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Prequel to a Fun Cebu Weekend at Summit Circle!

I know service and servicing intimately. Very intimate in fact that I strongly believe I have a good feel if a customer service rep or a liaison officer is merely extending courtesies to a client because its part of the job and not because there is that genuine concern for the client.

After graduating from university a decade ago, I’ve been working directly with clients from serving as a new accounts staff to becoming a pharma sales and marketing t.m. to my current ‘main job’ which is managing helpdesk support.

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Anyhow, ‘servicing’ is a concept especially familiar to medreps and territory managers. It usually happens during medical conventions. You are servicing your delegates by getting hotel and airfare sponsorship requests approve by higher-ups to making sure you get enough airline seats (I tell you it’s very difficult when almost every doctors on the land wants to go to the same destination) to planning the day’s itinerary for those under your care to choosing where to eat, what to do among others and making sure that not one of your delegates is neglected despite possible scheduling conflicts etc.

I’ve handled lots of delegates’ servicing when I was connected with the Pharma industry. Thanks to those times I also got to stay in many of the best hotels of Manila and some of the best ones from the provinces. I also got to tour the famous attractions of several cities and provinces for free (yey!). I’m confident that during those times I’ve done a good job of taking care of clients and I learned gradually what exceptional servicing is.

You know you must have done a good job when delegates who were given free concert tickets by your competitor invited  you to come along with them and you say ‘Sorry I can’t’ and they cut your ‘No’ with “don’t worry about paying for the ticket, we’ll foot the bill”.  It’s those instances when another company provided them with a van for sole use yet they choose to squeeze themselves in your already filled van because they feel they are best taken cared of if they’re with you

Why all these seriousness all of a sudden that is so unlike my normal posts?   :mrgreen:

It’s because last weekend I finally experienced being on the other side of the fence and being taken cared of exceptionally.

Welcome to Summit Circle Hotel in Fuente Osmena Cebu!

I don’t have funds to buy concert tickets nor do I have a van that I can offer. But what I do have is  words and Penfires. This I think is my best way to show my appreciation.

Daghang Salamat to the whole Summit Circle Cebu Hotel team headed by Sir Mirro from Ms Melissa, Ms Bernie and especially Ms Ling who all welcomed me and infused me with their excitement.They were really excited that Philippine Travel Bloggers are coming to their hotel hehehhe! Ms Ling and I must have talked animatedly for like a long time as we wait for those coming from Manila to arrived. It was an awesome welcome party for all of us delegates! Special mention to Sir Mirro for making that presentation pretty quick hehheheh and for the hotel tour. Then at dinner again with the Creative Cuisine team of Mr Eugene and Chef Tony, thanks for a sumptuous fare! To our host in Robinson’s Cybergate Ms Yana and Mr Chacha too! To our tour guide and driver Mr Mark and Mr Dennis, thanks for bringing us to all the sites especially to the Museo Parian Jesuit House, I’ve done countless Cebu City Day Tours in the past and I missed that place, thanks! And most especially to the two gals who bear the incessant chatter typical of bloggers hehhehe, who made us feel extra special –  Lisette and Meg  YOU ROCK!   Summit Circle Team, Thank you all!!!

Wonderful Smiles from the Summit Circle Cebu Hotel Team  😀

Exceptional Service. It’s More Fun in The Philippines. Indeed, indeed! ^_^

Summit Circle Cebu thanks for having a Summit Bloggers Event. And from a proud Cebuana’s perspective, thanks for infusing new life and introducing modern renovations  to a dear Cebu hotel icon in Fuente Osmena. Now Cebuanos and Cebu bound tourists  have something exciting to look forward to during their vacation.

It was indeed a TRULY FUN CEBU WEEKEND! And I got to meet new friends too *wide, wide grins 🙂

Cebu Fun at the Summit Circle!

Blog post coming up —>  Summit Circle Cebu Hotel experiences and review =)


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  1. grabe ang bilis… it was nice to meet you in Cebu:) sms me when your in Manila para maka gimik tayo or maybe I can tour you around:)

    • hahaha lol adik kasi hehehhe…thanks Melo! hope to see you again! and thanks for the advises/tips for my other site =) I’ll try my best to implement na talaga hehehheheh

  2. wow! nameet mo na pala si Brian, Melo and James! you already cille! ^_^

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