BOHOL CEBU EARTHQUAKE October 15 – We Will Rise Again!

 There are families who have lost love-ones on this tragedy and nothing can ever bring them back. Our heartfelt sympathy and condolences goes to them.


Please let us all continue to pray for all the victims of this October 15 earthquake.


By now, you probably have seen the damages this 7.2 magnitude earthquake did to the famous heritage churches of Bohol and the Sto Nino Church in Cebu, it’s so sad. These are centuries old churches, these are the safe havens of thousands and millions of Catholics for hundreds of years.

Bohol Loon Church Ruins

But despite all these damages, Bohol and Cebu will rise again from the rubble. Our faith is intact, our faith is stronger.

Bohol, Cebu, Central Visayas you are all  in our prayers.


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