macalagay embroidery lumban

Lumban Barong Tagalog for Made to Order and Ready to Wear!!!

Special occasions and events usually require guests to don on formal garb. For the lady you can go really traditional and have a baro’t saya Filipiniana gown, while for the men barong tagalog is the top choice. The upcoming President Aquino’s SONA on Monday would be the prime occasion to watch a parade of elaborate and bonggang tradisyonal na kasuotan.  But for us normal folks, usually gowns and barong tagalog are reserve for occasions such as weddings. You agree? :) Last week Titus and I … [Read the full article...]

2015 LIST of Philippines Holidays

Malacanang Declared 2015 Regular and Special Holidays

Please check below for the list of  Regular and Special Holidays for 2015. This is release by the Office of the President and declared by  virtue of Proclamation No. 831, s. 2014, unless otherwise specified: Eid'l Fit'r End of Ramadan 2015 will be announced later by Malacanang by a special proclamation.  JANUARY 2015 HOLIDAYS January 1, 2015, Thursday – New Year’s Day (Regular holiday) January 2, 2015, Friday - Additional special non-working day (Special non-working day) FEBRUARY … [Read the full article...]

Mee Goreng

Oriental Spice Gourmet A Must Try Restaurant in Mactan, Cebu

Craving  for some honest to goodness delectable Southeast Asian dishes like Phad Thai, Hainese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Tom Yam Chicken and those other savory and nakakatakam spice-laden dishes of our neighboring countries? You are in luck! We are in luck to be precise hehehe. Our latest food trip brought us to Chef Cyril and Mary Ann’s Oriental Spice Gourmet Restaurant in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City. After our trip to Kuala Lumpur when we first tasted authentic Malaysian dishes, we've been asking … [Read the full article...]

piso fare promo 2015 - 2016

PISO FARE Deleting Seat Selector, Check-in Baggage and Travel Insurance

For those familiar in booking piso fare tickets, I am pretty sure you are now on the watch for new piso fare promo for 2015, P1 fare tickets for 2016 and more, after all we are already half-way 2014. Correct? :) Incidentally there is now an on-going PISO FARE promo from budget Philippine airlines Cebu Pacific.  This is 1 peso base fare to ALL PH destinations and International destinations served by Cebupac. Book and reserve early alrigthy?! Travel Period: January 1 to March 2015.  Sayang … [Read the full article...]

vayang rolling hills tour

Vayang Rolling Hills – Happiness on Its Gentle Slopes

I am no longer sure if we set out for Day 4 in Batanes early in the morning or mid-morning. Point to point itinerary, time tables - memories of these are hazy but not the places, not the feelings. It was a day when unapologetic crazy wind captures attention with its beautiful fierceness. There I was standing in a place where everything is so exquisite and everywhere I look inspires awe with its magnificence. It was one of those moments you try hard not to weep as all your senses hungers to take … [Read the full article...]

Batanes Kilometer 0

PH Kilometer Zero: Reference Point – Rebuilding After Disasters

A couple of years ago I shared my fascination with the Philippine road markers and Kilometer Zero. It turns out there are many folks who are also interested in these prominent signs on our national highways :) Just recently I got an email from a reader who stumbled upon Penfires while he was searching for articles on KM 0. For the longest time I posted questions on the original article which you can read here, these queries remains unanswered until a few days ago. Luckily for us Jaii De … [Read the full article...]

Tikling Island Subic Beach

New Bicol Destinations: Tikling Island, Subic Beach and Juag Fish Sanctuary

Travels enrich the soul, trips widen horizons, and family vacations make for great bonding moments. It's a great blessing to be surrounded with friends who share the same passion about travel, about loving our beautiful country and honoring our amazing places with visits they deserve. If only I can afford it, I want to be always on the road, exploring as much as I can of our beautiful Philippines. But well I can’t, not just yet anyway. So I say it with pride that I also live vicariously … [Read the full article...]

volunteer to take photographs

Why I Volunteer To Take Pictures of Other Travelers, Why You Should Too

A picture tells stories; it may not reveal the whole story of the exact moment the image was taken but it can trigger memories, hopefully happy ones. :) Pictures from trips and vacations are especially important, it reminds us of great times, of the people we've shared the getaway with, and the adventures on the road. A trip without a single picture or video makes for a sad vacation in my books. I've made a habit of volunteering to take pictures of families and groups whenever the opportunity … [Read the full article...]

Randoms and HodgePodge

liliw slippers

Liliw, Hidden Treasure Town!

In the outskirts of Laguna you will find the quaint little town of Liliw, it’s popular among filmmakers as number of films being shoot there has risen in the last decade, the latest of which is the Gabby-KC tandem this July 2010.  But Liliw is … [Read the full article...]

Outside of the PH

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