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  1. I want to go to Palawan. Can you help me in finding a nice hotel in Puerto Princesa? Please help me guys. Thanks!

  2. Have you been visited DAVAO CITY / DAVAO Region?
    Its so nice city! IMO, Its very different from the CdeO ‘coz in Davao, you are safe, you can feel so fresh (air & water), very clean where you cannot see garbage anywhere and the hospitable people as well… I hope I can visit there again.

    from CdeO! 😉

    • Hi Taegon!

      I have been there but that was ages ago hehhe and yes i agree Davao is great with clean and wide roads and awesome fruits! I am planning to blog about top 10 tourist spots in mindanao and definitely Davao will be included 🙂

    • Totally agree! hope everyone especially tayong mga Pinoy, may dugong Pinoy, at mga hindi Pinoy pero mahal ang Pilipinas, that we can tour around the country and see the Philippines’ awesome beauty! Ang dami talagang magandang places. 🙂

  3. i will be backpacking in bicol region this july 24-30 and my itineraries include the Mt. Mayon, the vera and busay falls, and hopefully the caramoan and calaguas island in camarines sur and camarines norte. If given, i would also want to have a side trip in sorsogon…

    • wow! that’s awesome! I want to do that bicol backpacking too! *inggit mode* ^_^

      I’ve only been to naga city proper and mt mayon in legaspi, and sa tiwi, albay. And i was not into blogging yet that time so sayang, wasn’t able to get nice pics there.. so i guess, i need to go back sometime in the future lol

  4. @Jess Boadilla
    Hi! If you’re travelling to Puerto Princesa and on a budget you should book a hotel through They don’t require credit card pa. You pay at the hotel upon check in.

    You should try going to Coron as well. Been there and I recommend you stay at Coron Hilltop View. Book at to get a lower rate.

  5. People near Manila should also visit Hidden Valley Resort in Alaminos, Laguna, it’s just around 2 hours ride away from the Metro. A few kilometers more and you could also visit Villa Escudero in the border of San Pablo City and Tiaong, Quezon.

  6. ahm kung pupunta ako ng puerto princsa, ano po masuggest mo para makatipid s tour?gusto ko po kasi mag honda bay and ug river..may hotel ka po ba marecomend?

    sana maka punta din kau sa sorsogon sa paguriran island

    • Hi Jhad! thanks for dropping by. When i visited Puerto Princesa i was with a tour group so I’m not much help here. But let me get back to you, I’ll asked my friends who have been there on a backpacking trip, they went on a puerto princesa tour as cheaply as they could. Will email you when I get the details.

      And thanks for your suggestion! I’m planning a sojourn to Bicol Region next summer, will try to make Paguriran Island part of the itinerary!

      Thanks again Jhad!

      Cille =)

  7. MAYON VOLCANO NAKAKA LOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Jolo!

      Such intensity in your comment hehhehe I wonder if you had good experience or bad experience visiting Mayon hehehhe… sabi nila pag hindi ka pinakita ng Mayon sa kanyang peak you are not virginal or “good at heart” hehehhe thanks by the way for dropping by!

      Cille =)

    • Hi erica, each provinces in the Philippines has its own special and must see places, but if you are going to ask me my favorite places to visit in the country its going to be the following:

      1. Batanes, because the place is so different from all the other islands of the archipelago
      2. Sagada, because i love its Kiltepan’s peak, mountain sceneries and adventure trails
      3. Siquijor, becuase its not yet fully developed, it also has this mysterious aura
      4. Iligan, because of its many wonderful and amazing falls
      5. Ilocos Region, its really hot there but you can do so much and you don’t have to cross waters to explore the whole region

      ..the best places to visit in the Philippines really depends on what you want to see – marine scientist loves to visit Verde Islands in Quezon for its amazingly diverse marine life, surfers love Siargao for its Cloud 9 barrels, etc .. 7,101 islands no wonder I’m having a hard time answering your question heheheh but hope my reply shed some light hehehhe

  8. Hi!

    I hope you can also include Caramoan in your most chosen destinations hahaha!… you know its the favorite shooting area of the foreign survivor seasons which includes French, Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia, Sweden, and etc.

