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Salagdoong Beach Resort of Siquijor in Pictures

For many years, local tourists from other provinces shy away from visiting the tiny island of Siquijor. Blame the stories that for years gets pass from one person to the next which effectively shrouds this Visayan island in mystery. Who would want to plan to get to a province where everywhere you turn, your elders will caution you and tell you scary stories of witchcraft and magic? TV stations also release ‘specials’ and documentaries that bombards you with images of folk healers trooping to Siquijor’s forests in search of herbs and amulets during Holy Week.

This ‘mysticism’ is a major reason why Siquijor does not make it to the list of  ‘must visit destination in the Philippines’ among most pinoys. For decades, the province is favored by travelers who like off the beaten path travels and adventures, those who like something different, something extraordinary. The average bakasyonista stay clear of Siquijor and choose other popular places in the country like its neighbor Cebu and Bohol.

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This was very true before but soon may change. 🙂


Siquijor Island on the Philippine Map


With info and pictures of Siquijor available readily via internet today, more and more people are getting aware of the beauty of this island province. Natural resources abound from beaches, falls, caves, cold springs, forest and more. The trail blazers have come and went  on, curious ones like us are making the trip, soon, regular vacationers hunting for the next best place for holiday in the Philippines will arrive and ‘discover’ Siquijor. This province has everything going for it that can make it as one of the Philippines top tourist destinations except on the infrastructure aspect, but that will come too. When that happens, I  just hope that this island will not lost its country vibe and yes, even its mysterious aura. It makes Siquijor, Siquijor! The Mystique Island!


Map of Siquijor Province 

I truly enjoyed our overnight stay in the island and the day trip countryside tour wherein we visited Siquijor top tourist spots. This island province is breathtakingly beautiful and gentle. We only stayed for 2D/1N in Siquijor, it was not enough. Nope, not nearly enough, I hope to be back. 🙂

Currently, there may be more foreign travelers who are visiting Siquijor than Filipinos. It really seemed that way when we had our Siquijor vacation. We chance upon 5 foreign couples and families on the way to the falls and in Cambuhagay itself. We were the only local tourist group on the falls, there was another group of teenagers but I think they are locals of Siquijor.

What’s the best tourism draw of Siquijor?

One of the top reasons why tourists are beginning to take notice of Siquijor is its numerous white sand beaches and turquoise blue water. This province dubbed as the ‘Island of Fire’ have lots and lots of these magnificent places for swimming and communing with nature. You can find beach resorts near major towns as well as secluded beaches that are harder to reach.

Among the popular white sand beach resorts in Siquijor is Salagdoong in Maria town, JJ’s Backpackers Place, Villa Marmarine, Coco Grove, Coral Cay and more options for you. You can find affordable resort that meets your budget. Just do some research first.

If you want to read more about Penfires’ resort review of Salagdoong as well as rates for overnight and day trip please Click HERE.  This post is simply to share some of the pictures we took around the nooks and crannies of Salagdoong Beach Resort.  :mrgreen:

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Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we love posing in them lol.

 Waiting for sunrise



Early morning by the cabanas and cottages of Salagdoong

Salagddong Beach Resort Sunrise Scene



A lone tree by the edge of the breakwater


Rocky scene on the far side of the resort



Top View of Salagdoong Beach – Left area


More white sand shoreline in Salagdoong – Right side

Lol di kalamigan ang tubig even at early morning 🙂

Underwater shots using my Olympus T-320 camera.  :mrgreen:

Ako lang ang di natalaga nalubog lol  :mrgreen:


Will you dare to go rock jumping in Salagdoong?!   😆



The Rock boulder division on the beach


High noon at the beach! 


Bidding adieu to a white sand beach in Siquijor!

Salagdoong Beach Resort


Lol this post is really a photoblog and not a post. Hehe  :mrgreen:

Are you now itching to go visit Siquijor?! Don’t think much about it; just go before tourists come in droves!

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  1. Salagdoong swept me off my feet! When we went, we were the only visitors. It was simply a lovely experience. The slide wasn’t there yet and although it adds a fun factor to the resort, I’d prefer seeing its raw beauty. But that’s just me 🙂

    • Cille Anne says:

      Agree, especially that it seem the slides are non-operational. But I am all for the diving board, not that I will jump hehe.

      Sometimes leaving places untouched is the best course of action, slabs of cement can ruin what otherwise can be called a paradise =)


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