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    Raw Beauty of Batanes: Photoblog of Journey
Simala Monastery in Cebu

SIMALA Monastery in Sibonga Cebu

FAITH and MIRACLES brings the faithful to the south of Cebu. This is where you can find the Monastery of The Holy Eucharist, more popularly […]

Vakul lady in batanes

Raw Beauty of Batanes: Photoblog of Journey

Breathtaking, captivating beauty of Batanes Islands. A Photoblog of our journey to this dream destination. Visit the northernmost province of the Philippines! Of Stone Houses […]

batanes pal express promo

Batanes Where Dreams Come True

It’s almost 2 pm now here in Basco, Batanes. Our trio – me, kenneth and titus – thankfully have rested a bit from our long […]

Randoms and HodgePodge

gif the old maids

Old Maid With Syd

December 2010 my niece Sydney came over to Cebu with her parents and mannn dumugo ilong ko sa kaka-english hehehe. I can write in English better than I can speak the language lol.  We had tons of fun trying out different games that she’d brought over and one of those was the card game: Old Maid. I […]

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Cory & Edsa People Power

I’ve just turned off the tv after the credits have rolled for the movie “A Dangerous Life”,  a movie made by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, It chronicled the last days of the Marcoses, the forces that was then, President Corazon Aquino’s role, that of Enrile, Ramos, Honasan, Tadiar, Ver and all those who were prominent […]

Christmas Village Cooking School

2013 SM Cebu Christmas Village of Hope Features Philippines’ Bahay Kubo

The SM Cebu Christmas Village of Hope is back on display at the Northwing Atrium area. For year 2013 there is something special, something to closer to home. Aside from the miniature Christmas houses, cars and trains and Christmas scenes of the western snowy world, they now boast of a Philippine Christmas Village which showcases […]

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Outside of the PH

Day and Night View Petronas Tower Malaysia

 You are never ever the same after you travel.  I just came home from a trip organized and sponsored by AirAsia Zest and Tourism Malaysia. It was a special flight – I, together with my fellow Cebu travel bloggers, men and women from media and travel agents and the regular passengers – we were all […]

mari mari village activity rice wine making

Prior to flying to Kota Kinabalu, I received a digital copy of our trip itinerary. My eyes zeroed in on “Mari – Mari Cultural Village” on the list of places and activities that we can look forward to. The other tourist attractions and activities on the itinerary were self-explanatory as to what we will do […]

Cebu travel bloggers media

Inaugural flights are special, for frequent travelers it means more options are now available that can take you to your destination, for the airlines it means a major milestone and opportunities have opened up by servicing new routes. The maiden flight of Air Asia Zest from Cebu to Kota Kinabalu was even more special than […]

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