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Ilocos Roadtrip (Ilocos Norte) : Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud Beaches

Day 3 of our Ilocos adventure trip! We were early birds as we leave Laoag and took to the road again.We drove for about an hour and finally reach our first stop – CAPE BOJEADOR LIGHTHOUSE in Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

From the main highway turn right when you reach the lighthouse sign on the road. Then follow the winding road up to reach this tower, there is no jeepney that ply the route, you’re best bet is to flag a tricycle from the main highway and ask to be taken up if you are commuting.

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You can enter the glass enclosed lighthouse room itself atop the tower and marvel at the breathtaking view of the South China Sea!

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

 cape bojeador light house

The lighthouse caretaker allowed us to climb to the room where the source of light  is located. yehey!

climbing our 2nd set of stairs to the top of Cape Bojeador!

3rd stairs to the lighthouse, closer now..

Finally, the guiding light, the star to every wandering bark!

the light of Cape Bojeador Lighthouse!

Next stop is  BANGUI WINDMILLS FARM. This is the only windmill farm in the Philippines and it supplies electricity to its nearby towns. There is a viewing deck on the way to the windmills, you can stop there and see the windmills all lined up from afar. But for a closer look, go to the site. The Bangui windmills are huge 23 stories high! And it is situated beside a pristine beach. If you are lucky you might catch the site  engineer doing his regular rounds and you can request to enter inside the windmill, there is a spiral stairway to the top. But due to the compact space, only a few will be allowed to go up.

Bangui Windmill up close

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Bangui Windmills all lined up!

my sister Kenneth loves these windmills

hot but windy in Bangui!

We continued north on our journey but due to our limited time, we opted not to go to the FALLS and the famous ROCK FORMATION, some friends who have been there also recommends these Ilocos tourists sites. As expected the falls will require a bit of a trek whereas the Rock Formation is a few meters off the main road, no worries though because you can’t miss the sign on the national highway.

Miles will pass before you reach the famous beachtown of Pagudpud  from Laoag (approximately 2 hours). I think the best beach in Pagudpud can be found in the MAIRA-IRA BLUE LAGOON. The water is so clear and at the time we were there it was off season so we almost have the entire beach all to ourselves! Hurray!

PAGUDPUD BEACH @ Maira-ira Blue Lagoon

We arrived mid-afternoon, good thing it was off-season and we easily found a room. We stayed at Aguaseda in an aircon room with two beds, the lady owner there was so kind. Highly recommended! We took a short nap upon our arrival then woke up nearing dusk. Pagudpud particularly Maira-ira blue lagoon was tranquil and the beach so inviting at the time of our visit. We enjoyed the waters of Pagudpud!

There was a short brown-out during the night but it was ok, we were really so tired at that point from our long journey that we didn’t mind.  We may have traveled so far north but it was all worth it.

Maira-ira Blue Lagoon


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