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Quick Getaway to Liliw: Tsinelas and Sandals Bargain Hunting Tips

I have written post about Liliw before, their famous Tsinelas Lane as well as Chef Mau and Cafe Arabela but it seem like I can’t get enough of this Laguna top tourist attraction and here I am writing about our quick getaway to Liliw last December.

We arrived there on a Sunday morning and we went straight to check out the latest native abaca slippers and sandals as well as to look at the current trendy styles favored by the local footwear makers and stores.  There were styles that remains the same, you know the best sellers ones, there are also those ‘new rage’ like the Flitflop inspired sandals.

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I have been to Liliw many times because of work and because its Titus hometown so I have made countless trips to their Tsinelas Lane too! In a way I think I know a bit about the best places to get quality sandals at very affordable prices in Liliw.

Liliw Tsinelas Lane, A Whole Street of Footwear Shops

Liliw Tsinelas Lane

PENFIRES Recommended Liliw Shoe and Sandal Stores

 Store recommendation update 2015:

If it’s your first time to visit Liliw on a shoe hunting trip,  I suggest NOT to miss the following stores MyNims  and Uzzo, they are at the center area; then Chandaline sa bandang ibaba.

Liliw native sandals and espadrilles that uses Abaca are really of good quality and they come a lot cheaper compared to their mall counterparts. Example: in a Terminal 3 airport shop I found these native sandals below selling at P699, but in Liliw these only cost P230 to P280  a pair.

Note though on abaca footwear, avoid using it during rainy season because the dye used in coloring the abaca fiber sometimes smears when wet. Those popular espadrilles from Liliw uses uncolored abaca strings for wrapping around the wedge or the sides of the shoe or sandal.

Colorful Native Abaca Slippers from Liliw at P230 per pair, these ones are called ‘Planet’ hehehe

Rose Inspired Gold Abaca Native Sandal from Liliw in Laguna for P230.00 only!

This is a sample of another Liliw sandal, it’s price is P250.00. My mom loves her pair!

You can have this jap style sandal at the very affordable price of P140.00! 

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Liliw Espadrilles with Abaca trimmings were all the rage for some time, I think they are still very popular up to now and continues to be a favorite among women who take to the road and travel to Liliw. If you are interested in visiting Liliw but does not know how, you can check my previous post with driving or commuting direction to this highland town: Liliw, Hidden Treasure Town!

Espadrille from Liliw sells from P350 to P380  a pair!

The checkered native espadrille is I think P380 and the plain one below price is P350. Murang mura yun!

During the shoe hunting trip last December, I bought my lola 2 pairs, my mom 2 pairs, my sister bought an abaca wedge, total price paid for all 5 pairs was close to P900.00 only.  Liliw made are really so affordable and of good quality! I did not buy any coz I tell you I still have so many Liliw made slippers and sandals lying around in our house and they are still in good condition despite buying them ages ago. Sometimes I wish my sandals will rot or our dog Kulas will chew on it (probably he won’t for he’s a good dog on most days hehehhe)  so I can buy new ones without the guilt . ^_^

Splash of colors

Liliw Tsinelas Festival

Anyhow, hope that guides you when you visit this town nestled at the foot of Mt Banahaw. Aside from scoring great deals on your special pairs of Liliw made sandals and slippers, you can also try out Food Tripping in Liliw which is simply put, deliciouuuuus! Dine at Chef Mau and Cafe Arabela, best places to eat in Liliw, real awesome restos in this ‘hidden’ town!

Pahabol ngayong 2015: LIKE PENFIRES ON FACEBOOK for updates on Liliw and other Laguna Philippines Tourist Sites. 🙂

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  1. thank you! this post is really helpful!


  3. Nice blog. We plan go there this weekend so will check out the shops you recommended.

  4. Karen Recentes says:

    Please send thru my email more of your styles with pricing becoz I want to venture in business selling Liliw shoes here in Cotabato. tnx.

    • Cille Anne says:

      Hi Karen,

      I am not connected with any of the Liliw shoe stores, kindly contact them directly. I’ll try to find if I still have their emails, I’ll update the post when I find the email address of these Liliw stores.

  5. Delia Ginete says:

    please send me the best wholesale price of sandals, shoes & slippers where i can put up a small business.

  6. anaruth mendoza says:

    I want to put up an online shop and looking for a good quality sandals,shoes and other product in a good price.

    • hi ana ruth, If you intend to market/sell liliw sandals and slippers, I suggest you go to Liliw to find direct sources as most (if not all) of the makers there are not connected online.


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