The Rock: Corregidor Island

I was browsing awhile back and saw the pictures taken when my districtmates and I visited the Island of Corregidor, and well it leads me to think.I believe one of the best historical tourist sites in our country is Corregidor Island, where the last stand of the combined forces of Philippine and American soldiers against the invasion of the Japanese happened.

For all you WWE fans out there, before Dwayne Johnson became “The Rock”, Corregidor Island was it and to this day continues to be known and referred to as “The Rock”. Before World War II, the island was heavily fortified by the Americans and posses a naturally rocky landscape, hence was baptized “The Rock”.

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In the 1940s Corregidor Island must have been a bee-hive of activities, and of war, bloodshed and bravery. Today it is almost an abandoned island due to the fact that the government placed the entire island under its reigns and there is no community there. I believe it’s the right thing to do, preserving the island is a fitting tribute to all those that have given up their life in defense of the country, that mayhap when the succeeding generations visit its hallowed ground they will remember the sacrifices and the lost lives of these great soldiers. For us in the present, World War II is a distant event that one reads only on history books and most often forgotten as soon as the recess bell rings, thus, Corregidor Island with all its canons, its untouched battle ruins and devastated structures, the various monuments that were erected, the museum of pictures, armory, uniforms and memorabilia, the Lights and Sound Show while inside Malinta Tunnel.. all these makes it more real to us who are enjoying the freedom of the present.

I am one of those that truly enjoy history classes, hence, the trip to the island is close to my heart.

And its easy to plan a trip to the island because of the many travel agencies that arranges such tours such as Sun Cruises. You can opt for the Corregidor Day Tour package (which we did) or an overnight stay. The overnight stay is for the more adventurous since well the island has a reputation to be haunted. I wouldn’t be surprise if it turns out to be true.  In fact days after our tour our boss texted all of us and told us to look at a particular picture were we posed inside the Malinta Tunnel. Hmm at that time when that pic was taken, we made sure (100%) that all the other tourists has already moved on inside so we can have a group picture without other people in the background. To our surprised it looks like there was somebody “closing” the tunnel’s gate. Or we could be mistaken. Well, i’ll be posting that picture, you be the judge.

So. About the sites, here are what i believe the highlights..

Corregidor’s war ravaged buildings

battle-ruined Mile Long Barracks

What was left after the war were skeletons of buildings including the building known as Cine Corregidor which used to be a movie house for the soldiers. And according to accounts, the last movie shown there was the famous classic Gone With The Wind.

The Mile Long Barracks of Corregidor were considered as the longest barracks in the world when it was operational decades ago.


Battery Way – one of the 23 batteries constructed inside The Rock

the Philippine’s longest canon is in Corregidor

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“Brother’s in arms”

“In this hallowed surroudings where heroes sleep

May their ashes scattered with the wind and live in the hearts of

those who were left behind.

They died for freedom’s right and in heaven’s sight

there’s was a noble cause”

Tribute to the Filipino Guerilla Fighters

The Malinta Tunnel

one of the diorama scenes inside the Malinta Tunnel


a recently closed Malinta Tunnel

Pacific War Memorial

There are only two memorials that the Americans built to remember World War II,

this one in Corregidor Island and the other one is in Hawaii

Eternal Flame of Freedom

Inside The Rock you will see this brass relief mural & markers

of the major battles in the course of our nation’s history,starting from the Battle of Mactan –

i just have to posed beside the marker for the Battle of Mactan, of course ^_^

WWII dateline mural at the Pacific War Memorial Museum

it was an outing, so we definitely also goofed around

group posed in our tranvia, you ride one as you explore the island, the fare of which is already

included in your tour package which happened to be Php1,900 that time.


You can opt to stay overnight in Corregidor, the overnight package starts at P2,500.  This is the favorite among those who wants to try ghost hunting in Corregidor.  And based on our experience, you might really encounter some spirits when you visit this isolated island especially at night.

Another activity that you can try out that is bird watching. This is being developed by the Philippine government as a tourist activity in  Corregidor.

 Go to Corregidor, it’s one of the quick getaways near Manila that you can do. Bring your friends and barkada and stay overnight for more adventure. Ghost hunting is popular activity in Corregidor but something that I will pass on, sorry duwag ako hehehhe  :mrgreen:

By the way, the Malinta Lights and Sound show is excluded from the tour package, you will have to shell out more to watch and experience it. But i implore you please don’t miss it. Please.

For by watching it, you will come to appreciate more the freedom we are enjoying today.

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