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Oriental Spice Gourmet A Must Try Restaurant in Mactan, Cebu

Mee Goreng

Craving  for some honest to goodness delectable Southeast Asian dishes like Phad Thai, Hainese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Tom Yam Chicken and those other savory and nakakatakam spice-laden dishes of our neighboring countries? You are in luck! We are in luck to be precise hehehe. Our latest food trip brought us to Chef Cyril and Mary Ann’s Oriental Spice Gourmet Restaurant in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City.

After our trip to Kuala Lumpur when we first tasted authentic Malaysian dishes, we’ve been asking ourselves where to go to eat Malaysian cuisine here in Cebu. Then we heard of Oriental Spice from some of our friends, research ensued.

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Beach Outing: A Slice of White Sand Paradise in Mactan


Two days ago I was on a beach outing with my extended family – our clan on mother’s side to celebrate the 55th wedding anniversary of our clan’s matriarch and patriarch. I must have spent several hours under the scorching heat of the sun, lol and so I ended up sunburnt. 

No, I did not use sunblock lotion. Folly, I know. Now, my face, nose and left arm hurts.

*head banging on wall* 

Nevertheless, it was a great, amazing summer day spent with my cousins and the kids in our lot.  It was also a day when our cameras’ memory cards were maximized to the hilt. I brought 3 cameras; I got 474 pics total hahaha. The next day, I got tired with all the pics tagging from all the similar poses/similar scenes from the cameras of my aunts.

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Muelle Osmena Wharf: Commuting Tips from Mactan to Cebu via Ferry

Muelle Osmena Wharf

Aside from taxis, multicabs and jeepneys there is an alternative way to go to Cebu City from the Cebu – Mactan Airport through public commute. I am talking about a ferry ride that you can take from the Muelle Osmena Wharf. These ferries from Opon  docks at Pier 3 in Cebu City. From Pier Tres you can walk to the gate to reach the highway and then ride jeepneys onward to your destination.

This post is a simple guide to help travelers commute from Lapu – Lapu City to Cebu City via ferry ride and will not discuss the history of Muelle Osmena Wharf or it’s heritage relevance etc. 

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Attractions, Places to Visit and See Near Mactan Airport

Looking for places or tourist spots to go to that is near Mactan airport? This post is for you. I get lots of questions of those short stay visitors in Cebu for places they can check out that is near the Cebu International and Domestic Airport. You are probably on a connecting flight and only have a couple of hours of overlay in Mactan or you just want to check off Mactan Island attractions off your bucket list before proceeding to Cebu City or to wherever you are really headed to heheh. Whatever the reason that you only have a few hours in the island, the good thing is you can still visit some sites and have a  quick and cheap Mactan tour.  Yep! No need to avail of tour packages, you can do it yourself. Go for diy travels 😎

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Beach Resort Near Cebu City: Blue Reef Hotel in Mactan Island

Bluereef Resort Shoreline in Mactan

Last Saturday when we checked out affordable beach resorts near Cebu City, which are of course those found in Mactan Island, we were a bit bewildered why there were only a few beach goers in the first three cheap Mactan resorts we’ve been to when it was in fact, a weekend. We surmised that it might be because most locals are still heady from the Sinulog festivities days ago and choose not to go on another adventure to the beach this soon. Whatever the reasons maybe, it was still perfect timing for us for we got good photos of the resorts since there were only a few visitors and tourists around. BUT this was not the case when we got to the Tonggo beach area where you can find Mactan Blue Reef Hotel and Ocean’s Pearl Resort. These two resorts were teeming with people, a far cry from those resorts in main Marigondon beach.

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