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Breezing Through Mountain Towns – Banaue and Bontoc for Sagada

Highway Mountain Province

The town was still asleep when our bus dropped off one passenger in Banaue, Ifugao. At that quick stop, I tried hard to peer through the misty glass windows of the bus hoping I could glimpse a bit of this place made famous by the world-renowned Banaue Rice Terraces. Sadly, I could hardly see anything at all. Outside was still so dark that I could not even make out the silhouette of the mountains which surrounds the area. A quick debate raged within me, to go down there or to continue on with the journey.

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Kiltepan Sunrise: A Walk in the Clouds

Going to Sagada? Take time to witness the amazing sunrise scene in Kiltepan Peak. Be witnessed to mesmerizing sea of clouds, gentle winds, majestic mountains and rice terraces. It's awesome in Sagada!

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Chasing waterfalls Bomod-ok Falls

When your guide in Sagada tells you a vehicle is very handy in reaching a certain spot? Get a vehicle! But remember you are not in Sagada if there is no walking involve so even with ready transport be prepared to sweat it out to reach the must see places and top tourist destinations.

The available map of Sagada doesnt show distance between spots in kms. You have to trust that when there is a dotted line it means effort is required. I found this the hard way hahaha 

So anyway for the first two days our guide brought with him van to transfer us around fom one Sagada spot to the next destination. Surprisingly on the third day he brought with him a jeepney. And i was ecstatic! I can ride on top of the jeepney! Toploading galore!

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Mt Ampacao, Sagada’s Mountain Trail to Lake Danum

Lake Danum

I was analyzing the map of Sagada weeks before our trip, and I was convinced that every must see tourist spots are very near each other, I came to that conclusion because distance between famous spots are shorter than the distance between my stretched thumb and pinky fingers laid on the map.

Very scientific methodology hehe, obviously the dotted lines escaped my power of deduction. When Titus and I arrived in Sagada and tasted our first ‘simple’ trek to Echo Valley and going near the hanging coffins i found out dotted lines in a Sagada map means climbing  mountains, going downhill in rice terraces, trekking, going down makeshift stairways and uphill dragging of your feet  so thank heavens i let myself be talked by titus to avail of the vehicle that jake, our guide offers.

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Conquering Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave

After a mesmerizing morning at Kiltepan’s peak followed by a hearty meal at Rock-Inn Cafe & Farm, off we went to our Sagada spelunking adventure at Sumaguing Cave, one of the best Philippines Tourists Attractions! For the more adventurous you can take the Lumiang-Sumaguing Cave Connection, warning thou it takes about 3 to 4 hours with more twist, turn and climbing (it’s not for the faint of heart!). Our guide took with him one lampara (gas lamp), he said that on the average the lampara will last for 12 hours so we were assured that no blackouts will happen while inside the cave. As we climbed down we have to be really careful because some of the steps are slippery

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