Prices of Popular House Plants and Where to Buy Them

peruvian cactus and nerve plant price

My backyard garden and house plants collection is growing day by day. Aside from purchases from the public market, via online plant sellers, and also during plant exhibitions and fairs, there are now a fair amount of growing plants from own propagations and offshoots. Yey, yeyyy! Happy dance! I’m becoming a certified plant tita more and more and happy about it ahaha. Plants take the stress ...

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2Go Travel and Cebu Pacific, Travel By Boat or Plane

take boat or airplane

The Philippines is an archipelagic country, with big islands, small islands, and even tinier islands. The country is beautiful and there's a lot to explore. The 2 best ways to go about exploring Pilipinas is either thru flying or sailing, taking a boat or an airplane. There is a third transport option and that is to go for land trip say from Luzon to get to Mindanao. But this option is time ...

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