Give Me Money Moon Penfires

Give Me Money Moon ~ A Wish for Blessings

A famous line in Cebu ‘Moon... Give Me Money Moon’ whenever the moon shines bright and big. Over the weekend, I asked my husband, my Tagalog friends, and a friend from Leyte, and nope, they are not familiar with it. And I'm so surprise “Really? You haven’t heard of it? You’ve never said it at all?!” Myyyyy. I do, and I still do at times especially when the moon looks enticingly beautiful, … [Read the full article...]

Dalitiwan Resort Swimming Pool

Dalitiwan Resort in Majayjay – A New Laguna Attraction

Is it oppressively hot and humid where you are at? Like you’ve just step off the shower yet beads of perspiration makes a neat trail on your brows and back? Now, imagine you are slowly submerging your body in freaking cold spring water that goosebumps appears in your arms.  And when you look around you, you see mountain walls with its big trees and lush greens. You close your eyes, letting time, … [Read the full article...]

SM MOA Ice Skating Rink Rates

Experience SM MOA Ice Skating Rink | Entrance Fee and Rates

I've celebrated one birthday trying to learn how to skate in SM MOA’s ice skating rink. I was able to stand and walk a few steps, ventured to the center with knees quaking, laughing hard and trying not to fall. We've bought the unlimited All Day Pass but only stayed there less than an hour, for one it was cold and hands were freezing. We were ill-prepared for a day of ice-skating (nakkkss, … [Read the full article...]

Shutterfairy Cebu Wedding Photographer

Shutterfairy: One of Cebu’s Best Wedding Photographers!

Our wedding was not always honey-colored, smooth-sailing event; there was a series of almost-blunder that eventually turns out amazing. You know like all the stars aligned just so you will have what the universe knows is the best for you. Case in point, our balloon delivery man was late in bringing the balloons to the church. We were supposed to release the balloons when we step-off the church … [Read the full article...]


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