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Lantaw Sunset, Food and Experience: A Review [2nd of 2 Parts Series]

This review and sharing of our Lantaw Restaurant experience became a very long post that I have decided to break down the story into two blog posts lest you be sleeping after a few paragraphs hehe. 🙂

If you haven’t yet, please read the First Part of the Lantaw Series on this link: 

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Getting to Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant in Cordova [ First of 2 Parts Series ]


Lantaw, Good Location, Wonderful Sunset

This native restaurant floats in the water, on its left side, there is this mangrove plantation and on the right mainland Cebu City. The South Road Project or SRP is visible from this vantage point in Cordova. At night, the SRP’s lighted posts from afar looks like little stars carefully aligned and lit for your viewing pleasure.

Wooden Bridge, Floating Restaurant

Just in time for sunset!

Architecture and interior design is native inspired from the walkway to the big scale version of the nipa hut as the main restaurant hall. Its bamboo accents and furnishings and wood flooring lends a traditional atmosphere like that of a native Filipino home. No wonder this restaurant in Mactan Island has gained popularity especially among tourists and tour operators as well as balikbayans and OFWs looking for a special place for reunions and get together.

Lantaw is native inspired yet, at the same time the place looks very modern too especially with its comfy sleek couches on the extension area.


Green and Black of Lantaw 

Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Cordova, Cebu

Doi and I  arrived just in time. Yeyyy! If we were late by another 20 minutes, we would have missed a dramatic sunset. We had our fill taking shots after shots of the native inspired architecture of the restaurant, its calm surrounding and the wonderful sunset hovering in the horizon.

Doispeaks and Penfires!

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The location is really perfect for sunset shots. Aside from unhampered view of the setting sun, it’s a floating restaurant so yes you are in the middle of the water of the Mactan Strait. You’ll see flock of birds from time to time circling above, or chance upon a lonesome bird flying by. It’s wonderful to witness dusk settling in and the sky lit to glowing orange, red, and yellow hues. Slowly, light dispersed through the clouds, at the same time the sea breeze becomes cooler. Soon after the torches are lighted up casting a romantic glow on  the whole area of this floating restaurant.

Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant – Food and Experience

This floating restaurant in Cordova, Cebu is a sister company of Mooon Café. You will see this more prominently when you have takeout foods and see that the take-out boxes bear the name “Mooon” instead of “Lantaw”. Are the menu in Mooon and Lantaw the same? I am not sure about this; best to ask this resto direct if you are want to know the answer.

We ordered the following Lantaw bestsellers from their menu: scallops, grilled belly, cordova express, sisig, bibingka cake ala mode, halo – halo, juice. Yep, all that for just two girls. Haha.

Sunsets and Juices


So the food review, here it is. Food at this Cebu restaurant was just so – so for me, at least those that we ordered and tasted. I found the grilled belly too greasy. There was also no ‘kick’ to Cordova Express; I think this dish was their version of Bicol Express which is one of my favorite foods.  Lantaw’s Sisig was good but no ‘Wow’ factor. I guess you can tell I am a bit disappointed with the food.  Good thing that price wise it’s an A+ considering the amazing ambiance  the native touch of the establishment and Yes, THE VIEW.

Serving size is typical for restaurants in the same price range. Service was excellent, kudos to the staff. You can check out the full menu as well as dish prices from their official FB fan page. Link can be found on the bottom.

Main hall of the restaurant


I am bit confused and surprised myself since I love the food at Mooon Café and Lantaw is served by Mooon so yes, a second visit is a must, to find out if I will still feel the same way or If I’ll have a change of heart. On my next Lantaw visit, I will try out the other dishes on their menu, probably more on the seafood choices. Overall, I think my expectation was just set so high after hearing glowing and raving reviews about the food in this resto from friends and also from reading reviews on other Cebu Food blogs.


 Or maybe our food choices that time were all wrong which led to my disappointment. But in fairness, I really, really love their bibingka ala mode. After the main dishes, a smile finally broke through my face when I took a chunk of the bibingka with my fork, swirled it at the cocoa ring, took it into my mouth..ahhh, love the sweet bitter taste of  cacao on a tasty bibingka. If you plan to get to Lantaw, hope you try bibingka ala mode. I recommend it.  😀

Bibingka Alamode! Love it!

Will I visit again? Yes, the place and ambience is impressive but I’ll make sure to be there early for the sunset just in case I feel the same way about the food. *Crossing fingers and hoping not.

Sunset View at Cordova, Cebu @Lantaw


Lastly, ‘Lantaw’ is a Cebuano word for “See”. “Lantawa” roughly translates to “To See” or “Do See”. This resto has a perfect name, you only have to see the mesmerizing landscapes and catch the amazing sunset and chances are, you will agree with me.

Happy Discovering!


Important Note:

Please remember to call this restaurant in Mactan Island for reservation prior to coming. 3 or 4 days before you plan to visit would be best. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurants Contact Numbers for Reservations: (032) 5142959 and 09236522270. You can check out their Facebook Fan Page at www. facebook.com/LantawFloatingNativeRestaurant


Want to know the driving direction or commuting tips to get to Lantaw, please visit this post >>>>> Getting to Lantaw in Cordova, Cebu.


Heyyyy if you have been there, hope you’ll leave a comment below so others can read other diners’ opinions too.  As always, positive and negative comments are welcome.  😀

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  1. hey cille! i still have to write my review about the place. hehehe. anyway, let’s go back there one of these days and let’s make sure we don’t order the same food again too see if we’d get lucky the next time. hehehe. oh, and this time, let’s go together with Titus 😉 but if you’re planning to go out on a date there, ok ra sad. will pass nalang sa. hehehe

    • Cille Anne says:

      hahaha doi, let’s have a bloggers food trip again sa Lantaw, the more the merrier and the sooner the better hehe 😉

  2. truelaloo! for romantic dates jud ni xa!
    haven’t written my review about this good place. it deserves a freebie in our blogs hahahahaha…


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