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Tulapos Marine Sanctuary and Guiwanon Spring Park of Siquijor

If you are listing your best tourist spots in the Philippines the island of Siquijor may not make it to your “best list” especially if you equate “best” with “most popular”. Lots of Filipinos are afraid to venture to this Visayan Island whose reputation is closely link to stories of enchantments, kababalaghan and encounters with not like ours. I too was hesitant when a friend whose roots was from the mystic island invited me to go to Siquijor many moons ago. But last year I finally made it to Isla del Fuego and am very happy to have done so. If Continue Reading

Cang-Isok Old House of Siquijor Defying Tides and Years

There are many ways to have a cheap tour of Siquijor, for our group we availed of a tricycle countryside tour package. If we have chosen to visit the top tourist spots of Siquijor by public commute, we would probably save money but it would be at the cost of time. Time, unfortunately we did not have much of when we went for our 2D/1N vacation in the smallest island province in Region 7. We only stayed overnight in a white beach resort in the island, Salagdoong in Sta Maria. On our way back to the pier, we continued on with our countryside Continue Reading

Salagdoong Beach Resort of Siquijor in Pictures

For many years, local tourists from other provinces shy away from visiting the tiny island of Siquijor. Blame the stories that for years gets pass from one person to the next which effectively shrouds this Visayan island in mystery. Who would want to plan to get to a province where everywhere you turn, your elders will caution you and tell you scary stories of witchcraft and magic? TV stations also release ‘specials’ and documentaries that bombards you with images of folk healers trooping to Siquijor’s forests in search of herbs and amulets Continue Reading

Salagdoong Beach Resort in Siquijor Review

Siquijor Tour Series: An Overnight Stay in a White Sand Beach Resort The local government of Siquijor manages a public resort. Are you surprise? :) Yep they do and what’s even more awesome is that the government-owned and managed resort Salagdoong Beach Resort and Hotel Agripino sits on prime white sand beach property in the town of Maria. To get there at Salagdoong Resort and Hotel Agripino, you will be passing through Salagdoong Forest, a large area planted with Mahogany trees. I imagine its a bit creepy if you walk the whole stretch at Continue Reading

CAMBUHAGAY FALLS: Natural Attraction in Siquijor Philippines

Siquijor Tour Series:  Sixth Stop, Day 2 Chasing Waterfalls Siqujior in the Philippines is home to amazing natural wonders; no wonder Lonely Planet recommends this island in the Visayas Region to adventurers including backpackers who plan to visit the country. Visiting Isla del Fuego means you have to brace yourself and be ready to make a choice especially if you are planning a day trip or an overnight trip only. Lucky you if you are spending 3D/2N or longer for you’ll have more time to explore the entirety of the island and experience its Continue Reading

A Visit to the LAZI Convent and Church of Siquijor Island: National Historical Shrines

Siquijor Tour Series:  Fifth Stop, Day 2 Lazi Convent and Church The Philippines is the largest Catholic nation in Asia and you can find churches both centuries old and newer ones just about everywhere as you explore the archipelago. But it is the Spanish period stone churches that is most fascinating to me, so it was a blessing to learn that Siquijor has many of these aged-old churches waiting to be visited. When you talked about Siquijor and churches, what comes first to your mind? I bet Lazi Church or Lazi Convent was your first thought. Continue Reading

Faith Healing in Siquijor: Bolo Bolo by Nanay Conching and Other Stories

Siquijor Tour Series:  Fourth Stop, Day 2  Bolo – Bolo healing Among those who practice folk and faith healing like herbalists, mananambal, albularyo and shamans of Visayas and Mindanao, the Fridays of Lent are very important especially Good Friday which is considered as the ultimate day to gather the ingredients for their oils, concoctions and healing potions. There is only one place in the entire Philippines that stands out as the ideal, perfect place to gather the healing ingredients – the mystic island of Siquijor. Many Luzon folks Continue Reading

Spells, Enchantments, Gems: Siquijor’s Very Old Balete Tree

Coastal Day Tour of Siquijor: Third Stop, Day 2 In every place, island or province that I visit for the first time, there is that area and single moment that eclipses all others as the best and most wonderful. In Siquijor, I found it when we alight from our tricycle tour and behold the island’s centuries old giant Balete Tree. I was beyond amazed; I was speechless looking at this HUGE TREE in front of us. It was like huge, gigantic, big, BIG!!! Its leaves were reaching out, straining themselves to catch the early morning sun rays while the Continue Reading

Just Arrived in Siquijor: Resort Searching and Sojourn to Capilay Spring

“The reason for any journey is this: in a journey, discoveries are made” Kobi Yamada   Coastal Day Tour of Siquijor: First/Second Stop, Day 2 Searching for Accommodation and Short Visit at Capilay Spring I rarely open a blog post quoting a famous line but at this instance, I feel it’s very appropriate.  Growing up and being surrounded by tales of Not Like Ours, Witchcrafts, and Black Magic, I come to think of Siquijor as No Man’s Land, a place where you should not even think of travelling to. Of course I was so young then and mapag Continue Reading