Penfires Blogging Milestone! =)

A few minutes ago Penfires has reached a new milestone! WordPress Page Views has breached the 500,000 mark! Yey!  :mrgreen:

Last January 1, I claimed this year to be something special and now that year-end is near, I can say that it really has been and blessings are still pouring in. Yahoooooooo!

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2012 is really a huge blessing for me and for Penfires, Thank You God!

Thank YOU TOO  for supporting this blog.   Your visits, the comments you leave, the time you spent browsing through this blog’s articles and pages are really appreciated! It fuels my drive to visit more of our islands, more of our best spots, more of our best food offerings so I can share them with you and everyone who wants to know more about the country, yet have no time yet to explore on your own. Or maybe you just want to read another’s perspective on beautiful places in the Philippines and traveling experiences. Whatever the reason that you ended up on Penfires, Thank You for Staying. Thank You for Reading. Thank you for letting Penfires be part of your day. Hahah speech ba to? Hahaha pasensya na masaya lang haha.  :mrgreen:

Daghang Salamat dyud!


 Penfires Hit a Milestone! 500 Thousand Page Views All Time!

What’s more amazing,  for me at least haha, is that it’s only this year 2012 that web traffic and page views really soared, so it means the coming years and months is a pretty exciting time for this blog. Hehe. Positivism always win!

*Page Views on the first 20 months – 68K

* Page Views in the last 12 months – 432K 


Penfires has also been consistent making it to the Top 30 among Travel and Leisure Blogs listed in Top Blogs PH in the last few months. Hurray! Crossing fingers it will not slide down fast heheh.

Snapshot of the PH Top Blogs – Travel & Leisure Ranking today November 6,2012

I’m a proud blogger! LOL. \o/ :mrgreen:

There are lots of awesome Philippine Travel Blogs  and Food Blogs out there,  hope you will also check them. May Philippine travel blogs and websites like Penfires serves as your inspiration to take to the road and conquer the adventures that waits for you anywhere and everywhere sa Pilipinas.

Maganda talaga sa atin!

You don’t believe me? Check out these awesome blogs I highly recommend them. Go through the list, some have jaw dropping photographs, others wonderful stories, many have both. Thumbs-up! 🙂

If you are planning to start blogging, START NOW! I tell you it can be really rewarding. =)

p.s. the next blogging milestone should be a personalized image watermark. arrghhhhh. 

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This blog is maintained, written and edited by she - who likes to travel a lot, more like wishes to travel a lot, doesn't want to miss a photo-op, loves the rain, certified chocoholic, coffee keeps her sane - it runs through her veins, she doesn't know how to swim, but wants to dive in Tubbataha all the same haha

~Come share with me, my travels, my stories, my life.

My name is Cille. AND THIS IS PENFIRES. :)


  1. congrats cille!!! am so proud of you! ^_^

  2. Cille Anne says:

    Thanks doy!!!! =)

  3. hi cille Anne, if u have not seen my comments on fb here it is “congratz to ur great blogs, nindot kaayo ang imong mga trips sa pilipinas, at saka nakakagutom ang imong mga pinoy food blogs, if u find the time try and visit my old hometown, dipolog city sa zamboanga del norte, it’s near dapitan, rizal park (where rizal was exiled) and popular dakak is there2. i’ve been to cebu city a few times, to visit famous santo nino, i am a chocoholic2, glad we have something in common and i luv to write journals, someday i want to blog like u n talk about my travels2, keep up the good work… tc gb” …..hope u will have a great christmas and another prosperous new year 2013!!!!!! email me ur addy and u might just get some lindt dark chocolate bars for xmas, hehe…..oly

    • Cille Anne says:

      Hi Oly! =)

      Found your FB comment first hehe I’ll copy it here =)

      Thank You for visiting and reading hehehe! =) Dipolog and Rizal Park is on my bucket list! Hopefully soon maka-balik na ko nganha. Papa nako taga Pagadian, naka-agi ko diha katong bata pa ko pero kalimut nako mao want to go back there hehe. ^_^ That’s how I also started writing on journals. Make a target date for yourself like by January 9, 2 months from now, my blog is up. Or by June 30 next year, my first post is up. That way di na ka mag delay. Heyyyy why not post your commitment date here para naay accountability haha. I’ll make sure to follow-up with you hehehe. Letting other people know the target date you set for yourself will inspire you to follow through on your plans. Mapugos dyud ka kay kahibaw man ubang tao, naay pressure gamay so di na dyud ka maglangan hehehe. It always thrills me when someone takes the leap into blogging! mao grabe sad ko mamugos hahaha

      Salamat sa Christmas and New Year wishes! I really love Christmas! =) I’m hoping too that 2013 will be as prosperous.

      Hope your Christmas will be wonderful and the coming year more awesome! PLUS hope we’ll be reading your travel stories online come 2013 or sooner! ^_^

      p.s. *appear! go go go chocoholics like us! =)

  4. Congrats! I have read your blog before going to the Queen City of the South last September and it’s really informative. I also tried the La Marea’s Classic Warm Brownie Cup and I’ve been craving for it since then. I hope more visitors for your site and more wonderful article to help those “gala” like me 😀

    • Cille Anne says:

      Hi Kim, thank you for coming back here and for sharing your feedback on your Cebu trip. =) The warm brownie cup is really a treat, ughhh I think I want one right now too hehe

      Thank you for the hope and wishes for Penfires,Daghang Salamat! 🙂

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