    If you want to visit Caramoan please feel free contact me through my email email add I will give you a free accommodation. You jsut take care of the transport.

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    Thank you.

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    • Hi Cap =)

      I’m all smiles reading your comment as I may really take you up on your offer since I have been egging to go and visit Caramoan Island hehehe

      And very true! Caramoan is a prime tourism island destination in the Philippines, and in my Bicol descriptions I also mentioned foreign Survivor serieses have also been shoot there because the place is simply breathtaking!

      More reasons for me and any Pinoy to want to visit the island.

      When I’m Caramoan-bound I’ll surely email you hehehehe, thanks again for the offer! I am actually excited about devoting posts to Caramoan lol

      And Godbless and Goodluck in promoting Caramoan Island, hopefully more and more Filipinos and foreign visitors will discover the pristine white beaches and amazing views offered by Caramoan.

      Thanks for visiting here and for leaving a comment ^_^

      Cille =)

  9. i just want to know if it is still safe boarding to cagayan? i want to visit mindanao and as the moment, staring at my ceilling would make me bored everytime i got home. so please tell me if i can go up there in a safe way. ty. <3

    • Hi ceddie, if you mean is it safe to travel to Cagayan De Oro (CDO) in Mindanao, I would say yes. But if you are asking if things are all right there and that all the hot spots and tourist destinations of the province are back to ‘normal’ I am not so sure as I think they are still recovering from the Sendong flooding.

      Now, if you are asking about Cagayan Valley in Luzon, no worries there =)

  10. Thanks for your info!!! I am trying to locate a Non Western Beach Town on NW Luzon that’s at least 100Kilo’s north of Manila. I am looking for waves and a small population (less than 50K is ideal) and Not a Western Tourist Trap…. Thanks, Paul

    • Hi Paul, some of the best beaches north of Manila that you can consider are those in Bataan. There are also some great beaches in Batangas but they are ‘tourists favorites’. Off the beaten path would be beaches in Quezon province like in Infanta and Pagbilao but it’s not white sand but waves are generally strong. Baler, Aurora would have been perfect for you but it’s a bit far, about 7 hours bus travel from Manila.

  11. Hi there! Just would like to add to your suggestions. If you are passionate about white sand beaches, try calaguas island in camarines norte. Been there a few days ago and i just fell in love with it. Sobrang ganda! I think it’s more beautiful than bora since it’s not commercialized yet. (at least in my opinion)

    • Hi Cherry! Thanks for sharing that! Calaguas Island is part of my travel bucket list, crossing fingers it will happen soon =) sana.. =)

    • Hi Ai, the best option talaga is to go for the bus terminals in Manila para comfortably seated ka especially long distance travel yan and if you travel with a big group. Another option regardless of whether or not you are going to Vigan or to Hundred Islands in Alaminos from Bulacan is to go to Dau terminal in Pampanga and wait for buses from Manila. If Vigan take Vigan and Laoag bound buses. If Alaminos, wait for buses going to Alaminos Pangasinan. Another option to get to Alaminos is ride buses bound for Dagupan, and once in Dagupan, take a mini-bus going to Alaminos. Mini-buses are non-aircon, this route to Hundred Islands takes longer travel time.

      But it would really be advisable to go back to Manila from Bulacan especially if you will take your vacation during peak season, wag na makipag-sapalaran kasi lots of buses leave Manila at full capacity and no vacant seats.

      Hope nakatulong to!

