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Unreliable 2GO Cargo and Parcel Services

Our business suffered a loss because 2GO Courier and Parcel Services Philippines failed to deliver on time. 2GO is unreliable, at least their Cebu branch is. And to think this is supposed to be one of their company’s mission “We provide flexible solutions to help your businesses grow.”

No Sir I don’t think so. Mayhap that is true for the big companies but for very small businesses like ours I think they couldn’t care less if they don’t deliver on their commitments and obligations.

I have only praises for their San Pablo City branch, but 2GO Cebu is another story. 2GO did not deliver on time, and worst, could have Cebu personnel that tell lies or make-up stories. Because of my first post regarding the courier service company, I’ve made friends with people that also suffered at the hands of 2GO personnel whose negligence was unacceptable and inexcusable.

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Tsk, tsk 2GO is so big yet sad to say i find their customer service very wanting. They need retraining!

Anyway, I’ll end this post with the screenshot of their facebook wall. Who knows, the company might decide to delete my posts on their wall for obvious reasons

2GO poor customer service



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