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SIMALA Monastery in Sibonga Cebu

FAITH and MIRACLES brings the faithful to the south of Cebu. This is where you can find the Monastery of The Holy Eucharist, more popularly known as Simala Church na dinadayo not only by Cebuanos but devout Catholics and Marian devotees from the other regions and provinces in the Philippines. Those who make the pilgrimage are firm believers that through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Jesus, their prayers will be heard and their petitions granted. Many of the Catholics sa Sugbo have at one time or another visited this monastery. They Continue Reading


For travelers going to the southern part of the island of Cebu, you will be passing through the city of Carcar no matter if you are going to Oslob or you are going to Moalboal. This city is a junction, a convergence, a busy intersection, the last chance to see the famous bee of Jollibee, the last city before you tread on more rustic environs. If you are not in a hurry, get down your bus, hop off your cars and come explore this heritage town and gateway to Cebu South. You will be glad you did. Travel time from Cebu South Bus terminal to this Continue Reading

Day Trip at Obong Spring in Dalaguete Cebu Happy Summer!

Dalaguete has been getting the buzz lately especially after the town was featured in Byahe ni Drew of GMA NewsTv. But even before this feature that dubbed Dalaguete as the 'Summer Capital of Central Visayas', this small sleepy town in Cebu South has been frequented by locals who are on mini-vacations and Day Trips. I was fresh from college when I first visited this town, a barkada hails from there and from her we learn of Obong Spring. Obong Spring is a cold spring whose fresh water flows out to the open sea. The water taste weird, must be the Continue Reading

Trail to the Top Falls of Kawasan in Badian

This is a continuation of our Kawasan Falls summer adventure this 2013. If you want to read the first part featuring the 1st and 2nd falls, please visit this post – Kawasan Falls of Cebu. You can also find the link to the travel guide and direction tips on how to go to this popular falls via public commute on the first post. If you don't have a summer destination in mind and you are in Cebu, hope you'll consider going to Kawasan in Badian. :) Why You Not Falls? There are two cascades between the first and second – cascade 1.1 and cascade Continue Reading

Summer Escape Kawasan Falls of Cebu

Summer is definitely here! It’s been a few days, nay weeks, and months even when there seems to be no stopping the increasing humidity all over the Philippines. Umbrellas offer little help when you are walking outdoors, tree shades are no longer enough to hide from the sun; you can’t even run home to seek refuge from the intense heat unless your house is air-conditioned. The heat permeates everything that even if you just sit still perspiration beads starts to form and in no time at all you’ll be sweating.  This season calls for day trips, Continue Reading

How to Go to Kawasan Falls in Cebu South – Travel Guide

Kawasan Falls is among the popular summer destinations that Cebuano heads to when the heat becomes unbearable. This waterfalls system is blessed with numerous cascades and pools of chilly water and a dip in any of its falls is refreshing. This famous waterfall in Cebu belongs to Badian, the town, and Matutinao - the barangay. Getting here is easy even for first time tourists but the bus ride is long but worth it. If you want nature and cool waters, make your way to Kawasan! Go, go, goooo!  :mrgreen: Direction Tips to Get to Kawasan In Cebu Continue Reading

Traipsing Through Oslob: Pictures and Bonding Moments

Day 1 of our Epic Siquijor Vacation Series: Oslob Stopover   Me, Kenneth, Nicko and Titus were already at the Cebu South Bus Terminal when I’ve told them to get to the Ceres Roro Bus with direct route to Dumaguete from Cebu while I pay the P5 terminal fee per person imposed by SBT. After securing our terminal fees, I walked back intending to board the bus but I found the three waiting for me at the lobby.  Frowning and about to say a thing, Kenneth cut me before I could utter a word; she said ‘Are we not stopping by Oslob? We are stopping Continue Reading

Cebu Pasalubong Treats from Carcar: Lechon, Chicharon, Ampao atbp!

The best thing about traveling the rest of the southern towns of Cebu is its varied selections of Cebu pasalubong food items. When you pass by Argao you should not miss having some of their delectable Torta and locally made and fast becoming famous ‘tableya’. If you’re going to climb Cebu’s highest peak Osmena Peak, then drop by the vegetable market hub in Mantalungon. From there, you’ll be able to buy and bring home veggies at their freshest and cheapest in Cebu. Traveling to Carcar on the other hand is a delight as this town is a one stop Continue Reading

Direction Tips to Get to Cebu South Bus Terminal From Airport

When you want to escape to the best beach destinations in Cebu, it’s either you head North for Bantayan Island and Malapascua Island or to South in Moalboal, Oslob, Badian, Sumilon Island etc. Mactan Island in Lapu-Lapu City is also a good choice if you have the budget since most of the awesome beach resorts here charges in dollars, i.e expensive for the average tourists and locals. I have given tips on how to get to the Cebu North Bus Terminal from the airport and from SM or Colon in an earlier blog post. In this post I am going to share Continue Reading