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“Abuhan” The Filipino Traditional Kitchen

Abuhan Native and Traditional Kitchen

Palayok, kalan, panggatong are prominent fixtures in a pinoy dirty kitchen which in Cebuano is called an “abuhan”, in Bohol they call this as “dapog”.   Progress has made the native abuhan obsolete especially in the city, but you may be fortunate to still see the traditional  kitchen set-up in the provinces.   “Abuhan” Traditional kitchen for the […]

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On Being a Blogger and Making a Difference

aman future trading on newspaper

The Aman Investment which I tackled on my blog last August, when it was still on its heyday and when people were almost worshipping Aman and ripping to pieces those who dare hint negative things about this investment has almost come full circle.  I say ‘Almost’ because the people behind Aman are still in hiding and can’t be […]

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Spells, Enchantments, Gems: Siquijor’s Very Old Balete Tree


Coastal Day Tour of Siquijor: Third Stop, Day 2 In every place, island or province that I visit for the first time, there is that area and single moment that eclipses all others as the best and most wonderful. In Siquijor, I found it when we alight from our tricycle tour and behold the island’s […]

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Amusement Park Rides and Attractions at SM Mall of Asia

Barnstormers in SM Kiddie Park

Last year SM Mall of Asia opened to the public its MOA EYE, the highest ferris wheel in the Philippines. This year 2012 there had been rides additions and other attractions to the MOA mini-themepark. Bring your kids to SM MOA to see and try out these rides! Bummer though that I won’t be able to see […]

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Just Arrived in Siquijor: Resort Searching and Sojourn to Capilay Spring

White Sand Siquijor Port

“The reason for any journey is this: in a journey, discoveries are made” Kobi Yamada   Coastal Day Tour of Siquijor: First/Second Stop, Day 2 Searching for Accommodation and Short Visit at Capilay Spring I rarely open a blog post quoting a famous line but at this instance, I feel it’s very appropriate.  Growing up and […]

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Penfires Blogging Milestone! =)

pen post

A few minutes ago Penfires has reached a new milestone! WordPress Page Views has breached the 500,000 mark! Yey!  Last January 1, I claimed this year to be something special and now that year-end is near, I can say that it really has been and blessings are still pouring in. Yahoooooooo! 2012 is really a huge blessing […]

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Conde Nast Asia Top 10 Islands Includes LUZON, CEBU, MINDANAO!

philippine top islands

I am one of the countless Filipinos who greatly hope for progress especially on the tourism front. I feel that we have a very good chance of making tourism works for us with all that we can offer to travelers and visitors from our beaches to mountains to food to our fame Filipino smile and hospitality. […]

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