Kiltepan Sunrise: A Walk in the Clouds

I could never get enough of Sagada’s Kiltepan Peak and the amazing sunrise that welcomes you to a new day. Getting up early was no task at all  despite the chilly temperature of the highlands that makes one want to just stay in bed with blanket wrapped around self like a very comfy cocoon. The weather that day promises to be kind to us, we were worried for the night before it was threatening to rain. And rain is bad news for those who wants to visit Kiltepan – there would be no great sunrise and no walking into the clouds, I mean figuratively of course lol

At 4am we were awake and waiting for Jake, our Saggas guide, to come knocking at our affordable inn in Sagada which is George Guest House. No coffee that early morn, bummer for a coffee addict like me 🙁 but that’s okay because we were also looking forward to having breakfast at Rock-Inn Farm and Cafe.

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NO we didn’t walk to Kiltepan we rode a van, thank godness because  I couldn’t imagine myself surviving walking for 30 minutes in the cold Sagada climate at that early hour, i’m sure even the early birds were still in their nest haha. We arrived in Kiltepan’s peak when it was still pitch dark, as in you can’t see anything! The van’s headlight & flashlights were put to good use! But it was good since we have ample time to wait for the famed amazing sunrise of Kiltepan Peak.

Around 5:15am and waiting in Kiltepan’s Peak

Cold early morn waiting for sunrise at the Sagada highlands 

@Kiltepan, check the little light specks on the picture, its forest fires.

Kiltepan’s breaking dawn!

Sagada - Kiltepan Peak Sunrise

Readying Spanky, my handy dandy camera lol

Excited to see the sunrise at Kiltepan!

Real soon now and Kiltepan sunrise will greet us!

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Kiltepan Peak in Sagada

my fave pic of Titus in Sagada ^_^

Sagada - Kiltepan Sunrise

The sun finally rises at Sagada’s Kiltepan’s peak!

Sagada Tour - Kiltepan Peak

That’s Jake Saggas Guide  – he was all wrapped-up too; it was really so cold and chilly that day.

Sagada Tour Guide - Saggas

Can I walk in the clouds? or fly?????

Kiltepan Peak - Sea of Clouds

I love, love Kiltepan’s Peak!

Kiltepan in Sagada –  I hope to be back 🙂

Here is an unedited short clip of our visit to Kiltepan viewpoint, ignore the conversation, focus on the birds chirping please hehheheh  (favorite ko talaga ang Kiltepan, pasencia na lol )

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  1. hala pirti ka nice! mura xa’g dagat hehehe…

  2. No sea of clouds when I was there 🙁 Lucky you 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. lucky you! been in sagada last august during typhoon mina… It was a foggy morning, I can’t merely see the river… hehe!

    • Hi Gelai!

      Yah we consider ourselves lucky kasi our friends who went there mid of last year were also not able to see the amazing clouds covering the valley below Kiltepan’s peak.

      Balik ka sa Sagada during summer, mas malaki chance that the weather will cooperate by then (hopefully) 🙂

  4. I hope I can visit Kiltepan, too! The clouds are comparable with those that you can see at Mt. Pulag. The dream of embracing the clouds is always worth the early morning trek. Hopefully, this summer would be a possible date to go there. 😀

    • summer’s the best time to go to Sagada 🙂 hope when you get there you’ll be able to visit Kiltepan at sunrise and witness the sea of clouds. Happy travels!

  5. At nainggit naman daw ako sa yo because you were able to witness the sunrise in Kiltepan. When I went there, inisnab ako ng araw. We waited for it pero hindi nagpakita 🙁


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