Doglas Baguio Dog – Up Close and Personal

Look what we found in Baguio!

Just when I thought that I had made the rounds of the major tourist spots in Baguio, I learn from our last trip to the highlands that the city has a canine star that also draws in tourists and visitors. The minute you see his adorable self is also the minute you will decide to part with your money. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Baguio’s most famous dog, Doglas, where one shot will set your travel funds back.

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*If you happen not to love dogs, I guess you will have an easier time saying ‘no’ to this kind of Baguio souvenir pic. You will save money but you my friend will not have an amazing pic to post in Facebook that is guaranteed to elicit ‘likes’ and comments like ‘wow!’ | ‘that is a huge dog’, | ‘that is a humongous dog! | What is its breed?’ hehe.

That was my experienced when I posted my pic with Doglas on my FB wall. Haha, mababang kaligayahan, I know. Lol.

But seriously, how could anyone resist her or his picture taken beside this adorably cute giant? Look at his doe eyes that seem to convey ‘I can be a good friend’.  Teddy bears are definitely out for me! Doglas of the towering height and fluffy coat is now my benchmark for cuteness.

*It was my first time to come close to a St Bernard so yes my excitement level was up a notch. Hehe

* I forgot I’ve never liked teddy bears so please anyone, don’t give me one. But I’ll take a Doglas look-a-like any day. Now, will dogs of this breed survive the hot, humid weather typical of island provinces like Cebu? Probably not, so guess it’s just pictures for me. Sorry random ramblings again.

Doglas and Smiling Tourists

Doglas Baguio Doc picture with tourists

Even the drooling which is a common characteristic of the St Bernard breed did not mar the fluffy cuteness of Doglas. It also help that the owner and dog handler wipes off the saliva dripping from this canine’s mouth regularly and every time before a shot.  He has to; otherwise tourist would be put off.

Now if you think it’s only us the common tao that lines up to have our pics taken with this famous dog of Baguio? Well, on his photo station, you will find tens of pictures of various celebrities and movie stars chumming it up with Doglas in a shot. The distinction between stars and fans becomes a blur with this dog wonder.

Waiting online for Baguio’s famous canine

Photo Station Doglas Baguio

Ahhh I envy the owner/dog handler of Baguio’s most famous dog. Tourists converge on his spot in Mines View Park and people queue for a pic with Doglas even with the fee! This canine is a veritable money machine! Errr, but must also be expensive to keep – hello aircon bill, vitamins, medicines and dog food. I supposed St Bernards’ wouldn’t fancy table scraps eh? Hehe  :mrgreen:

Now this gives me an idea, how about I find a very cute dog that no one can resist and make him pose for pictures in Mactan Liberty Shrine for a minimal fee. A small fee really, will it work? Hehehe.    🙄 😆

There are also other St Bernard dogs in the park but Doglas dwarfs them all. The other dogs also failed to impress me. It’s more on their comic sunglasses and photo-booth background that makes things a tad dowdy and also they don’t look as clean and as well taken-cared of like Doglas. But the benefit if you pose with these other dogs is that the fee is lower at P50 for four shoots. If you choose Douglas, it’s P50 for every three shoots or P20 for one pic.

The picture-taking is pretty strict, you have to hand in your camera to the dog owner and he will take your shot. It was also a blur, more like 3 seconds top per shot. Get your smile ready for the shot is taken almost right after you sit on the bench. There is no time to dabble with poses. He will say ‘okay pose’ and then you hear the shutter click. That’s it, little warning and on to the next shot or next group in the queue.

My guess is that it’s done that way as a strategy. To make it difficult for someone else to take covert shots while the ‘official pictures’ are taken. Wi-na-is as we say here in Cebu.  :mrgreen:

Ahh yah another bawal thing, you are not supposed to pet Doglas’ head as this will irritate the dog. I did because I can’t resist and the owner rushed to tell me that it’s a big no-no.  Awwww 🙁

Pasencia na medyo pasaway lang ako haha.

Okay now, I’ll smile, ready for the camera. 🙂

Doglas Baguio Dog picture

Going to Baguio? Check out the attractions in Mines View Park which include Doglas, horses with colored manes, The View, pasalubong shopping center and more.  Cheers! Hurray to more travels!

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