      Cille =)

    • hi melvs! yep! =) uiii hanapin kita sa facebook hehehh

      ay di kita mahanap, pati sa fb ni suzette. pag mabalik ka sa post na to, pa-like naman ng fb ni Penfires para makita kita and ma-add ^_^ – Penfires FB

    • hi vincent =)

      I agree with you! Our country, the Philippines, has so many beautiful and wonderful spots. You’re welcome, happy if my post have help you in any way for your project. =)

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  13. I love your list….! Being from Luzon, I’ve been through most of them. Except Palawan, in fact. So I’m giving a minor correction, for everyone’s information. Palawan is in Visayas po, not in Luzon.

    • Hi Mick, hope you’ll conquer all Top Places in the Philippines soon! =)

      Palawan Group of Islands belongs to Luzon, specifically it belongs to Region IV-B “MiMaRoPa” commonly known as “Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan”. Regon IV-B is Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon).

      Region 5 is Bicol provinces. Visayas Region starts with Region 6 for Panay provinces, Negros Occidental and Guimaras Island.

  14. Hi sorry, I believe former president Arroyo gave an Executive Order placing Palawan in region VI making it part of Visayas….? Don’t know if that stuck though, but I do remember reading/hearing something like that a few years back. My apologies, though if I got it wrong.

    Visited Bohol, Cebu and Iloilo… next is Davao! Or maybe Palawan… I’m more interested in it now. ^__^

    • hi mick, no worries about that, discussion is always welcome. =)

      Go for Palawan! I’ve been there twice but sadly I miss the Busuanga / Coron part, it is still a destination to conquer for me. =)

  15. my daughter is planning na I treat ang mga pinsan nya sa caramoan, kasama ang lola at lolo, kaya lang masyadong mahal . nabasa ko yung website mo… sa pagkakaintindi ko bale 2 salin ang transportation na hindi ba masyadong mahirap sa oldies 80,78 yrs old..

    • hi anna, it’s doable but I think it will be a real challenge for the group kasi medyo malayo ang Caramoan at may island transfer pa. I would suggest to contact a tour group with pre-arranged transpo nalang for this para mas comfortable yung grandparents. Baka kasi if purely commute, matag-tag sa byahe, kawawa naman. Medyo magiging mahal nga lang kung via travel agency.

      Saan pala kayo? Baka mas may nearer alternative sa place niyo na maganda din pang summer outing.
      p.s. it’s so nice to hear of grandchildren who give importance to their grandparents and make them a part of getaways. kudos to your daughter!

  16. correction… palawan is in the visayas region already as of 2005..

    “The island group of Palawan, which used to be a province belonging to an administrative region of Luzon, has been transferred to Region VI in the Visayas in 2005.

    Palawan is an island province of the Philippines located in the MIMAROPA region. Its capital is Puerto Princesa City and it is the largest province in terms of land area.

    MIMAROPA (Region IV-B); (Ordered transferred to Western Visayas (Region VI) by Executive Order No. 429, May 23, 2005; implementation of EO429 held in abeyance by Administrative Order 129, August 19, 2005.”

    • Hi Ella, thanks for the input but I think you overlook some facts.

      Please see this screencast, it’s also taken from Wikipedia:

      Palawan remains with Luzon – Mimaropa unless there is a newer Executive Order or Administrative Order CONFIRMING the move or AO 159 has been rescinded.

      The meaning of abeyance is “A state of temporary disuse or suspension.” which means the Executive Order 429 is not yet recognize, as it is STILL SUSPENDED or “ON HOLD”. The reason is that there is a NEWER Admininistrative Order no. 159 which HOLDS the earlier EO 429 “in abeyance pending a review.”

      You can read direct here:

      E.O. – dated May 23, 2005
      A.O. – dated August 19,2005

      A.O. suspends the E.O.

      If you are aware of newer E.O. or A.O. 159 has been lifted, please update us so we will also know. Thanks!

  17. Nice travel article… Sarap pumasyal sa Luneta to see the famous Manila Bay sunset and visit nearby National Museum.

    • Hi Freddy, di ko pa napuntahan ang National Museum, hope there will be an opportunity.

      Maganda talaga sa Pilipinas!

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