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      • umm, how much are their guitars in cebu? that is acoustic plastered already with a tuner and a plug that is for electric? Does the price affects on the prizes? how much is the medium size? -trying to buy a new guitar

        • Hi Lalab, all info that I know are on the post already, for your other queries, the best move would be to contact the guitar shops directly or visit if you are in Cebu.

          Guitar master’s contact number is 09228036636 (not sure if this number is still working but you can still try). For Alegre Guitars contact number which I don’t have, please try searching for it online. Thanks!

  1. grabe naman ka mahal ang gitara sa lapu lapu,dapat d naman masyadong mahal kasi nga philippine made lang naman yan,aminin na natin na mas maganda talaga ang gibson,yamaha,takamine brand na guitar kasi century old na yang mga yan gumgawa. . huwag naman sana kasing mahal ng mga brand na yan yung sa cebu kasi talagang d ma pantayan ng guitar sa cebu yung mga brand na nabanggit…ebase lang sana sa kakayanan ng mag pinoy yung gitara sa cebu..parang nananamantala naman yung taga cebu sa pagbenta ng guitar nila porke turista yung bibili..turista na rin tingin nila sa kababayan nila na bibili na napakamahal mg guitar..kung ako? pipiliin kung ang price ng 15 k na cebu made compare to yamaha made na 15 k din? i will choose yamaha kasi nga maganda talaga quality ng yamaha.huwag naman masyadong mahal magbenta ang guitar industry sa cebu.k

    • Hi Richard!

      Parang may malalim na pinanggagalingan yung comment mo.. did you try to buy one? and my next question is ..where? It depends kasi where ka pumunta to check out the guitars. The latest guitar I bought for a friend was a P1,400 good quality standard guitar – I think that is a pretty fair price. Now if you went to say Alegre, their guitars are really expensive for the average Filipino buyer.

      >>dapat d naman masyadong mahal kasi nga philippine made lang naman yan,aminin na natin na mas maganda talaga ang gibson,yamaha,takamine brand..”

      I’m taking a slight exception to this comment “philippine made lang naman yan” para kasi masyadong generalizing cia. But I do understand your point. And I agree with you if you follow the tourist trail, more than likely the products you will find are prize higher (exorbitant if you may). And I also do wish that the prices for those guitars for exports are affordable to common Pinoy.

    • 15k na imported at 15k na cebu guitar? Sa cebu guitar na ako. Bkit?

      1. Kasi sa 15k na imported, mga 10k or less lng ang gitara nyan. Ang binayaran mo is ang shipping. For the same price, you get a cheaper made guitar.

      2. Kasi sariling atin, and the products DO sound great.

    • Hi Keren,

      So sorry I lost my contact numbers of Alegre Guitars but I’ll try to check out in our local directory later today, I’m sure I can find it. Will email you once I do. Thanks for visiting here!

    • Hi Tony, so sorry I am not connected with any Cebu based guitar factories. I was just a visitor to the guitar places.

  2. hi, I just want to ask if there is a guitar shop inside the mactan airport. I would stop by cebu and would be in the airport for four hours and I really want to buy a philippine made guitar in cebu, is there a guitar shop inside the airport of course with high quality guitars? if not what is the nearest guitar shop to the airport? thank you soo much :)))

    • hi reenah!

      if you are asking about a stand-alone guitar shop in mactan airport, nope, there is none. But there are souvenir shops who sell guitars but usually only have 1 or 2 for display (more expensive). The nearest would be the guitar stores discussed in this post. If you take a taxi from the airport, it won’t take more than 15 minutes to get to the guitar shops along Manuel Quezon Avenue (foot of the Mandaue – Mactan Bridge). Just tell the driver ‘Guitar Master’.

      The stores are Maxandboyed Guitars, Guitar Master, World-Class Guitars, Alegre Guitars. There is a wide vacant area in between the Guitar Master and World-Class but all are on the same street.

    • hi bovette, guitar master’s contact number is 09228036636. So sorry I don’t have the telephone number of the other Cebu guitar shops.

