Ayer’s Lechon in SM Cebu: Another Delicious Cebu Lechon

If you visit Cebu, you can never have enough of Cebu Lechon, aye?  :mrgreen: Peace cardio doctors =)  And our lechon houses has just made it easy for locals and tourists to taste one of our top brands of roasted pig by making it available in accessible destinations like SM City Cebu.

Yep, SM houses three  favorite lechon restaurants:

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1. CNT which is technically not inside SM but walking distance, the yellow building adjacent to the jeepney terminal. – It’s more salty compared to the others but this is my top pick as far as Cebu lechon are concern.

2. Marina Lechon – love this too, plus if you dine in SM Foodcourt you’ll have hot soup free that goes well with your meal.

3. Ayer’s Lechon – This is the newest addition to SM Cebu lechon places. You can find Ayer’s at the top floor as you enter the Cinema wing near the exhibition halls.


The other famous lechon restaurant which is becoming really popular among tourists for its well laid out resto, friendly staff and wide menu selection (but is not located in SM) is Zubuchon. You can find Zubuchon in Capitol area, Island Stay Hotel Mactan, Mactan Airport and in One Mango.

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Ayer’s Lechon newly opened outlet in SM Cebu already have a following. Not surprising since they are one of the famous suppliers of lechon Cebu for a bit of time now. It’s a very wise move I think that they opened a new branch in SM, this makes their lechon now very accessible especially to tourist who doesn’t know how to go to their first and main outlet in Lahug.

Last Saturday, Titus and I dined at Ayer’s as we want to taste how their lechon fare against our roasted pig favorites. This Cebu restaurant was full so we have to request other diners to share their table. Bummer that their SM branch is a bit small probably offering less than 20 tables.

Ayer’s Advantages


The good thing about Ayer’s Lechon in SM is they offer not only cheap lechon meal but also other dishes which are all affordable from the set meals like their P55 paksiw with rice and coke to lechon sisig with rice and coke at P65 and more selections. Part of Ayer’s ala cart menu are dinuguan at P30, tugue at P20, extra-rice at P10. You can check out their menu options below:

 Ayer’s Lechon Menu Choices

What surprised me about their menu is the set meal Lechon with Kimchi and coke at P100. It’s my first time to see this combo by a local Cebu restaurant. Don’t be surprised to find lots of Koreans here in Cebu, could be the reason why kimchi is offered as part of the combo. =)

Ayer’s current prices for lechon per kilo is P460.00 so half kilo is P230. It’s a very competitive price with the rest of the famous suppliers of lechon from Cebu City. Hope their prices will not increase come 2013 🙂

SIDENOTE: The cheapest lechon we found was the one we bought in Carcar market which sells for only P280 per kilo. Getting to Carcar would entail long drive but it’s definitely worth the distance. If you have time, head outside the city and get to this town as Carcar’s lechon is another excellent choice for authentic Lechon Cebu and of course you can also buy straight from the source the most-sought after Carcar Chicharon. 

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The service at Ayer’s was excellent, our meal was served fast and I noticed their crew were cordial in welcoming  and thanking diners.

Another stand-out is there glass paneled carving area where you can see the lechon being carved. They also have a very visible electronic weighing scale, so you can see that the crew is really making sure that you got your money’s worth.

Lechon Carving Station at Ayer’s SM Cebu

At the price of only 75 pesos you can feast on their lechon set meal that comes with 100 grams lechon with rice and a glass of softdrinks. O di ba? It’s real cheap and sulit! And when it comes to taste, they deliver. It’s delicious! And trust me I have eaten my share of Cebu lechon hihihi

Set meal: lechon, rice and coke. Sagot  sa gutom!

The Ayer’s Lechon Cebu skin is so crispy! The roasted pig was still smokin hot when we ordered our meal so could be why the skin was so crunchy and crispy. I don’t know how many whole lechon this resto typically consume in a day, might be two or more?

The meat of Ayer’s Lechon is tender and well – cooked. Its also seasoned well, not too salty.  Masarap. Lami! Oh my natatakam ako remembering the lechon hehehe. This is one good meal to have that gives you good value for money.

Look at the cripy lechon skin from Ayer’s

This Cebu lechon can be a perfect pasalubong for tourists and travelers as they also have an outlet in the Departure Area of the Cebu – Mactan Airport. If you did not visit Cebu but wants to taste Ayer’s Lechon, you still can! Just call them for your order, pay for your lechon via bank deposit,  they’ll ship it and you can claim it from Manila’s domestic airport.

You can contact Ayer’s Lechon Cebu for more info about this service at the following contact points:

Telephone number: (032) 268-0327

Mobile number: 09228268132

Website:  www.ayerslechon.com

Remember having a delightful Cebu Food Trip is not expensive! Try our affordable and good Cebu Restaurants when you are here. Enjoy Cebu!  Enjoy our food choices! 🙂 

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