortable sleep. I was unable to snatch a nap the whole ride which has become my usual during … [Read the full article...]

Baler Surfing Adventour

BALER at the Edge of the Sierra Madre: A PhotoBlog

Prior to going I know nothing of Baler except for two things; first, it’s a major destination for surfing in the country; second, the siege of their church by Katipuneros at the turn of the century. My vacation planning was limited to finding a reasonable accommodation for our group, the rest was left to Julie as she had been to Baler before. Imagine my surprise then when we first got on the … [Read the full article...]

PAL Anniversary Promo Batanes


I am pretty sure many of you are waiting for PAL to again launch a promo fare that includes flying from Manila to Basco, Batanes. Well, this is it!!! PAL is celebrating its 74 years anniversary of flying the Philippine skies by offering passengers to pay only 74% of base fare for both domestic and international flights. Travel period is from June 1 to October 20,2015. So of course the … [Read the full article...]


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