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Cebu Pasalubong Treats from Carcar: Lechon, Chicharon, Ampao atbp!

carcar bocarillo cebu pasalubong from the south

The best thing about traveling the rest of the southern towns of Cebu is its varied selections of Cebu pasalubong food items. When you pass by Argao you should not miss having some of their delectable Torta and locally made and fast becoming famous ‘tableya’. If you’re going to climb Cebu’s highest peak Osmena Peak, then drop by the vegetable market hub in Mantalungon. From there, you’ll be able to buy and bring home veggies at their freshest and cheapest in Cebu. Traveling to Carcar on the other hand is a delight as this town is a one stop pasalubong center!

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SHOEDOWN: Carcar vs Liliw Espadrilles and Sandals

I have become familiar with both Carcar, Cebu and Liliw, Laguna’s footwear industry. And if I compare the produce of these two towns, when it comes to any abaca laced sandals or wedges, I have to give it to Liliw made. When it comes to espadrille I think they are at par with each other in design and quality wise. Liliw ladies espadrilles' price range is from P230 to P300 comparable to that of  Carcar made espadrilles.

Carcar famous espadrilles!

I am a proud Cebuana but I just have to lament the fact that Carcar produces so many cheap sandals that easily disintegrated, these are the ones you see all

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Sojourn to Carcar

At the constant prodding of my brother Nicko, we finally made the trip to Carcar, Cebu and the main reason is espadrille. Espadrille, that come back kid from the 80’s, has become so popular again! In fact I am noticing espadrilles everywhere in Cebu - in malls, in tiangges, in sidestreets - it feels like an espadrille invasion has overtaken the city! Despite its availability in all sort of places, we decided to head south, travel to where espadrilles are made, you know maybe we can get a good bargain from direct suppliers of espadrilles in Carcar, you can never know heheheh.

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