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Sperry Top-Sider: An American Original Now in the Philippines


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              Titus (looking over my shoulder): What’s that?          

    Me: I got invited to this event, it’s an introduction of a shoe brand in Cebu, Sperry you know it?      

       Titus: Top sider? That’s a classic baby.            

 Me: Oh yeah? (I was totally clueless),  did you have one before?            

Titus: Yes.        

    Me: So James and Tantan too? (his brothers)        

    Titus: Nope, it was James then handed down to Tantan then me.      

      Me: Really?! Wow! How long did you have it?      

      Titus: Not really sure but it was for a long time. It’s a very durable shoe.


That’s how Sperry Top-Sider was introduced to me, a testimonial to the brand by one whose words I trust. I’m sure the guys at Complex will have complex feelings about this. On one hand, they’d probably be elated to know that a Sperry Top-Sider is worth every penny because it lasts long and its classic look will never be out of style. On the other hand, it would mean customers won’t probably be buying a new shoe right after they purchase a pair of Sperry because well the shoe is of high quality and its durability has been proven not just by Titus but I’m sure by all others that have own a pair of these boat shoes. And we are talking about generations here!

I only had one reservation then. Usually when I hear the words “durable” and “classic” in reference to a product, what comes to mind is practicality. And practically to me usually comes in a dull, boring package. So I wasn’t expecting much design wise with these Sperry Top-Siders.

But I was wrong. Their designs were great that while I was taking pictures, my brain was on full throttle matching the shoes with people I know who’ll drool over them.

I even end up coveting a Sperry Top-Sider for ladies myself. And that’s a tall order because I am not a close-shoe person. I like the freedom of flip-flops and sandals but my eyes were just drawn to this particular design. I can see myself wearing it and loving it. I actually want a pair of Sperry’s for when I travel. It will be right handy whether I am traipsing through the metro’s tourist spots or walking on sandy beaches or strolling in malls. Yep, indeed!

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My favorite design from the Sperry Top-Sider current collection

It’s really a good thing that Complex Lifestyle Store has brought this American Original in the Philippines. Sperry Top-Sider is the original when it comes to the “boat shoe” design and you know nothing beats the original whether it’s a product, a movie, a song or anything. And I myself have looked at the designs and colors and I can tell you that younger generation like us will love it as much as the older generations. It’s hip. It’s cool. And I like what the brand stands for passion for the sea, passion to be whatever you are, wherever you want to go. The same kind of passion that makes me want to explore new places, discover new gems, and experience new things.

An American Original Sperry Top-Siders

So if you want a Sperry Top-Sider or just want to check out their latest shoe collection, head over to the Complex Lifestyle Store in Ayala Center Cebu or the one at Eastwood Mall if you are from Manila.

By the way my pictures are amateurish; it does not give justice to the design and shoe-engineering, it’s best to check out their Facebook fan page which you can find HERE or visit their website at Sperry Top-Sider.

Did I mention they have Sperry desert boot inspired shoes too? Yep, they do and it’s very chic and fashionable! Check it out at the stores ^_^

I got this message from my cousin on FB, just goes to show how many people love Sperry Top-Siders!

Sept 25 ’11 Addendum: I’ve just bought my first sperry top-siders, yey!

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  1. how much is the the sperry topsder in the philippines? may i know? thanks!

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