P1 Piso Fare Promo 2014 for April to December 15 via Cebu Pacific

I am so surprised that Cebu Pacific released a piso fare promo for dates that are so near! Usually P1 base fare by this budget airlines are for travel dates months in the future like 2014 bookings to fly in 2015 or 2016. But the new P1 promo tickets right now are with fly dates April to December 15, 2014. April is just a few days from now so this is really surprising!

Is it to celebrate the acquisition or was it merger of Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways? Is it to divert the public’s attention after their PR nightmare with the Vietnam bound child and family? Is it because their ticket sales are low? Whatever the reason is I am not complaining.

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Nope sir as I have been waiting for promo flights this second half of the year to go to my dad’s province in Pagadian. So this piso ticket is perfect timing for me. I just hope that I can book fast via online but right now things are not looking good, their website is so slow. It may be my internet speed but I am betting it is because Cebu Pacific is experiencing massive traffic to their booking website at this moment. This is usually what happens during piso fare promo. Patience, patience needed.  :mrgreen:

Have you booked P1 tickets before? How was your experience? Will you try booking promo fares again?

For those of you who are looking for cheap promo fares for 2014 especially for December, this info might be handy for you.


Cebu Pacific launched today  P1 base fare tickets to all the destinations that they serve – both domestic and international hubs. This seat sale is only available for booking and reservation until March 27 or until seat sale lasts… so book early and book fast!

Fly dates includes April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November up to December 15,2014. Sayang di umabot yung offer until Christmas time, mas maigi sana. Pero abot to for your summer trips!



1 piso fare promo 2014, 2015, 2016

Other budget carriers also offer low base fare this 2014 and even up to 2015 and 2016. A good example is Air Asia with their FREE SEATS or “0 Base Fare”. If you travel often, watch out for AirAsia Zest promo as well as those of Cebu Pacific.

Please remember though that the one piso is just BASE FARE, this means that there will be other charges like fuel surcharge, airport terminal fee, web admin service charge, aviation security fee and more. Based on experience, a piso fare ticket without check-in baggage will result to total cost of round trip at average P800 to P1,100.

*The farther the distance you travel, the higher the fuel surcharge, the higher the total cost of promo tickets.

Promo tickets are generally non-refundable so you have to be sure about the dates you want to book and reserve so you do not waste your money. Also, pisofare tickets excludes snacks, so don’t expect that you will be served food during the flight.

For international flights you also have to factor in international travel tax and country specific travel tax.

Quick Advice:

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A.  Based on experience again, a month and a couple of weeks before your travel date, check your email if there are advisory of flight changes.

Flight changes have happened lots of times for my dad’s flight with Cebu Pacific that I am actually expecting that all his booked promo tickets will somehow be changed to another schedule.  The usual reason given by Cebupac CSR is “aircraft situation”. What it actually means, I don’t know.

B. Before you key-in your credit card or atm card in the payment window make sure that your triple check your bookings details so there will be no costly mistake.

C. You can save more if you will:

  • Forego check-in baggage (you will still have free 7 kilos of handcarry baggage)
  • Forego seat selector (just be early at the check-in counter so you can try to request for window or aisle seat)

            D. Be early for your flight- factor in traffic enroute to the airport.

  •               For Domestic – at least 2 hours before departure time.
  •              For International – at least  3 to 4 hours before you fly.

I am still trying to book myself for August 2014 travels on Cebu Pacific official website. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to book. If I do I will update this post. 🙂

I hope you will also have better luck at successfully booking piso base fare tickets!

UPDATE: I was able to book and pay for our Cebu to Pagadian tickets 15 minutes after midnight (the official launch time of the limited seat sale is 12:01 of March 26. )

Here are the breakdown of the tickets total cost with 15 kilos of baggage pre-purchased per way.

Pisofare promo: 2 PAX Round Trip with 15 kilos baggage each way 

total piso fare cost fee breakdown


15 kilos baggage fee is P180 x 2 = P360; the baggage allowance was under my name on both leg of the trip.

The rest of the other charges you can check on the receipt  above. I paid using my Bancnet Metrobank ATM. Hassle free online transaction and reservation of airplane tickets.

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