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On Being a Blogger and Making a Difference

The Aman Investment which I tackled on my blog last August, when it was still on its heyday and when people were almost worshipping Aman and ripping to pieces those who dare hint negative things about this investment has almost come full circle.  I say ‘Almost’ because the people behind Aman are still in hiding and can’t be found.

I was one of those ‘talked to’ and ‘put to placed’ sort of, for having the gall to write about the issue on this blog.

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In the past few days, the Aman case is constantly being mention on major tv network news programs and being headline in national broadsheets and local newspapers. Even our Philippine President has spoken about Aman, along with the Interior Secretary and the Justice Secretary.

Today, November 15, 2012 Philippine Daily Inquirer carry this as headline:

Hunt on for pyramid scam brains 

I am not happy with how the story is unfolding knowing that some 15,000 investors lost approximately 12 Billion Pesos. The list of those duped and scammed includes my kins. I know I could not even begin to imagine how devastating this happening has been to the investors who trusted Aman and his promises. Many investors lost their lands, houses, livelihood. Worst, one investor committed suicide while there is another one wallowing in jail. His case is directly related to the Aman tragedy he suffered.

There is nothing to be happy about this story.

The investment scheme of Aman Futures Trading has now been exposed nationwide and our national government are acting on this. I hope justice will be served.

Let this be a lesson for everyone, investments offering easy money at such staggeringly high rate of interest at such a short period of time are scams in the making.

Writing the post months ago gave me restless nights. Who wouldn’t when probably 8 out of 10 of the early comments questions my motives, my qualifications and belittles my financial standing. There were many times when I wanted to take down the post for the stress its causing me but I did not do that because I believe in what I write.

A few minutes ago, I was scanning through the comments on the Aman post, when this particular comment caught my attention. I did not reply to this comment when it was first posted but I will now…

“…while the ignorant bloggers who have never met him burn his reputation for the sake of good web exposure.”

Sir, I maybe ignorant when it comes to big investments and cashing in on the ‘gold mines’ as you say. But let me also say this, I did not write the post for ‘good web exposure’.

I sincerely care.

Back in UP, the streets and rallies were my venues to stand for causes, I just took the rally on Penfires.

I am a blogger, Yes, and Proud of it because BLOGGERS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


We don’t have to be government officials, celebrities and VIPs to try to make a difference. Speaking about issues and standing for causes on your blog may not create tidal waves of change but still, the little ripples may be enough to make a positive difference in one person’s life. 


Original Post – Aman A Scam in The Making?

Supporting Post – TV News coverage on Aman


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  1. Thats really sad, I hope they find the asshats behind this

  2. Vince I agree in the strongest sense.

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