Brave The Cold Winds – A Baguio Vacation Chronicle

It’s almost a sure thing the moment you get on a bus for a long ride, the music that the driver plays will include the repertoire of slow rocks from Hotel California to Total Eclipse of the Heart to pop songs like Got To Believe in Magic. Righty right? Hehe

So I was expecting to be lulled to semi-sleep while billboard hits from years gone past plays on. Lol, I wasn’t wrong on the era of the music that played on the Dagupan Bus Line we took from Cubao to Baguio, what I was wrong though were my prediction of the song list.

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Nope, they weren’t the music of Chicago, Scorpion, Beatles, Fra Lippo Lippi and others that I am used to hearing when riding provincial bound buses, rather, the songs were OPM hits – decades ago.

So I was grinning, humming along to some of the songs I know dearly. Hahaha.  Who wouldn’t want to hum to forgotten favorites from the likes of Manilyn Reynes, Roselle Nava, Gary Valenciano, Ogie Alcasid etc. \o/

Many of our co-passengers were young people, probably on a weekend getaway to Baguio from Manila. I was telling Titus these kids don’t know these songs. Gawwwd I feel old hehe.  :mrgreen:

It was a pleasant ride on one of the Baguio bound bus of the Dagupan Bus Line despite the 6 hours of being on the road travelling North Luzon. The bus offered WIFI service so anyone who wanted to give a blow-by-blow FB update of where the bus was at any moment, they can do so.  🙂 I wasn’t keen on using the free WIFI service at past midnight hehe. Long bus rides are best for conversations, reflections and yes, listening to old music.


When light breaks through the sky, our bus was also slowly climbing the mountain roads revealing slopes after slopes of the Cordillera Mountain Range. The mountains were how I remembered them from previous trips to Baguio, inviting as ever with its blanket of refreshing greens.

The passing scenes on the road also became more rustic, provincial and more beautiful. The few people who were moving about in their backyards that early morn have donned on their jackets.  This is so different from the city I am used to, this thought lingers on my mind as I gazed, soaked and marveled at  the passing countryside scenes.

If I had wanted further confirmation that things were different from the island vibe of Cebu, then the mist that gathered outside my window reaffirms it. The bus aircon had made me crawled into my hoodie jacket and makeshift blanket the moment we took our seat. It looks like outside in the open air, it’s colder as we climb higher.

Titus love cold weather as he grew up in a mountain town in Laguna so he was really looking forward to enjoy the temperature drop in the highlands.

Peering into the mist, and the glistening dew gathering on the tree tops and leaves, it looks like his wishes will come true; the record-breaking low temperature in Baguio which was on national news for the past few days persists.

Whereas, I – I’m in for a treat.  The cold spell is very real. *shivers*.

Mahina ako sa lamig. My skin easily gets cold maihipan lang ng hangin, that’s according to Titus. My hands and feet tend to be colder than the surrounding temperature if expose for even just a minute. I also don’t easily sweat; maybe that’s why I feel cold and chills to the bones. Lol.

We arrived in the Genesis bus terminal in Baguio where the Dagupan Bus Line also unloads its passengers. The moment I stepped on land, I was literally shivering. For the first few minutes in the City of Pines, I was uttering, with teeth chattering ‘Oh my god’, ‘Oh my god’.

“Grabe ka baby” quips the Titus who can survive 10 degrees Celsius weather with a sleeveless shirt.

Took a while before I was braved enough to get off the comforts of the terminal and braved the cold breeze, refreshing winds of Baguio.

Pines trees surrounds me and the streets, inclined. We are here.

10.5 degrees welcome temp, I’ll be alright.

Smiles 🙂

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  1. wow sing-along pa hahahaha
    so mao ning laag nga gipa straightan og buhok? hahahaha…

  2. Couldn’t agree more! I think we are at that age when we can declare that the kids today belong to a different generation? 🙂 I hope the driver didn’t play any songs by Imelda Papin? Haha! 🙂

    • Cille Anne says:

      Hi Di 🙂

      hehe the bus didn’t play Imelda Papin hits, good thing else I might belt out isang linggong pag-ibig, kidding haha. ^_^


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