  3. hi,
    can i ask?
    the worth of 1,500 guitar is that looking good? and good quality to use? I just want to give it to my friend tnx…

    • hi jen, it really depends on where you buy the guitar. That price range of around P1,400 to P1,800 in guitar shops in Mactan will already give you a good quality product. BUT the same price range in establish musical instrument stores will probably give you lower quality.

      case in point: A very similar (almost duplicate) guitar that was selling in a guitar kiosk in SM Cebu cost P2,100 while the cost of the guitar my friend bought in Mactan was only P1,400. Both guitars have exactly the same paint finish, used the same wood, and produced the same sound. I highly suspect the guitar in SM was from the same guitar factory in Mactan or Lapu – Lapu City though I couldn’t be 100% sure.

      btw, it’s very generous of you to give a guitar as gift =)

  4. It is very useful information for me.
    I really wanna get Cebu handmade guitar!
    This time is second time to visit there!!

  5. hi. i’ll be in cebu next week. and i planned to buy a guitar for me and my brother. i’ll be staying nearby cebu city. will it be too far for me to travel going to the place where i can buy a guitar?

    • Hi joyjoy, nope, just when you get down the first bridge there are guitar shops – Guitar Master, Maxandboyed, Islands Guitars and World Class Guitars to choose from,its about 30 minutes from SM Cebu. You can even drop by this place on the way to the airport. But if you want to go to Susing’s, Alegre’s, Inday Celia’s etc they are a bit far from Cebu City. You can check out the direction to get to Abuno where you can find the latter guitar shops and factories on the other post about guitar linked to in above article.

  6. hello everybody, i just want to know if there is a near guitar shop in movenpick hotel? thank you need a fast reply

    • Nearest one to Movenpick Hotel and Resort is the guitar/souvenir shop in Mactan Shrine. 🙂

      Not sure about their prices, try to haggle if you plan to buy a Mactan Guitar from the stores located in the vicinity of Lapu – Lapu Monument.

      I’ll be posting soon a new guitar article since my brother got a standard guitar for P3,100 from Guitar Master a week ago.

  7. bakit na kabili aku ng alegre guitars here in laguna na 1200 lng authentic pa at customize ku pa….

    • That’s good buy for you if talagang authentic Alegre Guitar! as to why? I don’t have any idea as I am not connected with Alegre so am not privy to their marketing programs or sales channels.

  8. Hi Cille Anne, lagi nga kaming nakatambay ni misis sa Cebupacific para makapunta kami cebu :), i am thinking of buying my next guitar there.. kay alang, medyo way out of budget naman pala yung Alegre guitars :), i think i will make some scoundering to find the best (and cheap) guitar suitable for me 🙂

    Thanks for this post 🙂

    Eli of Guitar Riffs

    • Hi Elizar, hope you get to buy a good quality yet affordable Cebu guitar from Mactan and then post a video on your site to demo how the guitar sounds. That would rock! =)

  9. Malapit lang ba ang PRC Cebu sa Guitar Masters?…and How long will it take to travel from PRC to that guitar shop? I need a fast reply to this one…first time ko kasi pumunta ng Cebu. 🙂 Thanks in advance.

    • PRC Cebu is in Guadalupe, malayo sa Mactan where Guitar Masters is. If commute it will take you close to 2 hours lalo na pag rush hour.

  10. Hello po..can i ask how much is the acoustic guitar made from cebu??.im planning to buy one for my cousin but i dont have any idea about guitar..sana hindi ako ma loko pag bumili ako.. :):)

    • Hi Jellyzie, please read this post on Haggling when buying guitar. =) Guitar prices starts at P1,500, if you click on the post linked on this comment you will see the standard Cebu guitar that my brother bought for P3,100 last January.

  11. Hi. where can I buy affordable yet good quality guitar. I’m planning to give a giutar for my boyfriend since we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary-October 20.
    My budget is about 1300-1500 php.

    • Hi Esor, Abuno is the name of the barangay. There are three main guitar shops there, Susings, Alegre, and Jerry. You can try calling Susing’s at number
      (032) 505 0723.

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