BOHOL Countryside Day Tour – PART 1 of 3

We arrived early in Pier One,Cebu, very excited to finally kick-start our summer adventure trip. We will be travelling from Cebu to Bohol for 2 hours via Oceanjet fastcraft, our port of destination is Tagbilaran City. Me and my sister were extra-excited because we are picture freaks and Bohol with its many scenic spots can be great backgrounds for our pictures LOL. Our pictorial started early on even before boarding the vessel.

Alternative ferry options for you to get to Bohol are: Supercat Fast Craft and Weesam Express.

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SUNRISE in Pier One

Unfortunately, there was a minor hitch, Kenneth found out that I left all the chargers for our cameras hahaha I mean it was just an overnight trip to Bohol and I asked her if Spunky is fully charged, she said ‘yes’, so I returned the battery charger of Spunky to its place in our house, believing that the battery will last and that we also have a back-up camera. Man was she in a fit! She was close to hyperventilating Hahaha

Peace out KD!

Our boat ride to Bohol was uneventful unlike our Camotes boat ride two days after our Bohol trip. We arrived in Bohol, was met by our van driver in the pier, grab a bite in McDonald’s (yes Bohol has a mall) and then our Bohol countryside tour has officially begun!

Our first stop was at the Blood Compact Monument of Sikatuna & the Spaniards.


Bohol is hot! And the just-arrived tourists seem to be having the same itinerary as us. When we pulled up at the Blood Compact site, there were already vans of tourists there; many more arrived while we waited for our turn to pose by the statue. It was a riot! Tourists wants to go first, I almost *almost said something to a lady who irked my ire. Imagine she wants to go first and doesn’t want to line up like the rest of us because according to her “We are going to tour Bohol so we have to go first” Idiot. All us there had the same day plan. Line-up please! sheesh.

The group at the Blood Compact Site

The inviting sea view at the Sikatuna site


Baclayon church, one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines, is a major landmark of Bohol. This church is also the home of the world-famous Baclayon Children Choir that have won numerous international awards over the years.

Front of the famous Baclayon Church

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Altar of Baclayon Church

Window Glass Art

Baclayon Church Belltower

Massive side door of  Baclayon church


We travelled further to see Bohol’s giant snake, Prony. If you are brave enough, you can actually enter Prony’s cage and ‘lift’ this big snake earning you the bragging rights of holding the country’s largest python in captivity. However, bravery was not in my vocabulary that day lol.

Children will especially like Prony’s complex because the place also serves as a mini-zoo with monkeys, flying lemurs and birds. Entrance fee is P10/pax.

Prony The Giant Python

Monkeying Around


This is my 2nd favorite place in Bohol!!! I love these creatures – the tarsiers! They look so cute and so adorable. No entrance fee to enter Rioverde Tarsier Place but donation is highly encouraged. Flash photography is not allowed here as well as ‘no touching of tarsier’ policy is in place so as not to disturb these nocturnal animals. Please be silent as too much noise disturbs them too.

The appearance of Master Yoda of StarWars fame was inspired by these Tarsiers. The tarsiers also holds the world record of being the world’s smallest primate.

Sleeping Tarsier –  isn’t he cute?!

Tarsiers! World’s smallest primates!

Flying Lemur aka Kagwang

a marsupial animal, the picture show a mother and a baby flying lemur

Nicko and his monkey business

Pls click here for the continuation of the Bohol Day Tour including Loboc River Cruise, Chocolate Hills and my take on going around Bohol. What’s your top pic as the Best tourists spots in this island? Share it with us by leaving a comment below. 🙂

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  1. I didn’t know you could get that close to a monkey. I thought it would run off.

  2. Cille Anne says:

    Hi Mac, I’ve just noticed your comment after more than a year, lol me.

    yah you can get close but you can’t touch the tarsiers as they are sensitive, they move real slowly too.

    There are lots of these primates in the Rio Verde Tarsier center. =)

    Opps but are you talking about the monkey on the last pic? If you are, you can get close to them too hehe


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