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National Geographic Channel TV special ‘Inside Malacanang’

I was lurking in FB reading shotouts of friends, checking out the newest uploaded pictures, reading the latest  updates of pages I followed etc when this post grab my attention – National Geographic Channel Philippines will air a Philippine Special  – Inside Malacanang, a video voyage documentary that explores the Philippines Presidential Residence – Malacanang Palace. […]

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Attractions, Places to Visit and See Near Mactan Airport

Looking for places or tourist spots to go to that is near Mactan airport? This post is for you. I get lots of questions of those short stay visitors in Cebu for places they can check out that is near the Cebu International and Domestic Airport. You are probably on a connecting flight and only […]

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Earthquake Hits Cebu, Negros, More Places at 6.8 Magnitude!


I was working when I suddenly felt tremors, I thought it was just our dog Kulas who usually moves so much under my chair, but I was getting confuse and dizzy literally, it has been a few seconds and it did not stop. Then it hit me, earthquake! Shucks I ran outside at the same […]

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Bantayan Island Resorts Directory, Contact Numbers, Travel Guide

Bantayan Island Cebu

Bantayan Island north of Cebu is the province answer to Boracay’s long white sand beach. You have probably seen lots of pictures of its white sand beach and and crystal clear blue waters. This island destination used to be a ‘hidden paradise’ and a well kept secret of Cebu but more and more people have […]

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Metrodeal Discount Voucher for Virgin Beach Resort Cebu: Let’s Kick Start Summer!


I have written many posts about my experiences with group buying sites in the Philippines and their awesome discounted deals, but if you have read all of my earlier posts, they are all about food coupons and restaurants discount vouchers hehhehe. This is my first time to have bought a voucher for a resort stay, […]

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Best Pasalubong and Souvenir Items From Popular Philippine Destinations

Best Pasalubong from Visayas Provinces

List of favorite and best pasalubong and souvenir items from the different provinces and cities in the Philippines. Know what to bring home after your trip. Use this as guide and get ideas for your next pasalubong shopping.

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Sinulog Photo Contest 2012 Winners and Pictures

Sinulog 2012 Grand Prize Winner First Prize Photo Contest

These are the winners for the Sinulog Photo Contest 2012 complete with the winner’s name, Sinulog Photo Category and their winning images. See copies of the winning pictures that we’ve taken  from the SM Cebu Sinulog display which you can also visit at the Ground Floor area from January 28 to February 10, 2012.  The […]

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Beach Resort Near Cebu City: Blue Reef Hotel in Mactan Island

Bluereef Resort Shoreline in Mactan

Last Saturday when we checked out affordable beach resorts near Cebu City, which are of course those found in Mactan Island, we were a bit bewildered why there were only a few beach goers in the first three cheap Mactan resorts we’ve been to when it was in fact, a weekend. We surmised that it […]

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Big Winners of Sinulog Photo Contest 2012

Sinulog 2012 Photo Contest Winners and Pictures 1

The announcement for the Sinulog Photo Contest Winners is something that is awaited by many, not only by the photographer participants themselves but also by the general public especially Cebuanos, this is because these winning photos captures the religious solemnity of the occasion as well as the special festivities and celebrations surrounding Cebu’s biggest religious event, Sinulog. […]

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