SIMALA Monastery in Sibonga Cebu

Simala Monastery in Cebu

FAITH and MIRACLES brings the faithful to the south of Cebu. This is where you can find the Monastery of The Holy Eucharist, more popularly known as Simala Church na dinadayo not only by Cebuanos but devout Catholics and Marian devotees from the other regions and provinces in the Philippines. Those who make the pilgrimage […]


Museum in Carcar

For travelers going to the southern part of the island of Cebu, you will be passing through the city of Carcar no matter if you are going to Oslob or you are going to Moalboal. This city is a junction, a convergence, a busy intersection, the last chance to see the famous bee of Jollibee, […]

Day Trip at Obong Spring in Dalaguete Cebu Happy Summer!

Obong Spring Dalaguete

Dalaguete has been getting the buzz lately especially after the town was featured in Byahe ni Drew of GMA NewsTv. But even before this feature that dubbed Dalaguete as the ‘Summer Capital of Central Visayas’, this small sleepy town in Cebu South has been frequented by locals who are on mini-vacations and Day Trips. I […]

Trail to the Top Falls of Kawasan in Badian

Kawasan Summer

This is a continuation of our Kawasan Falls summer adventure this 2013. If you want to read the first part featuring the 1st and 2nd falls, please visit this post – Kawasan Falls of Cebu. You can also find the link to the travel guide and direction tips on how to go to this popular […]

Summer Escape Kawasan Falls of Cebu

Falls Jumping Kawasan

Summer is definitely here! It’s been a few days, nay weeks, and months even when there seems to be no stopping the increasing humidity all over the Philippines. Umbrellas offer little help when you are walking outdoors, tree shades are no longer enough to hide from the sun; you can’t even run home to seek […]