For The Love of Hot Wheels!

This is one of those times you surprised even yourself with how far you can go for something you are passionate about.

This is a hilarious short story of what I did earlier for the love of Hot Wheels.   :mrgreen:

Super Metro Lapu Lapu just opened and I have waited for this mall to open for like a year. Why? I want to be there when it first open its doors to customers. Why? So I can get first dibs on the newly opened box of Hot Wheels cars.

Newly open boxes gives collectors a high chance of getting rare cars, treasure hunts and maybe even super treasure hunts. So di ko palalampasin ang pagkakataong to. LOL.   :mrgreen:

20 minutes before the mall opened I and Titus aka FTB were there at the entrance along with thousand other eager and excited customers.

Yes, we braved this throng. Crazy!!!

Thankfully a stampede did not happen but it was close to happening, just look at all these people and multiply it 10x for those still waiting to enter. Squished against each other, the experience was hilarious, something I won’t ever forget haha.

 After an hour , the mob was still there at the entrance. I pity the guards they look so helpless with the avalanche.

Caught in the Act!

Hot wheels collecting

 Thanks to my peyups batchmate and friend Aillein for this pic. She was there at the perfect time when we were on top of the escalator. Found this pic when I was browsing through the album she uploaded on facebook hehehe She did not know I was there, I also didn’t know she was there making this shot all the more wonderful! Candid indeed!

Thanks for this awesome shot Ai!!!


When we reached the 3rd floor, Titus and I rushed to the Toys Section and there was already one collector checking the pegs. Ughhh we were not the first there but it’s okay hehe.

Was the day a success? YES!

I found a Treasure Hunt Dodge Challenger Drift Car and this elegant 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood of Matchbox. Cool!

Hot Wheels Finds

Also among the Hot Wheels hauls for the day:

  • 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FG40 Gold
  • Fast and the Furious Toyota Supra
  • 70 Fast and the Furios Dodge Charger R/T
  • Phantasm

I especially like brightly colored transparent Hot Wheels like the Phantasam!

If you are a collector there are still lots of popular cars like Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, BMW, Nissan Skyline, Batcopter, Matchbox Lamborghini Police Cars and lots more in the pegs of Super Metro Lapu-Lapu. :)

This is a day to remember, a day for the books, something I will look back on in the future and I bet when I do, it would still amaze  me that I was actually there on a grand opening of a mall.

Also, today is extra special as it’s the birthday of Titus. Happy. Happy Birthday baby ko! Awesome Day collecting with you! :)



What crazy, hilarious things have you done for something you love and is passionate about? Please Share!




  1. Oly says

    hi cille anne, hehe, got caught by candid camera at the super metro Lapulapu Mall Grand Opening! that was an awesome picture though… nice set of hot wheels, too.
    And Happy Birthday greetings to Titus!!!

    • Cille Anne says

      Haha Thanks! When I saw the pic, took me back to the moment of getting squished+push. It was incredulous, it was fun! hehe

  2. mody says

    hi cille anne:
    thanks for this post. i didn’t know there are miniatures one can buy in malls. i thought they just sell toys for kids. lol. i started collecting this “mini cars” from promos of Shell and Petron way back and i just have ferraris that i give as gifts to my “apos” when i get bored. now i’m inspired again with what you shared. besides there’s a new space at home where i can display them. i already have a collection of key chains, ref magnets, and shot glasses – mostly gifts from friends and relatives. and now, miniature cars – good idea. though i’m called a pack rat. lol.
    happy birthday to your baby, Titus!

    • Cille Anne says

      Thanks mody! Go for it! Hot Wheels are fun to collect, even the little ones will love your collection. =)

      I go mostly for pink colored ones, transparents and movie cars. There are collectors whose collection comprise only of luxury cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsche, Asthon Martin etc. Others like pick-ups and jeeps, others still just Volkswagen. You can have varied types or you can focus on a few car lines.

      I’m pretty sure you can build up your collection in no time at all! Plus, when Hot Wheels gets under your skin, you will find yourself scouring the pegs of malls, toy shops, the little nooks and crannies hehehehe. Goodluck! ^_^

      Check this Hot Wheels website to see some cool diecast cars.

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