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Life’s a Beach! At Mangodlong in Camotes Island!

We came for the white sands and pristine beaches of Camotes Island, and we got them and more! Our first day was rocked with  huge waves and an unexpected intense adventure on the high seas . On our second day in Mangodlong Rock Resort , Mr Sun made up for the previous days of no swimming because of rough waves! Hurray! We woke up early, ate our silog breakfast at P80 per plate with free coffee. And then it was play time on the sand and beach! The sea giant rises aka Titus ( the words of my cousin hehehe) Tantan loving the sunny day A Continue Reading

Camotes Island: Frolicking in Mangodlong Rock Resort!

Camotes Island is home to affordable white sand beaches and great resorts. Mangodlong Rock Resort together with its sister resort Santiago Bay Garden and Resort are two of Camotes most popular beach resorts.  We decided to stay in Mangodlong because we have seen pictures of it and it looks awesome! Plus, it doesn't hurt that its more affordable than Santiago. :) Welcome to Mangodlong Rock Resort So after our adventure in the high seas of Camotes we arrived in Mangodlong.  Unfortunately the huge waves have not normalized, in fact it looks Continue Reading

Camotes Island Here We Come!

Finally! I am writing about the  second leg of our Summer Adventure this 2011 - Experience Camotes Island! :) It took me awhile to write a blog post about this tiny group of islands on the north of Cebu as i was finishing up my stories on Bohol. We went to Bohol on a saturday and the monday after we were heading to Camotes, so you can imagine  how jam-packed our schedule was. BUT It's the kind of jampacked days that I like so I am not complaining hehhe Our trip to Camotes was very eventful, i'll explain later. :) Anyhow we commuted all the Continue Reading