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Video Change the Way You Look at a Nation – The Philippines

Have you seen the short Youtube video showcasing Filipino global stars, personalities and talents in the likes of Manny Pacquaio, Leah Salonga, Corazon Aquino, Jose Rizal and more? It’s spreading like wildfire online as more and more Filipinos are becoming aware of the video and as expected, sharing it on blogs and social networks. If you haven’t seen it,  you can watch it below.  :-D.

It’s one of those videos that will make you really say you are proud to be Pinoy, proud to be Filipino. It’s shoot in Times Square and many of the passersby are turning to a big billboard showing a clip of famous faces in the Philippines. Grabbing their attention and raising curiosity no doubt. And I bet if you’ve watch it numerous times like I did, the  catchy tune will linger in your head. =)

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The 6.12.12. Philippine tourism video clip shown on an electronic billboard in Times Square,  New York  ends with the line ‘Change the Way You Look at  a Nation”. The video description says that it’s a 5 minutes full video, so the copy of the video below is just a teaser at mere 46 seconds. But it’s enough to raise your curiosity especially if you are a foreigner who know nothing about the Philippines.

Notes to ponder:

1. Some says that the 5 minutes reflected refer to the total billboard airtime on Times Square and other places. The same video to be shown at different times at different electronic billboards for a total of 5 minutes? Is that it?

2. Or different teaser videos shown at different times in 15 electronic billboards for a total of 5 minutes?

Heheheh you might be confused as I am but it doesn’t change the fact that whatever the real set-up is, we will probably know by June 12, 2012. Something  big is happening on the Tourism front, something real good for the country.  The Philippines as a brand?

I am excited to see the full video (?) which I think might be released on 6.12.12.

Update: From the research that I’ve gathered it’s “15 Electronic Billboards. 5 Minutes of Billboard Airtime. 100 MillionFilipino™ global superstars. 1 Brand”

The FilipinoTM teaser on Times Square brings a huge smile on my face. I’m sure it does too for all OFWs and Filipinos who have seen the billboard on New York’s busy square.

Will it be shown on other cities across the globe, in big electronic billboards too? Hope so so all global pinoys will see it on the land they are working on right now.

Times Square Billboard Video Features the Philippines – 6.12.12


Why I think it’s gonna be on 6.12.12? The last couple of seconds of this Philippine Tourism Video shows this date. More importantly, it’s a logical choice.  It’s our nations Independence Day so it would really be a fitting date to launch a major tourism video. Hopefully the video will attain its goal of changing the way people all over the world sees the Philippines. And to also bring in more tourists to explore and discover the beauty of our country.

The video must have been made through the collaboration of various stakeholders in Philippine Tourism including the government and private sector; for particular groups or individuals, I don’t have that info yet but I will update this post once I know the creators and forces behind this wonderful Philippine Tourism video.

This is one good video to boost our country’s tourism campaign.  We’ll be glowing in the dark! Definitely!

Anyhow, enjoy the video. Hope you’ll love it!

Change the Way You Look at  a Nation

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  1. This is a beautiful video. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines. I hope Pinas will be able to attract more tourists. God bless the Philippines.


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