Sto Nino Novena picture

Sto Nino Novena Mass ~ Viva! Viva! Viva Pit Senyor!

It is the Sinulog weekend in Cebu, the fiesta sa Balaan na Bata, the feast of the Holy Child. Some of you may associate Sinulog with just the Grand Parade, street dancing and pocket parties that sprung up in the city streets but to many Cebuanos and devotees of the Senyor Santo Nino, this feast is to thank the Sto Nino, to praise Him for all the blessings, to pray to Him. The Basilica Minore del Sto Nino ~ Sinulog Novena Mass The 9 days novena masses in the Basilica del Sto Nino is always … [Read the full article...]

Makati Light Show 2014

Ayala Triangle Gardens  Christmas 2014 Lights and Sound Show

Come see the Festival of Lights 2014 at Makati’s Ayala Triangle Garden!  Running for 5 years now, this holiday celebration never fails to bring wide smiles and warmth, fuzzy feelings to those who are able to watch it live. You can even say that this lights, laser and sound show is becoming a Paskong Pinoy tradition for those in Metro Manila and nearby area. The first time I watched the symphony of lights and music in Ayala Live and not just via Youtube videos was back in 2011. Ever since then … [Read the full article...]

Paete Christmas decors 2014

Christmas Décor Shopping in Paete: Santa Overload!

Ber months shopping in Paete is fun and worthwhile, first because you can buy more affordable Christmas decors compared to those for sale in the malls, second the distance between you and the local craftsman is shorten, you can even go to the makers themselves and buy direct from them, supporting them, supporting their family in a more direct way. Third, there are items that you can’t find in the mall. Fourth, you can haggle for discounts especially if you are buying in bulk. Straight from the … [Read the full article...]

pay promo ticket without credit card

How to Book Air Asia Zest Promo Fare Without Credit Cards – DragonPay Payment

I am going to show you how to book promo tickets in AirAsia and then paying for these tickets via Internet Banking DragonPay, specifically using your BDO account. This is especially handy for those who doesn't have credit cards but have a BDO RIB account. Assumptions: A. It is assumed that you have already enrolled your BDO account to BDO’s Retail Internet Banking (RIB). If not, please go to BDO website  and click on their “Enroll Now” and follow the process. B. It is also assumed that … [Read the full article...]

Liliw Laguna

Liliw Laguna Home in the Highlands

It’s my second morning here in Liliw and for two days in a row, I’ve woken up early. Right now it’s 6 AM, I usually wake up in Cebu at 8:30 AM or later. Lol.  =) The town comes alive at an early hour. The mamang magpuputo just passed the side of our house,putt, putt, putt. errrr I don’t know the sound name that mamang magpuputo makes hahaha.  Down below on the adjacent house to ours there is a pile of tree branch cuttings, probably a remnant of Typhoon Glenda last July. The wind here is … [Read the full article...]

divisoria wedding gowns package

Made in Divisoria: My Wedding Gown and Entourage Dresses ~ ONE HAPPY BRIDE!

Divisoria has it all, or almost. Or yahhh maybe all including rows upon rows of dress shops and bridal shops.  :) Your expensive designer dress may have raw materials elements source from a store in Divi. This is not surprising considering fabrics of all sorts are available in this hub as well as most raw materials you can think of.  Remember the teleserye with Gretchen Baretto and Bea Alonzo which started with a scene of rolls and rolls of fabrics? Yep, that! (my bad I forgot the teleserye … [Read the full article...]

1011 AX and CJ

ONE JOURNEY – Thank You for the Blessings!

After the wedding celebration wrapped-up my long-time friends asked me ‘so Cecilya is this what you dream your wedding day to be?. I replied I really didn't dream anything in details but everything far exceeds any expectation I may have. Our family and friends, our wedding suppliers from Cebu and Manila, and especially my husband Titus – all have given me something so wonderful that words fail me. Thank You God for this day! Thank You for letting us experienced so much joy. Thank You for … [Read the full article...]

Liemposilog chopseuy Joels Town

Laguna Food Trip: Joel’s Town in San Pablo City

What foodie place you shouldn’t miss when in San Pablo? I got to say its Joel’s Town restaurant. :) Ang lagi kong binalik-balikan sa kanila is their Liemposilog with chopsuey. It’s a hole-in-wall type of establishment, not a posh place, it’s more like a big size carenderia. It does not have fancy decors, no aircon but they definitely deliver on what counts most - delightful food offerings. Think Pinoy food favorites like pancit, sisig, lumpia, liempo, silog meals, they have it and it won’t … [Read the full article...]

Randoms and HodgePodge

camotes island san francisco map

Camotes Island Here We Come!

Finally! I am writing about the  second leg of our Summer Adventure this 2011 - Experience Camotes Island! :) It took me awhile to write a blog post about this tiny group of islands on the north of Cebu as i was finishing up my stories on Bohol. We … [Read the full article...]

Outside of the PH

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