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Cang-Isok Old House of Siquijor Defying Tides and Years

There are many ways to have a cheap tour of Siquijor, for our group we availed of a tricycle countryside tour package. If we have chosen to visit the top tourist spots of Siquijor by public commute, we would probably save money but it would be at the cost of time. Time, unfortunately we did not have much of when we went for our 2D/1N vacation in the smallest island province in Region 7.

We only stayed overnight in a white beach resort in the island, Salagdoong in Sta Maria. On our way back to the pier, we continued on with our countryside tour.

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The first stop was the famous Cang Isok House along the coastline of a town called Enrique Villanueva. A bahay kubo on stilts, this humble abode made of planks of hardwood and nipa has definitely seen better times but when you look at it, you can feel the strength and character emanating from the structure.

At one point, Cang-Isok must have been a typical Filipino native house, simple yet beautiful.

Today, this old house stands proud in spite of its battered look. This house has defied what nature may have brought over the years from rough waves, high tides and other calamities. It is the lone structure where it stood surrounded only by waves and a few scattered palm trees. Other residents may have chosen to build houses in higher places, far away from the reaches of the blue waters. Or if Cang-Isok has close neighbors from years before, they did not survive the times but this house did.

Siqujor Tour - Cang Isok Old House

I am wondering where its name came from? Is it the name of the barrio? The family name of those who own the place? What is Cang-Isok anyhow? I also wonder how many years this building has stood. The info that I could gather is that this is the oldest surviving house in Siquijor, exact number of years unknown. It makes you wonder too about the people who took residence in the Cang Isok House. Did they feel bless waking up every day to an amazing view? Did they consider their home a tropical paradise?

Cang Isok Old House Siquijor tour

This is also one of those instances when I think letting things be is the better, wiser choice. The local tourism stakeholders and the owners could choose to fix this house but they didn’t.  If they will, Cang-Isok will lose its essence; its battered oldness is what makes it a unique testament to time and to defying odds. This house survived,  it’s a heritage by its own right.

Siquijor Tourist Spot - Cang Isok House

It was early afternoon when we visited this popular house in Siquijor.  From our vantage point up in the main road, we got down the makeshift stairs to take a closer look. Nobody was there, the door was closed and the windows shut.  Looking around, the place radiates easy and relaxing vibe.  Everything looks very calm, the sea was bright blue and green, the waves were gentle, sea breeze was cool.

It makes me think, the Cang-Isok Old House of Siquijor may just survive us all.

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  1. Siquijor really has its own charm. I went there last summer and I was smitten by it 🙂 Will be back, hopefully soon.

    I’m happy that you have featured the Cang-Isok house. I have heard about it from a friend who visited Siquijot before me. Unfortunately, there was no more time left to stop by this house because I was trying to catch the last ferry trip for the day.

    • Cille Anne says:

      whenever these things happen, not being able to visit a place because you are press for time, I always take it as a good thing. Because chances are, sometime in the future you might just be able to do what you were not able to do the first time round.

      To roads going back to Siquijor for you, for me and for everyone who wants to visit this island again. Cheers! ^_^

  2. It’s a pity this has been neglected. During a recent trip to Siquijor, we met the mayor and he relayed one of the difficulties is that this house is owned privately so they cannot just “touch” it.

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