How to Commute – Mactan Airport to Pier 1 or Oceanjet Ticketing Office

This is a direction tip and instructions on how to use public transportation to get from Mactan Cebu Airport all the way to Pier 1. Pier Uno is where you can find the Oceanjet ticketing office as well as port of its fast crafts. Buy your ticket early if you plan to have a Cebu to Bohol vacation.

This post is my response to the query of shynerb on my Mactan post. I’ve decided to create a new post since her question has been asked numerous times and it’s better to have a dedicated blog post for this so future readers will have an easy access to reference. It’s easier on my part too to just refer readers to this post. 🙂

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Hope this commuting tip will also help you!


Okay, first thing first, if you are a group of 4 travelers, I suggest you take a white / regular taxi from airport to Pier 1 Oceanjet office, fare probably is around P180 to 200, so if you are four you can just split it up and pay only roughly around P50 each.

Second, if you have big bags or bulky luggage, I do not advise taking the vhire. Space on the vhire is cramp; there is absolutely no place to put your baggage in. If you just have a backpack, then vhire option is okay.


Commuting Tips Airport to Pier 1

This is best for backpackers, solo travelers and couples on vacation.
From the Mactan Cebu International Airport you can take the yellow multicab. This special cab’s terminal is at the entrance to the International Airport. Multicab operation is 24 hours.

Get off the multicab in Gaisano Mactan, fare is only P8.

Please note that the GMac vhire terminal operation is from 7 am to 7pm only.

Take the vhire going to SM, fare is P25.

In SM, take jeepneys bound for Labangon 12L or 12G or Basak bound vehicles 10M or 10H. Get off in MJ Cuenco Ave corner Legazpi Street, fare is P8. The jeepney stop is adjacent to Plaza Independencia. The Plaza is beside Pier Uno. Pier 1 is where you can find Oceanjet. Just walk to the port and get inside the port terminal.

Please see this map below for guide, walk from “H” in the map to Pier Uno, the red arrows indicates the jeepney route.


via Labangon or Basak jeepney from SM

Commute Cebu Airport to Pier 1 Oceanjet

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Commute by Jeep All The Way to Pier Uno | Oceanjet

If in case you are arrivingearly or late and the vhire terminal is now close, then you can follow this commuting guide from Cebu airport to Pier 1.

Take the yellow multicab, get off in Marina Mall.

Cross the street, you can now see the jeepneys bound for SM. There might be a long wait before these SM-bound jeepneys are full. Anyhow, if you take this, once you get to SM, follow the first commuting guide above.

Now, say you are the first one on the SM bound jeep and is getting impatient, there is an alternative way to fast track your journey and that is by opting to ride a “highway” multicab.

You can find the queue of the “Highway” multicabs after the “SM” jeepneys line.

Take the “highway” multicab and then get off in “coliseum”, fare P8. Coliseum refers to Mandaue Coliseum where you can already find SM bound Mandaue Jeepneys. Ride any Mandaue jeeps with “sm” signboard on its windshield.

Do not ride any jeep with “Jones” or “Fuente” as this is going to a different part of the city.

You can get off in SM and then follow first direction again (fare 10) OR you get off in MJ Cuenco corner Jareza St and walk to the Oceanjet office. But this is a long walk but you can save P8 by not taking the Labangon or Basak jeepneys. It’s your choice.
See this map below in case you plan to ride the Mandaue-SM jeepney all the way to MJ Cuenco.


via Mandaue-SM-Cathedral route

By jeep Mactan Airport - Pier 1 Oceanjet


Anyhow, hope this helps all of you who are coming here to Cebu and wants to buy tickets in Oceanjet for your Bohol vacation. Bohol is very popular as a side trip to Cebu vacations so fast craft tickets are in high demand. Buying your ticket ahead is really recommended.

If this post helps you, don’t forget to click on “Like” below. It lets me know if these kind of posts is useful or not and if I should published more commuting tips. Salamat!

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