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PISO FARE Deleting Seat Selector, Check-in Baggage and Travel Insurance

piso fare promo 2015 - 2016

For those familiar in booking piso fare tickets, I am pretty sure you are now on the watch for new piso fare promo for 2015, P1 fare tickets for 2016 and more, after all we are already half-way 2014. Correct?

Incidentally there is now an on-going PISO FARE promo from budget Philippine airlines Cebu Pacific.  This is 1 peso base fare to ALL PH destinations and International destinations served by Cebupac. Book and reserve early alrigthy?!

Travel Period: January 1 to March 2015.  Sayang di pa umabot sa peak ng summer ang travel dates but don’t fret as there are upcoming promos from Cebu Pac, Tiger Airways, AirAsia and even PAL.  Booking period for this round of seat sale is only up to July 6 or until seat lasts.

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P1 Piso Fare Promo 2014 for April to December 15 via Cebu Pacific

1 piso fare promo 2014, 2015, 2016

I am so surprised that Cebu Pacific released a piso fare promo for dates that are so near! Usually P1 base fare by this budget airlines are for travel dates months in the future like 2014 bookings to fly in 2015 or 2016. But the new P1 promo tickets right now are with fly dates April to December 15, 2014. April is just a few days from now so this is really surprising!

Is it to celebrate the acquisition or was it merger of Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways? Is it to divert the public’s attention after their PR nightmare with the Vietnam bound child and family? Is it because their ticket sales are low? Whatever the reason is I am not complaining.

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Piso Fare and Promos – Ten Lessons – More Booking Tips

Piso Fare Book

If you are one of those who are confuse on how to book during promo fare of Philippine airlines like Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Tiger Airways, AirAsia Zest and similar budget carriers, this blog will discuss pointers and tips that hopefully will enable you to buy cheap tickets when they become available. Traveling by plane is far more convenient than taking boats or going for land trip right?

I have covered this topic several times in the past but some of my old posts are no longer relevant to what’s happening, it needs updating.

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Video Tutorial: How To Book Piso Fare Tickets 2014 to 2015

This is a tutorial – video guide on how to book the famous piso fare promo of Philippine Budget Airline Cebu Pacific Air. If you land in this post, I hope you will find this very useful since this video really shows from step 1 to almost the final step (paying for the P1 base fare ticket).  Please click the “Full Screen” button to make the vid bigger and more visible, although it will become a bit blurry.

**P1 is only the base fare and there are other charges that every passenger must pay.

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Your Guide on Piso Fare Booking Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express

piso fare comparison airline ticket philippines

There are 2 budget airlines in the Philippines that are making waves online because of their frequent launches of airfare promos making it possible for more Filipinos to travel to the many beautiful islands of the Philippines, and of course we are talking about Cebu Pacific Air and Airphil Express.

UPDATE 2014:  There is no more Airphil Express, this company has been absorbed and changed  to “PAL EXPRESS”

Cebupacificair and Airphil airline ticket deals usually starts midnight, so expect lots of Filipinos are online waiting for midnight to come when these budget Pinoy airlines announces a new promo, and that includes me.Usually they announce these special deals and promo a couple of hours before the intended promo start date.

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