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Trail to the Top Falls of Kawasan in Badian

This is a continuation of our Kawasan Falls summer adventure this 2013. If you want to read the first part featuring the 1st and 2nd falls, please visit this post – Kawasan Falls of Cebu. You can also find the link to the travel guide and direction tips on how to go to this popular falls via public commute on the first post.

If you don’t have a summer destination in mind and you are in Cebu, hope you’ll consider going to Kawasan in Badian. 🙂

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Why You Not Falls?

There are two cascades between the first and second – cascade 1.1 and cascade 1.2, I think there are three but am not 100% sure.  There are more water drops between second and third falls, one of the cascades there was so strong and looks dangerous should you happen to miss a step and fall on it. I should have gotten a pic of that one, oh well, there is always a next time trip in Kawasan.  :mrgreen:

  I wonder at what height can you consider a cascading body of water as ‘officially a waterfall’?

Cascade 1.1

 Smaller cascades in Kawasan

When we were climbing down to go home, there were little kids doing jumps and somersaults on this mini falls =)

Cascade 1.2

Cascade 1.2 small falls in Kawasan

We spent a bit of time here just wading. It would have been great to experience the force of the water spray but not even our swimmers Doi nor Titus ventured near the water drop because that  dark greenish water? It’s signals depth.

Waterfalls and cold springs hold surprises. When you venture to one, be extra cautious so you avoid accidents. Serious mishaps mar outings and we don’t want that.

Still Titus tried to test but he said it’s like the water is right by the knee then you take another step, it becomes more than 10 feet deep. When we got tired wading here, we decide to go back to our hut in the second falls after checking this mini – falls. A few minutes after we started our trek to top level falls of Kawasan. Our guide? Kenneth.

On the first inclined we saw a guy going down so we gave way. Mannnn that guy almost slipped on his footing and would have landed down on the ground with ugly scratch marks had he not been stopped from freely sliding by Titus and Vinny who grabbed his arms. He was carrying stuff so probably that’s the reason why he failed to balance himself well.

I think that near slide made us more cautious as we climbed higher.

In the middle of our trek to the top falls, we saw a girl coming down sporting a walking stick, upon seeing this Kenneth wants one. Good thing I saw a fallen branch that can work as a balancing stick so I told her to get it and use it.

Hike with a walking stick

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We’ve passed a few streams and rapis along the way like this one

Kawasan River Rapids and Streams

Then things become a bit tricky. Even with Kenneth as our trek guide, she wasn’t sure at first if we were on the right path. There is no one to ask and we have not met another soul on the path. Although there was a trail but there was a junction where the trail goes on and on the left there is a ‘small wooden plank over the stream’.

When she saw the makeshift bridge, she says:

“I think we are on the right path because I think this is where I had my picture taken before. We now need to cross to the other side”. Yes, a memory of a pictorial saves the day, that’s my sister, lol.

So we took the river crossing Further on we saw a bigger makeshift bridge. We don’t have to second guess if we have to cross it too since approaching us were visitors who obviously came from Kawasan third falls. We also passed by a dam before we were in the area of Kawasan’s top falls.


If you want to set up tent, you can do so in the third falls.


Then we arrived all in one piece after just about 15 minutes of trekking *wide, wide grin*.


Top Falls in Kawasan


Closer look at the right side

Third Falls Kawasan

The falls is not a huge drop but a curtain of small cascades with varying force. Kenneth, Titus and I had the most fun here. Getting into the waters is like enjoying a jacuzzi on steroids or a highly pressurized water spa treatment hehe.

Force of a waterfalls


Happy trekkers

Trekkers and Travelers in Cebu

Vinny whose clothes have dried up on the trail doesn’t want to get them wet again so he chose not to join us. He definitely missed the fun, good thing he still got some pictures taken. =)

Visiting foreign tourist in Kawasan


What is it about the journey back where it feels like the trek is shorter when in fact you just followed the same path?  Is it familiarity already with the place?

By the way, going down is trickier than going up. I have to crunch as close to the ground to avoid missing balance and sliding at two points on the trail.

If you ask me if kids can make it to the top falls? They definitely can conquer the trail. In fact, I’ve seen lots of little kids in the third falls with their families. The only concern is when it rain. If it rain I will not even venture to the third falls, it would be easy to lose your balance on the sloping path.

Anyhow, in no time at all we were back at the hut by the second falls to find Doi sleeping haha. I got two pics of her peacefully sleeping but she did not give me copies of those pictures heheh. Travelers needs to rest too. =)

Slighly passed 3 PM we go down from Kawasan Falls, reached the national highway. Waited for a bus, good thing, none of us has to stand up for the 3 and a half hours bus ride. =)


Updated Kawasan Falls Fees:

*Rates on facilities are for whole day use.

Entrance Fee: P10 (locals and foreign visitors enjoys the same rate)

Lifevest: P50

Tables: P300

Huts: P300

Bamboo Raft:  P300 – I think this is hourly rate, not sure, please ask the guide.


Overnight Rate for rooms in Kawasan:

Ordinary room starts at 900

Room with fan starts at 1.5k

Room with aircon starts at 2.5k


Get your mind and body refresh!

Go for a  summer adventure!  :mrgreen:

Kawasan Summer


Hail to Summer Escapes 2013! 

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