REAL DEAL – Piso Fare 2013 Cebu Pacific Domestic and International

Just when I thought this will never happened again Cebu Pacific Air brings an early morning surprise! Lately deals for Piso fare for 2012 and 2013 are just base fare with expensive fuel surcharges and taxes bringing the total cost of tickets to more than P1,000 for round trip.   But this deal is REAL P1 TICKET PROMOS! Just like in the first years when Cebu Pac introduced Piso Fare where the ticket is really P1 and fuel surcharge is ZERO! That was around 2006 or 2007 if I am not mistaken.

Piso lang talaga as in ang base fare! There is no fuel surcharge, the 12% vat is only P12! Round trip taxes is less than a hundred pesos! Saan ka pa?! I would suggest you decide on the date of your travels and then just adjust your flight date going forward or backward if you don’t see a P1 promo fare in your chosen dates. By hitting “Previous Day” or “Next Day”  you will eventually find one unless all the promised 111,111 promo seats are taken.

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Sample of Travel Dates with P1 promo ticket


Go buy your ticket for domestic and international flights for the second half of next year – June 2013, July 2013, August 2013, September 2013, October 2013, November 2013 and December 2013 today!!! Right this minute! Don’t wait!  Grab this awesome piso fare deal from Cebu Pacific Air to ALL Domestic and International Destinations!

Check out this P1 fare promo poster, you will definitely have reasons to smile!  😀 Travel period for domestic and international flights included in this promo deal is June 11 to December 10 2013.



I am booking my dad one of these piso fare for travel on July 2013. Perfect timing!  I am writing this blog post about this promo deal from Cebu Pacific at the same time I am actually booking a round trip piso fare 2013 deal. Hehehe. Let’s see how much the all in fare will be…


Piso Fare Ticket cost – P1 one way, P2 round trip

Web Admin Fee is P100 one way – round trip is P200

Baggage Allowance of 15 kilos – P150 one way, round trip is P300.

Taxes and Fee – round trip is P93.84

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Total of ticket cost for this P1 promo deal = P595.84 and that’s for ROUND TRIP \o/


*If you travel without baggage, you will only pay around P300 for round trip. No worries you will still have 7 kilos of hand carry free baggage allowance.

List of Fees to Pay for Piso Fare from Cebu Pacific Air 

*This is the total cost of ticket in piso fare promo of Cebupac if you book round trip domestic tickets with 15 kilos of check-in baggage allowance per way.

I paid using my Metrobank ATM card. You can use any Bancnet ATM card for booking online any of Cebu pacific promo fare. Booking my dad’s ticket was a breeze! I am actually thinking now of where to go next year so I can book my piso fare tickets today.


There is a Regular Piso Fare promo from Cebu Pacific today September 16 for travel period January 1 to March 31, 2013. I was able to booked a round trip ticket Cebu – Manila – Cebu for the Holy Week with no check-in baggage, and the total amount of round trip tickets is only P1,155.04. Note that if you compare this ticket to the above photo, this roundtrip ticket cost more, that is because this is REGULAR PISO FARE, whereas the above computations are for the SPECIAL PISO FARE promo wherein no surcharge was charged. For today’s piso fare there is Fuel Surcharge indicated. Please see the picture of the Summary of Charges below and compare it to the first picture computation above.

We hope for more piso fare ticket this 2014 and 2015, right?

Ticket Cost of Regular Piso Fare Promo Deals

Get the details of Cebu Pacific additional costs from this Piso fare promo for 2013 from above picture. Despite the surcharges and other fees, this ticket is still very cheap! Thanks Cebu Pacific for giving us Piso Fare promo deals for 2013, and hopefully for 2014, 2015 too!!!

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  1. Hehe nagbago layout mo Cille. Nice. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Hello po ate:) Pwde po pa help kung paano ung Piso Fare Promo for 2013? Gusto lang po namin magtravel ng mga friends ko? First time lang po namin ggawin kaso di po namin alam 2ng Piso Fare Promo for 2013? Paano po maginquire?

    • Cille Anne says:

      hi jeanette sa ngayon wala pang promo na piso fare. I would advise you to like the Facebook fan page of Pisofare.info kasi lagi sila nag uupdate dun pag may promo. Mas better if you have access to an ATM card or credit card para if may promo na, mas mabilis mag book and mag bayad. Timing timing kasi yung piso fare promo kaya mas better iLike mo yung fanpage nila para ma update kayo agad pag may mga bagong promo. Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko. Hopefully you’ll get promo fares soon!


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